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Kitchen remodeling is on the rise and with many spending more time at home, it has found its way higher on homeowners’ to-do lists. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, over 10 million households in the U.S. remodeled their kitchens, with homeowners spending over $50 billion in those renovations.

Houzz research shows that the kitchen is the most popular area of the home to renovate and many homeowners looking to remodel, prioritize replacing their countertops, backsplash, and a new layout with a more open feel. The average budget for a full kitchen remodel starts at around $50,000, but it is important to note that every space is different, and costs also depend on things such as square footage, countertop/backsplash materials, wall removals, plumbing, electrical and more.

As a homeowner looking to remodel your kitchen, you can be financially efficient by preplanning and coming up with a budget range before meeting with a design and remodeling professional.Cost of Kitchen Remodel

How Much will My Orange County Kitchen Remodel Cost?

One of the first questions we get from homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen with Sea Pointe is – “How much will my kitchen remodel cost?

Home remodeling is similar to purchasing a car—with so many options available, prices can vary drastically. Although this is a very difficult question to answer briefly, we will try to help you understand some general pricing guidelines when considering the cost of a kitchen remodel in Orange County.

Based on Sea Pointe Design & Remodel’s more than 35 years of Orange County remodeling experience, we’ve listed below the three greatest drivers in kitchen remodeling costs.  We created this handy chart diagramming the cost break out of an Orange County  kitchen remodel cost. This is one of many communication tools we use to help you budget and design your kitchen; knowing where the expenses break out enable you to see where you have the most flexibility to cut or add budget based on your priorities.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Orange County

Kitchen Cabinetry

Generally speaking, kitchen cabinets and installation can account for 40 to 50 percent of your kitchen remodeling costs. When it comes to cabinetry, simply put, you get what you pay for. Outlined below are the key considerations associated with your three major options.

Refinishing Existing Cabinets:

  • Least expensive option to reduce your average cost to remodel a kitchen in California
  • Involves lightly sanding and or stripping the old cabinetry finish and applying new stain or paint
  • No upgrade/alterations to cabinet quality and functionality
  • New hardware to update your look and match new accessories like pendant lights
  • Depending on the size and complexity of the kitchen, costs fall between $2,500 to $25,000

Refacing Existing Cabinets:

  • Involves adding a very thin veneer to the outside of the existing cabinets and installing new doors and moldings
  • No upgrade/alterations to cabinet quality and functionality – no cabinet inserts, roll-outs, or storage drawers
  • New hardware to update your look and match new accessories
  • Depending on the amount of cabinetry, costs fall between $15,000 to $35,000

Semi Custom or Custom Cabinetry:

  • Wide range of quality & finish options
  • Unlimited size modifications, maximizing storage and functionality down to 1/4 inch of cabinetry
  • Freedom to mix/match wood species, finish stain or glass pain, door style and glazes.
  • Wide range of storage inserts and accessories
  • Each design decision will affect cost, but this option typically starts at $30,000.

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Countertop Material

Countertop materials are another large ticket item that is typically surprising to most homeowners. The amount of counter space you have in your kitchen will affect how many pieces of slab materials you will need and the labor needed to fabricate the material. The cost of countertop slab materials such as quartz or natural granite can also have quite the range in pricing based on the design, quality, accessibility and where it was mined from.


Removing Structural Walls

Removing a structural wall is absolutely not an “as seen on TV” process. Structural engineering can also become necessary if you are relocating or adding a window or door in a new location. When incorporating a structural aspect to your kitchen remodel project, the cost for construction plans required by the building departments will increase as will the construction costs mostly in foundation and framing. These costs depend on the structure of your existing kitchen and how small or large your project is. Plan on these costs starting at $10,000 to your remodel budget to include the additional construction documents, foundation and framing work needed.


