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Thinking of taking your master bathroom to the next level? Or simply just here for some design inspiration? We have you covered with these master bathroom ideas that will leave you with more confidence in taking that first step in remodeling your space.

There are many aspects to take into consideration when remodeling your master bath from backsplash to flooring, what kind of shower or tub, storage space and more! The choices may sound a bit overwhelming at first, but do not fret, that is why we’re here to help inform you and make sure this process is as simple and fun for you. With that, let’s dive in!

1. Shower Tile

Let’s start with a feature that can sometimes be considered the statement piece of the master bathroom- the shower tile. There are so many different design options that you can do with shower tile design. Take for example, this beautiful dark porcelain shower tile design pattern contrasts so well with the walls and countertop of this master bathroom remodel.


Or, if you are more into the sleek look, aim for a design that compliments the other features in your master bathroom. Consider taking your floor up to the ceiling! This will give an overall sleek design with an expansive feel.  Anytime you use the same material across a large space, you make the space feel even bigger without the square foot addition or tax costs!


Another great design option would be to match your shower walls to your countertop. This also tends to give your master bath a beautiful cohesive look and using the same material on both surfaces will make your space look larger.


2. Flooring

Now let’s move on to another very important feature in your remodeled master bathroom, flooring. Something very important in your bathroom is that you want your flooring to be not only gorgeous, but waterproof.  With modern design and technology, this is a fairly easy challenge these days with faux wood floor in vinyl or tile surface, keeping beauty a priority and longevity a guarantee.

Go for a seamless flooring design, that compliments your bathroom. This is such a fun one we worked on in Irvine, California and it came out just stunning. We love how the floor carries through the walk-in shower, and don’t even get us started on that floating bench!


Another option is to match your flooring with your shower wall material. This is a gorgeous master bath remodel we did in Mission Viejo. The matching designs make this bathroom feel so bright and beautiful.


Looking to do a glam master bathroom? We’ve dabbled in that area as well. Take a look at this stunning master bathroom with marble flooring. From sleek and simple to elegant and glam, your flooring really sets the foundation of your design choice.


Have a darker style? Consider a darker floor that compliments your walls and contrasts with your countertop and fixtures. This will give your master bathroom a bolder feel. This bathroom expanded the shower walls beyond the shower making this room feel cohesive and larger with one continuous feel.


5. Countertops

Make your master bathroom pop with contrasting countertops and custom cabinets. Quartz is a trending design material for countertops because there is just so much you can do with the material and it’s pretty durable when compared to other remodeling countertop materials.  It also is very versatile in the colors and patterns available to you in quartz.  If you’re looking to save a little, you may also find pre-fabricated quartz which comes in smaller sizes enabling you to save money by not buying the whole slab, but also limits you in the colors and patterns available.  Decisions decisions.


Here is another example of a contrasting countertops design, where the color of the cabinets pop giving the master bathroom a bold but beautiful look.


Or do the complete opposite and consider having your countertops compliment your flooring. This gives your master bath a softer design and can compliment the rest of your bathroom design.


6. Vanity

The perfect his and hers vanity area. If you are a fan of a more simple and soft design, this is perfect for your inspo board!  Also notice the difference between floating vanities (image #2 and #3) and vanities with legs (image #1).  One gives you more room and another gives you more style.  Again the decisions are yours based on your priorities; we’re here to help you make these decisions.


If glam is more your style, consider going all out and having two elongated vanity areas spread out and located on opposite sides of your master bathroom, with an open space.


Opt-in for a sleek design and have a floating vanity area. This is great for smaller bathrooms because it creates the illusion of increased space. This also allows more light to move throughout the space.


7. Shower

Make the most intimate part of your master bathroom, one that you love. Choosing a shower design is just as important as the rest of your bathroom features. Going for a more intimate but sophisticated design? A frameless, glass-enclosed walk-in shower might be perfect for you! This is one of our favorites that we worked on in Irvine.


Or how about one that has room for dual shower heads? Here’s another beautiful example of a spacious shower room with room for two.


If you’re looking for a more creative touch, consider a pentagon shower design, adding more dimension to your master bathroom, while saving space!


Showers can be glam too. Consider making your master bathroom shower dreams come to life with a design like this massive walk-in shower we completed in Orange, California with a solid shower-length bench. Also note the sitting space for drying with discreet storage cubbies under the bench.

bathroom remodel

8. Soaking Tub

Clients often ask, should I have a tub?  Should I keep my tub?  Should I replace my master bath tub during my remodel.  The answer is, if you use a tub, then add, keep, or replace your tub.  The new tubs are free-standing tubs and absolutely stunning in design, so if you do take baths, you’re in for a design treat! Aim for a sleek and sophisticated design like this free standing tub with a porcelain tile backsplash.


Design your tub with adding in a beautiful privacy wall that has a textured wall, separating your toilet and the bathing tub. Here’s a gorgeous example we have designed and built in Irvine.


Design your master bathroom with a side-by-side tub and shower giving you easy access to both! Or with busy lives today – let your kids tub while you shower.


9. Storage Space

Last but definitely not least, make sure to include storage space in your master bathroom remodel design. You will thank us later! Choose a design that incorporates cabinets along your wall for extra storage space. This will allow you to have room for back-stock on supplies or just an organized place for towels and toiletry essentials.


Or add cabinets and drawers along your wall and underneath your vanity area. If you have a long vanity counter, this will give you plenty of storage room to work with!


Have an intimate master bathroom? It may be more fitting to have built-in cabinets near your vanity area. This will give you plenty of room for storage.


Now that you’ve gathered some design inspiration for your future remodel, congrats because you are one more step closer to creating your dream master bathroom!

For more inspiration and learning opportunities directly from our designers, sign up for our webinars, happening every Thursday at 11am by clicking here! If you are ready to make your dream master bathroom come to life and are in Orange County, give us a call at (949) 861-3400 to schedule your complimentary design consultation. Our designers will work with you to ensure that your master bathroom remodel needs and wants are heard, especially when it comes to building custom features!

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