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Looking to gather inspiration for your kitchen remodel? We all know there are many elements to completing a full kitchen remodel. From the cabinets, to the countertops, to the overall color scheme, our designers work with you to ensure your dream kitchen is brought to life. Every aspect is important, but there is one element that can really bring your kitchen that cohesive aesthetic- the backsplash. Here are 9 kitchen backsplash ideas for your kitchen remodel!

1. Backlit Backsplash



A kitchen design with backlight showcasing the backsplash is perfect for you if you are looking for more luminance. Although this may look gorgeous at night, just be cautious that splash marks from cooking may be more visible with the lighting, so routine care of the backsplash will be necessary! Another factor to keep in mind will be the color of the bulb and if you prefer a whiter appearance, then going with an LED light may be best.

2. Subway Tile




Whether the backsplash is made of porcelain white brick or black matte, subway tiles never go out of style in kitchen remodels. Sea Pointe Design & Remodel has designed and built many kitchens over the years that continue to use this simple, yet timeless design. Because the style is simple, it tends to compliment most décor and other features in the kitchen. It’s safe to say that subway tiles are here to stay.

3. Textured Backsplash



Adding a textured backsplash to your kitchen design is a great way to insert detail in a unique way. This can also typically be easier to clean compared to tiles because there is no grout. This is a gorgeous example of a woven backsplash that adds amazing texture to this kitchen remodel Sea Pointe has completed in the city of Orange. The backsplash adds texture and detail to this remodel while still complementing the white cabinets and quartz countertops.

4. Patterned Backsplash



Kitchen lighting and backsplash

Looking to add a fun backsplash to your dream kitchen? Here are two examples of patterned backsplashes Sea Pointe has built in kitchen remodels. If choosing a patterned backsplash that has bold colors with details, it is best to pair this with contrasting cabinets to bring the pattern out. This will draw your eyes to the backsplash, giving your fun kitchen that extra pop!

5. Mirrored or Metallic Backsplash



Metallic Backsplash Looking for a more elegant touch? Another backsplash design we love is mirrored or metallic. These look stunning especially when the light bounces off the tiles. The use of this design style has the illusion of making your kitchen appear brighter and bigger.  You will often find this design style used when staging a home for sale through the use of mirrors facing windows or large rooms; making your home appear larger than it is can be one of the most appealing design aspects available.

The first backsplash referenced above is an example of a glass metallic mosaic tiled backsplash completed by Sea Pointe in Ladera Ranch. The next show piece backsplash is in a stunning kitchen that was designed to the nines with a custom mosaic backsplash with mirrored pieces built in Coto de Caza. Up close, you can see as you move through the kitchen, the light bounces off and follows you, giving this kitchen that glamorous dimensional feel. If you are looking for a wow-factor design, this is the way to go!

Other metallic backsplashes are also available in matte finish, making the material still a statement piece while minimizing the glare you may catch out of the corner of your eye.  If you’re looking for unique design elements and statement pieces, metallic is always an option for most surfaces, whether shiny or not, metallic stands out as another texture that brings beauty and dimension to your kitchen.

6. Accent Backsplash



Accents are a great addition if you are looking to showcase more than one backsplash. Popular designs are using contrasting colors for the accent and backsplash, however complimentary colors and patterns work as well, like in the kitchen above we designed in San Juan Capistrano. If going for a contrasting accent, keep in mind the color of your countertops and cabinets. It is typically better to have the backsplash complimenting those other features you have in your kitchen, so it does not distract too much from the overall design, but still brings it a cohesive look.

7. Ceiling Height Backsplash

Ceiling height backsplash


A ceiling height backsplash is great for a kitchen design that does not have many cabinets, as it adds texture to your kitchen. This kitchen remodel designed and built by Sea Pointe in Huntington Beach showcases a perfect example of a sleek ceiling height backsplash. The white subway tile backsplash adds texture while complimenting the rest of the lower cabinets and making that blue island pop, without taking away from the overall design. Also, covering more surface area, this allows for the backsplash to carry a heavier presence throughout your kitchen.

8. Matching Counters and Backsplash


A design with matching countertops and kitchen backsplash gives your kitchen a very cohesive aesthetic. Carrying your quartz countertop up along to your backsplash tends to also be easier for cleaning. There are no detailed wedges or grout to scrub down, making this a simple and sleek design option. If you love the look of your countertop and want to carry more of the material or pattern throughout your kitchen, this style backsplash is perfect for you!

9. Large Tile Backsplash


Using large tiles for your kitchen backsplash like this porcelain Porcelanosa backsplash in the color Caliza, is perfect for a unified appearance. It also is easier to clean the grout compared to having smaller tile pieces. This is a beautiful example by Sea Pointe built in Corona Del Mar.

With these 10 kitchen backsplash ideas, you are now one step closer to designing your dream kitchen! If you are ready to make your vision come to life or if you need more guidance from the professionals, give us a call at (949) 861-3400.

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