Relocating Appliances and Plumbing

The space plan and layout of your kitchen also plays a large factor into the cost of a kitchen remodel in Orange County. Relocating plumbing and electrical to accommodate a new kitchen appliance or sink layout can be labor intensive. Starting in the 1990s, most Orange County homes were built with a post-tension slab foundation. We proactively x-ray the slab to avoid any issues and then precisely trench concrete in preparation for the new plumbing or appliance relocation. For homes built on a raised foundation, the process is much less intensive and can keep some money in your pocket. The advantages of using a design build construction firm is that we provide value engineering; this means that we have structural engineers on our team, enabling us to find ways to design your space for the most efficient cost whereas a using a general contractor will necessitate you to do your leg work with an architect and structural engineer independently.

To start dreaming of your kitchen remodel, take a look at our Orange County kitchen remodel portfolio.  You’ll find traditional design, modern design, contemporary design, and transitional design. The more ornate your cabinetry detail, crown moulding, ceiling detail, and elaborate light fixtures are associated with traditional design. As you simplify your design lines and have cleaner lines, minimal details, you are heading more in the design style of modern and contemporary.

Kitchen remodeling companies near me.

Kitchen Remodeling Plan

Before diving in to remodeling your kitchen, we suggest narrowing down what type of work you would like to have done. As the homeowner, it is best to come prepared before hiring a contractor and will make the process even smoother!

There are plenty of different types of residential remodeling contractors and you want to find the most fitting for your renovation needs. Blindly embarking on this journey can cause wasted time, money, and energy. Going through a kitchen remodeling process can seem stressful with all the moving parts and costs, so coming in prepared can relive much of this unnecessary stress.

If you are looking for a kitchen improvement project that involves historical restoration or a simple service such as restoring cabinets, just replacing flooring or windows, then a Residential Service Contractor may be more up your alley. However, for a full kitchen renovation, we suggest hiring a design and build firm.

By working with a design and remodeling company, you get the full quality service from start to finish including design all the way through the building process, eliminating communication barriers and tons of change orders that can add up to additional costs later. A kitchen remodel should be done right once, not after multiple times.

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Available Kitchen Space

The cost of a kitchen remodeling project is primarily based on the amount of square footage you are looking to update. It is most beneficial if you as the homeowner, goes into this process with the kitchen space that is already available, and not your desired amount of kitchen space. Square footage is key when accurately estimating a project’s budget.

This is not to say that you should not come prepared with what your intention is for how you want to use this space. Even with a small kitchen and dining area, it is still possible to do a wall removal to open and combine the two rooms if you are looking to expand your kitchen, by working with square footage, you already have.

Wasted Resources

Homeowners who go into a kitchen remodeling project unprepared or with the wrong contractor waste tons of money buying supplies they do not need or do not use because they did not plan their budget accordingly. Working with the wrong type of contractor extends the remodeling project and increases costs.

Our designers guide you through the process while sticking within your realistic budget and keeping your needs in mind. Why have a kitchen island with dual sinks, if you are realistically only going to use one? Instead of splurging on two sinks, it might be more your style to go for that lavish backsplash with that budget and move the kitchen sink to your island, still opening more counterspace and optimizing your kitchen function. Everyone uses their kitchen differently and a professional will keep that in mind.


To ensure the success of your kitchen remodel, make sure you do your homework to pick a trustworthy contractor. Things to consider are if they are licensed, professional, and can provide client testimonials of their previous work. Hiring the wrong contractors will only add to the budget.

Working with a design and remodeling company for your full kitchen remodel gives you a higher chance of coming out within budget and on time. A professional designer works with you throughout the process while implementing value engineering. For each project that requires structural engineering, designing a new space, and construction, our team provides you with your project’s lead, designer, structural engineer, project planner, and project manager. This essentially allows you to have multiple eyes on your project, holding accountability while presenting you with the most cost-efficient solution.

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Buy Quality, But Affordable Supplies

Choosing the right materials for your kitchen remodel matters. We may want that luxurious marble countertop, custom cabinets, and hardwood flooring, but if it just is not within your budget, then you might need to take a step back and re-evaluate.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, you may want to reconsider your remodeling project or talk with a design professional to help guide you in a better direction. It may seem tempting to go the affordable route and DIY your kitchen remodel, but we do not suggest that. Choosing cheap materials and installing them yourself could be a disaster waiting to happen. You get what you pay for and if you pay for cheap materials, chances are they will fall a part within a year or so. The more often you must replace the supplies, the more money you will spend in the long run.

