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If you’ve ever been in one, you likely appreciate a well-functioning house. But do you know what it takes for a house to function well AND be aesthetically pleasing at the same time? Today, we’ll walk you through what design elements are essential for a house that works well but also feels comfortable and looks beautiful.


6 Design Tips For a Well-Functioning House


1. Make sure the floor plan matches your household’s needs.

Many homeowners get caught up in what their remodel will LOOK like and they neglect to spend enough time on how their remodeled space will FUNCTION. As you begin the design process for your remodel, think about how your space currently works. If everything works well and you simply want a fresh look, replacing appliances and changing out aesthetic elements will help you accomplish that.


More often than not, however, many people are frustrated with how their home currently functions. If this is the case, you need to take a closer look at your floor plan to see what changes need to be made. For areas that are too small and cramped, for example, removing a wall could create an open floor plan that functions better. In this Anaheim kitchen remodel, taking out a dividing wall between the kitchen and dining area made the space feel much larger and improved traffic flow.

built-in-refrigerator-freezer-with-panels - Well-Functioning House


2. Be practical and include space for everyday necessities.

Let’s face it … homes are for everyday enjoyment but they’re also for work! A well-functioning house keeps that thought in mind and therefore, includes designated areas for things like laundry and other everyday activities. You might include a utility room to keep household appliances out of sight. Or, you could design a mudroom that catches most of the dirty shoes and garments before they track through the house. If you work from home, be sure a home office is part of your remodeling plan.


The more you can plan for what you need on a daily basis, the better your overall design will be. And when your house functions well, YOU will, too!


3. Make good use of unusual spaces.

If you’re trying to remodel an existing home, you may not have had much say in its original design. As a result, you might be frustrated with certain spaces that don’t serve you well. If you don’t know what to do with a particular area, it’s not uncommon for that area to be a catch-all space, creating a cluttered look and feel.


The good news is that when you work with a remodeling professional, they can help you eliminate awkward spaces or at least make the most of them. In this Irvine whole home remodel, custom cabinets and drawers maximize the square footage under the stairs without detracting from the room’s aesthetics.

Irvine whole home remodel with custom pantry storage - Well-Functioning House


4. A well-functioning house plans for the future.

Unless you’re only planning to stay in your home for a short time, your remodel should meet your current household needs but also plan for the future. If you want to have children, for example, think about how that affects your home’s size and layout.


A well-functioning house also plans for the future in terms of aging in place or having in-laws or other seniors living with you. In this Laguna Woods whole home remodel, the retiring homeowners chose universal design elements to make their forever home safe and functional for years to come.

1-custom-niches-for-art-in-dining-room-and-two-8-foot-wide-folding-panel-door-system - Well-Functioning House


5. A well-functioning house has plenty of storage.

One of the biggest keys to designing a well-functioning house is making sure that everything has a designated place. In the kitchen, bathroom, and main living areas, ample storage can help you stay organized while reducing clutter. This adds to the visual appeal of each room but also makes them more functional.


Don’t be afraid to work with your remodeling contractor to come up with creative storage solutions. If you have oddball items or spaces to deal with, custom cabinets could be exactly what you need to make your home look and feel inviting.


6. Follow current design trends that match your personality and preferences.

Just like the fashion world, design trends in the remodeling industry change on a yearly basis. Some changes are more dramatic than others but one thing stays the same. Upgrading your home according to current trends can add resale value and make your home more appealing. In order for you to feel comfortable in it, however, you must pick trends that work with your personality.


If you love the rustic farmhouse feel, for example, a modern, minimalistic design may not suit your fancy, even if it’s in style. You might be able to mix several styles, though, to get what you like while still keeping your home fresh and appealing. This San Clemente kitchen remodel is a perfect example. It combines a relaxed farmhouse look with the neutral colors and sleek lines of a more modern design.

This San Clemente kitchen renovation features plenty of kitchen storage near the range zone - Well-Functioning House


Design a Well-Functioning House With the Orange County Remodeling Experts

Whether you’re planning a kitchen upgrade, bathroom renovation, or a whole house remodel, Sea Pointe Design & Remodel is your source for remodeling expertise in Orange County. We’ve worked with homeowners in Irvine, Dana Point, Anaheim, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and surrounding areas to design and build beautiful but functional spaces.


Learn more about our work by browsing through our online portfolio of completed projects. Or, register for one of our upcoming remodeling webinars to learn helpful remodeling tips from the pros. You can also visit our kitchen and bath showroom for ideas and inspiration.


Then, when you’re ready to start designing your own well-functioning house, simply give us a call at (949) 861-3400 or fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary design consultation.



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