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Whole House Remodels

Whole-Home Remodeling in Orange County

Whole-Home Remodeling Orange CountyOne of the most rewarding residential home remodeling projects is remodeling an entire house, but it can feel overwhelming at times. From tearing down walls and reconfiguring rooms, to adding square footage and making style changes, it is a process that requires a clear vision of what the resulting space should be. Without proper planning and design, it can take longer and cost more than it should. When done correctly, however, a whole home remodel can transform the entire space into something that is both functional and beautiful, a dream come true.

Orange County families that enjoy their home and spending time together can benefit from the space and efficiency that a major home remodel creates. Since the design encompasses the entire house, it’s possible to make each room coordinate and integrate well with the others, making the best use of each space in terms of design and function.

With recent shelter in place orders, remodeling may be top on your shopping wish list.  Configuring space for your current and future needs makes living at home better on the whole family.  From designated office space, school space, multi-purpose spaces with schedules, and family time have new meanings. When you work with a professional design build team, you’ll get the skills and resources necessary to help you design the function and beauty you want in your home while being there 100% more often than previous times in your work and family life.

In addition to enhancing your family’s everyday life, whole home remodeling is a great investment in your home’s market value. When carefully designed with the end use in mind, the renovated home becomes more appealing to potential buyers, not just the current homeowner.

Planning a Whole House Remodeling Project

Planning and executing a whole house remodeling project can feel daunting and complex. There are a number of factors to consider, including the extent of the renovation, the overall budget, whether there will be permits required, and who to hire for each phase of the work.

large kitchen with open floor plan and island seating for fourSea Pointe makes it easy; with a talented, professional design-build team, we can orchestrate the entire project for you from start to finish. Design, engineering, and construction services are all under one contract, giving you one point of contact and one point of accountability. That means we can work together from the beginning to determine quality, design, and costs that fit both your lifestyle and your budget.

Working with a design-build residential remodeling firm gives you more advantages than just organization and accountability. It enables us to provide you with value engineering. This means we’re able to leverage the skills of having your draftsman, engineer, and designer under one roof.  We can look at existing architecture to see where relocating walls, adding square footage, and relocating electrical and/or plumbing may be the most affordable method to do so.  With a traditional general contractor, your draftsman does not have an engineer or designer to reference these items and designs solely to your functional needs.  Remember a draftsman is designing your floor plan, not your finishing; your interior design is now in your hands to select your cabinetry, cabinet pulls, cabinet insert options, lighting, countertops, plumbing fixtures, backsplash, paint, and flooring.  This is a lot of travel back and forth to ensure you coordinate all of remodeling needs.

Another benefit of the design build residential remodeling approach is that your designer will provide both black and white elevations as well as 3D color renderings.  This enables you to see what your finished product will look like prior to spending any money on materials.  We use this as a communication tool with clients to help them visualize their new space with all the selected materials and colors; this way the client can change out items without any cost, restocking fees, or overages should they decide they don’t like how one item works with another in their designed remodel space.  We always say, save money and change it on paper rather than on installation day as this will cause cost increases and time delays.  We take pride in avoiding cost increases and remodeling schedule delays by managing the project up front with tools like these.

San Clemente Kitchen Cabinet Elevations

3D color renderings for San Clemente kitchen remodel

3D color rendering for Orange County kitchen remodel

The above black and white elevations and 3D color renderings are from a San Clemente whole home remodel. This home included 2 space additions and 2 double decker decks in the rear of the home that increased the client’s ocean view.  This home remodel also incorporated Universal Design and was designed by one of our Certified Aging in Place Experts. To read the whole residential whole home remodel case study, click here>

When you’re ready to plan your whole home remodeling project, call Sea Pointe Construction, we’re here to help with your whole home remodeling needs. With our staff of reliable and reputable design and construction professionals, as well as decades of experience, we will help you transform your home with confidence.  To get some inspiration, check out our whole home remodeling portfolio here.>>

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