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Countertop Materials

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Countertop Materials for Every Design Style

Countertop Materials

Since 1986, Sea Pointe Construction has been offering our clients the ability to truly customize their home with custom design since 1986. We are partnered with many manufacturers and slab yards to find the perfect countertop for your design style.  Below you will see countertop surface material that you may have not even known was available for countertop installation and use in your kitchen, bathroom, desk area, or custom shelving units.


Quartz is the newest manufactured stone that has been trending in kitchens for the last couple years.  Quartz is manufactured using ground up quartzite natural stone combined with polymers to  create a beautiful compounded countertop.

Quartz is available in a myriad of colors and patterns making it very attractive to buyers wanting unique colors.  Quartz price range can be affordable to more expensive than natural stone based on the color and pattern you may be seeking.

Some quartz manufacturers also produce pre-fab quartz surfaces in their most popular sku.  This would give you the most affordable option as the pre-fab quartz is produced in 2 x 9′ pieces, eliminating the waste of needing to buy the entire slab as you would when installing non pre-fab quarts countertops.  Your choices of colors and patterns will be limited when shopping in this selection of quarts countertop surfaces.


Quartzite is the real deal stone straight from the earth.  Quartzite is a hard metamorphic rock that was originally pure sandstone.  The sandstone is turned into quartzite through heat and pressure associated with plate tectonics.  The quartzite is mined from the earth, and why this stone is typically more expensive than quartz.  Due to the minerals in the earth, quartzite is often gray, white, pink, and sometimes even blue, green, and yellow.


Marble is mined stone much like quartzite.  Marble in its original form is sandstone through heat and pressure, is turned into marble.  Marble’s coloring is often gray, white, and pinks; you will also find from other minerals, blues, greens, and yellows.  While everyone is typically attracted to marble countertops, these are not for the wine drinker,  Marble is extremely porous, so it will soak up anything you put down.  From a water ring from your water glass, to a tiny drop of wine, marble will hang on to these stains forever.  You can seal your marble, though it will not protect it from these harms.  While marble is gorgeous, you may want to save it for a wall covering to get that lavish and luxurious design style.  There are plenty of ways to bring marble in to your home without risking red wine destruction.  As your designer for creative design use for marble without risk.


Glass countertops are not traditional materials yet are beautiful.  You can use a transitional design style where you mix modern and traditional by using natural woods or colored wood with ornate trim and balance out the sleek glass look with some natural finishings.  You can keep it very modern by using glass and metal cabinetry to really pop the modern kitchen design style.  You do need to be careful with glass as you do not want to cut on it, it will cut the glass.  You don’t want to put any direct heat from warm pots or pans as you risk cracking the glass.  A clear benefit is the ease of cleaning glass with simple glass cleaner.  If you like modern and easy maintenance, glass countertops may be the countertop surface you are looking for.  Talk to your designer about your style. 


Wood countertops bring in a touch of nature and earthiness.  You want to use natural unstained wood for the obvious reasons of wear and tear will make your wood appear faded in the most used areas. You also need to be careful to not consider this your cutting board. Your wood countertops will be toast before you know it if you openly cut on this surface. Wood is also sensitive to wine stains, glass rings, and burns from hot pots.  This is why it’s important to work with your designer to get the elements you want in the places where they will work and preserve best.  You may love wood but think you can’t keep your spouse from cutting the veggies here, so open faced shelving from natural wood is a great way to bring the natural, earthy feel inside.


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