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With each year and each project we complete, Sea Pointe Construction’s team of professionals get better and better.  Our team’s mission is to provide the very best value in home remodeling services through quality work and a commitment to our clients.

With the highest level of integrity, we believe in promoting an environment that is creative, rewarding and enjoyable for our employees and our clients.

Our team is more than a team of design and construction professionals, we are family.  For more than 30 years, Sea Pointe Construction’s family owned business has fostered an environment that supports not only our employees but our trade partners, suppliers, and vendors.  We believe that by creating loyal, committed relationships we are then able to offer the best in products and services to our clients.

As you walk into our team’s offices, you will find an acronym on the wall that as a team we created to describe what we strive to accomplish with each project and each client we work with.

Come meet the awesome team we have at Sea Pointe Construction!


Andrew Shore



Carolyn Hall

Design Consultant

Lisa Greiner

Design Consultant

James Bailey

Design Consultant

Mike Hollander

Design Consultant

Aaron Golden

Design Consultant

Natalie Carr

Design Consultant

Linda Midden

Design Consultant

Ken Grider

Design Consultant

Jenna Pape

Design Consultant

Janna Parr

Design Consultant

Daniela Matlock

Kitchen & Bath Consultant/Purchaser

Bryce Hove

Space Planning & Design

Veronika Kuznetsova

Senior Interior Designer


Chris Jay

Production Manager

Sean Ryan

Project Manager

Jim Mathews

Project Manager

Jude York

 Project Manager

Briana Denney

 Project Manager

Mike Elkins



Antonio Salcedo

Jared Goertzen

Keith Coates

Rafael Galeana

Dane Shimp

Jorge Ramirez-Cruz

Roger Garcia-Sanchez

Yak Nava

Jake Eazor

Juan Ortega

Mike Roders

Ryan Addy


Melanie Lindquist


Sally Shore


Lauren Mills

Director of Design & Client Relations

Jess Herring

Director of First Impressions

Keeva O’Brien

Marketing Manager

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