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Design + Build Remodeling Services

Design/Build servicesSea Pointe Construction proudly offers Design/Build services specifically for Orange County California. Our expertise and constant dedication to service and quality help mitigate risk and ensure the successful completion of your project with one point of responsibility and accountability.  The design build process fluidly builds your design and construction project so that you are aware of the complete remodeling costs inclusive of all materials prior to signing an agreement to have Sea Pointe remodel your space.  We have learned that this makes for happier customers in the end and our end goal is always happy and repeat customers.

Fundamentally, design-build embraces design, engineering and construction services under a single contract, thereby re-combining the vital roles of designer and constructor.  Design and build takes the hassle out of you needing to interview and coordinate with multiple construction professionals and remodeling contractors during your remodeling process.  Hiring a traditional contractor would have you also hiring an architect, an engineer, a designer, and your general contractor.  If you are not an experienced remodeler, this can be a daunting task with expectations and communication.

Design Build construction conceptSea Pointe Design & Remodel offers this integrated approach to construction, enhancing cooperation between all parties involved, which ultimately maximizes each of the participant’s capabilities. When incorporating the Design Build construction concept, quality, cost and time are determined concurrently. We design your remodel with value engineering in mind.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is only possible with design build firms as its possible by having all construction professionals under one roof; this enables your draftsman to review as-built floor plans and leverage existing construction and design requirements to best lay out your space to save you the most time and money.  This is typically where most of the communication errors happen when hiring a traditional general contractor.  Your architect now becomes your space planner and is not motivated to draw budget efficient plans, rather they want to deliver plans that evoke emotion and both are possible, yet not typically an architect’s concern.  Be sure if you go this route to share your budget with your architect and ask how you can design a blue print that stays within your budget.  You will need to coordinate with your contractor as the contractor will need plans to price out the job completely.

Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen and get that island finally, or remodel your bathroom to remove your 80s platform hot tub, or possibly a room addition during these more recent ‘sheltering in place’ times to get that extra space, we have experts in all home remodeling projects.  You may be considering an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) during this time as a home office, living space for your college student, or even additional income.

Remodeling Design

One of the greatest assets that clients undervalue until they experience it, is space planning and design.  Clients often draw on napkins and have flipped spaces, traded room, and more.  Expert Designers have the vision to see your full home blue print and design without lines giving you the best space for your needs. Time and again we hear clients say that they had never considered enclosing a small space enabling them to completely change their home, move their kitchen giving it an over all better kitchen design, bathroom design, master suites, and the home remodel space list goes on with this sentiment.

Sea Pointe Design & Remodel design build expertise ensures that our client can save money, save time, and have the peace of mind that their residential remodel will be designed and built to code for safety as well as investment security.  Our goal is your complete satisfaction when your home remodel is complete.  Over 50% of our business is repeat and referral business and this speaks volumes of our 5-star reviews we receive.

To learn more about the design and build process, take a look at our Design Build Home Remodeling Guide that walks you through the whole remodeling process with Sea Pointe Design & Remodel. When you’re ready to start planning your home remodel the right way, give us a ring and we’re here to help.  We will be the guardians of your home remodel budget and ensure your project is managed smoothly from start to finish.

Q: Is design build more expensive than project managing myself and shopping myself?

A:  While you may think you will save money if you project manage and shop on your own, you’ll be surprised how the costs add up and traditional contractors will provide change orders with increased fees based off their initial low quote to provide exactly what you want.  We find that because we price everything out based on actual materials and measurements, we know every nail in your remodeling job and can account for it.  This is the price you pay unless you request more work.  With the traditional contractor, you’ll get an estimate subject to change (change orders).  The average change order rate with traditional GC’s is 35%, meaning you will pay 35% more than the original estimate.  So while our construction agreement may seem higher than an estimate, typically we come in near or under the change order process by the time you are done.  Keep in mind our volume discounts that also play into these costs and value engineering.

Q: Will design build remodeling save me time?

A: Typically this will save you time as we have all construction professionals under one roof, making coordination, collaboration, and client meetings much more swift.  Each professional is working on their piece of the project at the right time, ensuring no ground is broken until we are ready with cabinets and materials to start your remodel.  We will not invade your home any longer than necessary and do our best to ensure a pleasurable experience even during the daunting demolition process.  We will keep you apprised of the schedule so you can arrange your family as best possible during the times you don’t want to be there during the remodel process. 

Q: Do I need to move out of my home when remodeling with the design build process?

A: Most of our clients remain in the home during the remodeling process, to the tune of 75%.  We use plastic walls with zippers and clean up every last spec of remodeling at the end of every day.  You can see our reviews and know that people love our installers and sometimes even miss these guys.  Check out our reviews here:

Q: Do you provide 3D color renderings so I can visualize my remodeled space easier?

A:  Design build forms are specifically known for providing these communication tools to make your home remodel exactly as you picture it.  The 3D color rendering process makes sure we get it right on paper before buying materials, breaking ground, or considering any financial impact.  This way, if you see a busy backsplash that looked fabulous in a 12” x 12” but absolutely overwhelming in a large display to your ceiling, that we can prevent any time delay from returning tile, changes in tile order to reduce the amount used, and actually select exactly what you want once you see all materials together.

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