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Perfect Bathroom Remodel – Design Guide

A well designed bathroom is an organized bathroom Because bathroom space is often limited, there is a greater premium on organizational tools that make using the bath easier and more enjoyable. In master and secondary baths and even powder rooms, the vanity or sink... read more

Laundry Room Remodel – Design Guide

How to design a beautiful, but functional laundry room. The laundry room is often undervalued and underused, and we can re-imagine that space to provide you so much more than just an area to wash dirty clothes. The laundry room’s storage capabilities are often... read more

A Different Take on Countertops – Remodeling Design Guide

Most clients are familiar with common countertop materials such as marble, granite or quartz. However, those popular options by no means limit a palate or choices. Other popular countertop materials include; Laminate (Formica, Wilsonart, Devmar and others) Laminate is... read more

Do I need A Remodeling Permit? Remodeling Guide

More than likely, yes. Almost every remodeling project should be permitted, especially those that include electrical, plumbing and/or drywall work. Moreover, all permits should be pulled by the general contractor or specific tradesperson responsible for the work.... read more

What is a shear wall? Behind The Walls Remodeling Guide

What is a shear wall? Shear walls are used in the state of California to prevent the home from moving during an earthquake. To the eye, a shear wall is just like any other conventional wall in a home. The difference is that the framing of a shear wall is reinforced,... read more

What Is Design Build Remodeling?

Budget, Construction Quality & Project Management Benefits When tackling any home remodeling project, whether it is a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel or a much larger whole home remodel it is important to know who is going to complete the work. In our... read more

What Are My Home Remodeling Options?

Planning a Home Remodel? Pros and Cons of the 3 Most Common Options When exploring your kitchen, bathroom or whole home remodeling options, you’ll find yourself with three different options for managing and completing your project. Which one you choose will depend on... read more

The Perfect Kitchen Remodel – Your Guide To Design

When designing your kitchen, it’s important to consider who will be using the space and for what purposes. Many of our clients want to make their new kitchens kid friendly. For clients with younger children who will be active users of the kitchen we often recommend... read more

What Makes a Kitchen Contemporary?

Modern and contemporary kitchen motifs are hot right now. Our clients are gravitating toward more open, clutter-free, minimalist spaces with clean lines. The clean look is devoid of curves and is more linear in its look and feel. Today’s Contemporary Kitchen... read more

Residential Remodeling Survival Guide

How-to Avoid Stress and Confusion    We’ve all heard the remodeling horror stories, right? From the “my contractor tore out my kitchen then disappeared for two weeks!” to the “there is dust everywhere!”; our team of specialists at Sea Pointe Construction are well... read more

2018 Kitchen Trends: Decorative, Functional Accents   

Open Shelving When designing a kitchen, open shelving provides numerous options. It’s functional, providing storage and organization to a kitchen. It contributes to the look and feel of the room, allowing our clients to express their personality by showcasing works of... read more

2018 Kitchen Trends: Lighting Guide  

Innovative Lighting Lighting sets the mood for any space and it certainly has come a long way in the kitchen. One of the hottest kitchen trends is integrated LED lighting in, above and below cabinets and drawers. Perched above cabinets, as well as hidden inside and... read more

2018 Kitchen Trends: Sink Style Guide

Sink Areas Finally Getting Some Recognition!     So far, 2018 has produced some very pleasant new kitchen trends. One, is sinks that serve multiple purposes and functions. Clients, especially those who like to entertain, are drawn toward trough sinks that... read more

Kitchen Cabinetry Selection Guide: Understanding Your Options

Selecting kitchen cabinets is one of the most important decisions to make when planning a kitchen renovation. We find that there are four factors that homeowners and builders need to consider when selecting kitchen cabinets: Budget Quality Functionality Form (look)... read more

The Number One Cabinet Storage Solution

Pull-out waste and recycling bin cabinets were the top-rated storage solution in a recent Houzz.com survey of homeowners undertaking a kitchen renovation. This does not surprise us because of the heavy lifting recycling and garbage bins perform in a well-designed... read more

Kitchen Remodeling Costs: Budget Breakdown

One of the first questions we get from homeowners here at Sea Pointe is – “How much will my kitchen remodel cost?” Home remodeling is similar to purchasing a car—with so many options available, prices can range drastically. Although this is a very... read more

What is Aging in Place?

Aging with Grace: Preparing For Your Future Quality of Life The “forever home” phrase is one that brings about a vision of comfort, ease and enjoyment. A place to finally sit back and enjoy family, friends and the fruits of your labor. Between envisioning the... read more

How to Legally Convert a Garage into a Usable Room

For homeowners who feel like they could use a little more elbow room, converting a garage into living space may seem like the easiest, cheapest way to add an extra room onto their house. When remodeling in Orange County especially, it may not seem like a big deal to... read more

Design Materials Worth a Second Look

When planning any type of home remodel, it all comes down to design. There are certain design elements that will always evoke luxury and style; who hasn’t swooned over a fabulous marble or granite countertop at one time or another? Admired an exotic tigerwood hardwood... read more

How to Update Your Kitchen Design for 2018

There is no arguing that the kitchen is the focal point of any home – it’s the one place that brings everyone together, whether for entertaining purposes or just as a gathering spot after a long busy day. Once upon a time, kitchens were considered just functional... read more