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Value Engineering

Design Build Makes Value Engineering Possible

Sea Pointe Construction’s approach to design/build allows our team to design and construct remodeling projects through value engineering.  What does value engineering mean?  Value engineering, according to Sea Pointe, is consciously considering how a project will be constructed including what specific construction materials will be selected during the design and engineering process to ensure we are offering our clients the most cost effective options while producing beautifully curated remodeling projects.

Tustin kitchen renovation with small room addition

For each remodeling project that involves structural engineering and construction, we create an internal Sea Pointe team consisting of the project’s lead designer, architectural designer, structural engineer, project planner and production manager. This enables us to have multiple eyes on your project to develop the most cost efficient solutions to your structural project such as removing walls, enlarging windows or doors, adding square footage and more.  Construction costs can vary dramatically based in an engineer’s choices including foundation footing sizes, structural hardware, such as bolts and connections, framing materials such as steel vs wood.  We work closely with our engineers to collaborate on how things can be built rather than being told which can result in plans being over engineered, and excess costs being added.

Value engineering made possible with design build

We will always design and build to code so that your structure is safe and will pass city inspections; though there are overboard structural supports that may be suggested by a structural engineer that is independent from a design build firm, and this is where you need to be careful.  When you are coordinating independent contractors, you need to realize that each of the construction professionals have different priorities and are motivated by different means.

In addition to keeping your structural engineering right-sized, we also leverage your existing structure and floor plans to find the most efficient / cost-savings approach to delivering your dream space.  An example of this would be where you know you need more space, so you decide to do a room addition.  You may have an idea of where you want this room addition and even have scribbles on paper with your new floorplan layout.  Our Designers have the expertise of seeing floor plans without walls so they may find more space within your home’s current footprint by rearranging the use of the space.  A recent Tustin remodel had just this example where the client knew they wanted a bigger kitchen to entertain so they suggested a large pop out into their back yard.  Once our Designer and Engineer reviewed the plans together, they recognized they could accomplish this with a lot less space by reconfiguring the home layout; the home remodel and kitchen relocation results are stunning, saved the client time and money, and maintained their large backyard with only a small addition.  See the Tustin Room Addition: Small Square Foot Space Addition Makes Big Impact case study now.>>

For Sea Pointe there is no other way than thoughtfully value engineering all of our projects saving our clients thousands of dollars in construction.

Q: How much money does value engineering save you?
A: Value engineering depends on your existing structure and material selection (we can recommend excellent affordable options, but your taste is your taste and sometimes clients have very expensive taste). Each job is unique and we can share with you along the way, the elements we have leveraged to save you money.
Q: Will value engineering save me time in my project?
A: Absolutely. If time is your priority, your designer and engineer will work to design a space that has as little engineering as possible by looking at the load baring and non-load baring wall options to move. Your project may not require structural engineering at all, and that will be the fastest route to the end.
Q: Do all home remodeling jobs require permits?
A: Any time you are touching drywall, you must pull permits. The city is here as your guardian to your existing structure and investment. The city ensures the company responsible for the remodel performs the jobs to an acceptable standard and follows the necessary city compliance codes to keep you and your family safe. You do not want to work with a contractor that is willing to do the work without permits as this puts you and your investment at risk. The person that pulls the permits is legally responsible for completing the job to code.
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