Minimalist Appliance Layout

Before remodeling your kitchen, consider how many appliances you need in your kitchen and why you need them. A fridge, microwave, and oven may be necessities for your kitchen, but you may rather splurge on a more luxurious countertop material instead of incorporating a hidden dishwasher or wine fridge.

Having a minimalist mindset when remodeling is key when sticking to your budget. According to NKBA, appliance prices have gone up 7.2% in 2021 compared to 2020, with major appliances up by 12.9%. Talk with your designer about how you plan on using your kitchen space and what appliances are a must for you to have. This will determine where items should be placed in your kitchen to offer you maximum function. Also, keep in mind, the more appliances you have in your kitchen and your home, the less space you will have to live in it.

Average Kitchen Remodeling Costs Based on Square Feet

Like we mentioned, kitchen remodeling costs can range depending on the type of project. If you are looking for a minor kitchen remodel, meaning you want to increase your home’s marketability with minor improvements such as installing new hardware or backsplash, you are looking at a cost range of $10,000 to $15,000.

If you are looking to install new decent cabinets and quartz countertops, this would categorize you in the mid-scale kitchen remodeling range. This type of kitchen remodeling can cost you anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. Keep in mind, this is without driving a sledgehammer through the wall.

A major or full kitchen remodel ranging in cost from $50,000 and up can give a higher-end home an edge over competition when selling in the future. This type of renovation includes structural changes like wall removals, a new layout, and relocating plumbing and electrical lines.

Check out our financing options!

Remodeling for Aesthetics or Resale

Functionality and efficiency are important elements to keep in mind when remodeling your kitchen. Find the true purpose of why you want to remodel. Is it to make it your forever home with Universal Design? Is it to fix up to be aesthetically pleasing for greater resale value? Going in with a clear intention will make this process more efficient.

As a design/build company, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to design with them and make suggestions that give them their ideal kitchen transformation while making them feel comfortable with the investment they are making in their home.

Call us at (949) 861-3400 to schedule your complimentary design consultation with our professionals.

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Q: Can I cut cost on my kitchen remodel by painting my cabinets?

A: In some situations you can paint your existing cabinetry. The only challenge is the condition and structural integrity of your existing cabinetry; you will need to remove your doors and remove the cabinet pulls from the kitchen cabinet door.

You need to be sure that you will be able to reattach the door and maintain the integrity of the hinge holding the weight of the door.

You cannot reinforce a kitchen cabinet hinge, so Sea Pointe would need a release of liability for the 5-year warranty as we cannot warranty cabinets we did not source or build.

Q: How much is it remodel my kitchen in Orange County?

A: Because materials vary so drastically in quality, we cannot use average square foot price to cost out your kitchen remodel; One homeowner may want an over-the-top extravagant chef kitchen with top of the line marble, custom cabinets, custom inserts, reinforced pot rack, pot filler, kitchen island, butlers pantry, wet bar, and more.

While another homeowner may want a kitchen remodel on rental property where the materials will be on the lower end, custom features minimalized, and square footage low. Sea Pointe Design & Remodel takes pride in honoring our word and eliminating vague costing by designing your kitchen remodel first.

This enables us to know the exact materials, square footage, features, amenities, and the cost of every nail we need to build your new kitchen. This is how Sea Pointe continues to earn repeat business by delivering honest numbers based on real-life kitchen remodeling costs in Orange County.

Q: Will my property taxes increase if I do a kitchen remodel in Orange County?

A: Always consult your CPA, though the rule of thumbs is that you only incur additional property taxes on additional living space.

Provided you keep your kitchen remodel inside the walls of your existing home, you should not incur additional property taxes on top of the cost of a kitchen remodel in Orange County, CA.

Q: Will I save money if I remodel my kitchen and bathroom at the same time?

A: Absolutely; economies of scale impact the cost of your kitchen remodel when you combine project enabling the project manager to efficiently schedule your construction minimizing duplication that occurs when doing projects independently.



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