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Design Showroom

Sea Pointe Design & Remodel's Design Showroom

Sea Pointe Design & Remodel’s kitchen and bath showroom provides an immersive and educational environment for you and your family to explore options, gather ideas, get expert guidance, and make informed choices about your renovation projects. The number one benefit is the convenience of making all decisions close to home – no need to drive to multiple locations in Anaheim to select your materials. It also helps streamline the decision-making process, enhances creativity, and ultimately leads to a more satisfying and successful remodeling experience.

Kitchen Remodeling Showroom

Kitchen Showroom

Immerse yourself in a carefully curated collection of kitchen designs, styles, and finishes that showcase the latest trends and timeless classics. Our kitchen design showroom is thoughtfully organized, allowing you to explore various kitchen layouts and configurations, from cozy and traditional to sleek and modern.

Experience quality craftsmanship and attention to detail as you interact with our fully functional kitchen displays. Get a feel for the exquisite materials, from luxurious countertops to premium cabinetry, as you envision how they can transform your own space.

Whether you’re seeking a complete kitchen overhaul or looking to make specific updates, our showroom provides an array of options to suit every budget and style. Explore an extensive range of fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, and backsplash options, all carefully selected for their exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal.

Bathroom Remodeling Showroom

Bathroom Remodeling Showroom

Choosing a bathroom remodeling company with a showroom offers several advantages that can greatly enhance your remodeling experience.

Our showroom features a wide selection of bathroom design materials from reputable brands and manufacturers. This ensures that you have access to high-quality options for your remodel.

Visiting our showroom offers you the opportunity to customize your bathroom design by exploring different options and combinations of materials, colors, and styles. With the assistance of our designers, you can tailor your bathroom remodel to suit your personal taste, lifestyle, and functional requirements.


Our knowledgeable and friendly team of design experts is here to guide you through the entire remodeling process. They will listen attentively to your vision, preferences, and lifestyle needs, offering valuable insights and practical solutions to create a space that reflects your unique taste and functionality requirements.

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Design Showroom

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"Start to finish, this was
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