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Ceiling inset in Lake Forest kitchen remodel - remodeling trends for 2024Home remodeling trends for 2024 are officially in the works, and you might be excited to see what’s in style! While some home renovation ideas tend to stay similar from year to year, others see big changes depending on what homeowners are looking for. Here, we’ll walk you through some of the key home remodeling trends for 2024. You may just get inspired to start planning your own renovation project!


Watch For These Home Remodeling Trends in 2024


1. A focus on eco-friendly, sustainable, or energy-efficient home upgrades

Thanks to changes in the U.S. economy in recent months, many homeowners are feeling the pinch when it comes to their budgets. While that doesn’t necessarily stop them from planning a remodel, it could guide their decisions around appliances and fixtures.


For example, energy-efficient appliances, fixtures, and materials can help cut energy expenditures. This results in homeowners saving money on their monthly energy bill. And, since remodeling trends for 2024 also include an increased focus on sustainable and eco-friendly features, homeowners can improve their environmental impact at the same time!


2. Prioritizing remodeling projects that add significant value

There’s no question that remodeling costs money, sometimes a lot of money. With that in mind, what renovations make the most sense in terms of return on investment? Well, the answer to that question is somewhat specific to each situation.


For example, homeowners looking to sell their home in the near future tend to focus on remodeling projects that add resale value. In other words, they go for upgrades that will make their home more appealing to potential buyers – things like kitchen remodels, primary bathroom renovations, etc.


On the other hand, homeowners who foresee staying in their homes longer tend to focus on upgrades that they will use, as opposed to worrying about what others think. Popular remodeling ideas include aging in place upgrades or room additions.


So, what are the remodeling trends for 2024 when it comes to adding value? Homeowners are looking for upgrades that they’ll enjoy but will also appeal to the next buyer. When planned with the future in mind, there’s no reason you can’t combine the best of both worlds – what you want and need now plus what others might want or need in the future.


3. Living spaces that are multi-functional

There’s no question that today’s homeowners are busy people. In most families, both partners have careers, plus kids are involved in plenty of activities, too. Perhaps this is why the remodeling trends for 2024 include designing and creating multi-functional spaces.


For example, you might see a kitchen remodel that includes an expansive island as well as a desk tucked neatly out of the way. This allows the kitchen to serve multiple functions – a meal preparation area, entertainment space, and a workplace for kids or adults.


4. Exceptional outdoor living spaces

Ever since the pandemic, there’s been an increased interest in outdoor living spaces, both for entertainment and for everyday living. It appears that trend will continue in 2024, with homeowners looking for outdoor living rooms, patios, decks, and other outdoor improvements.


This outdoor living remodel in Rancho Santa Margarita provides a versatile space where the homeowners can relax, entertain, or dine outdoors.

new-roof-including-skylights-in-ceiling-speakers-recessed-lighting-radiant-heaters - Remodeling Trends For 2024


5. Blended backsplashes to create exciting accents

Tile backsplashes have been popular for a while now, for kitchen remodels and for many bathroom renovations. One of the remodeling trends for 2024, though, takes backsplashes to a new level. Enter blended backsplashes, a term used to describe using two different backsplash materials to create a unique design or accent.


In this Lake Forest kitchen remodel, the backsplash is made primarily of dark bricks. However, a Tree of Life copper design blends beautifully with the theme of the kitchen while creating an eye-catching accent.

Kitchen remodel in Lake Forest with copper accent design


6. Luxurious lighting options for bathroom remodels

In recent years, bathroom designs have trended more toward creating an at-home oasis or spa-like experience. Perhaps that’s because many homeowners are too busy to schedule a spa day. Or, maybe they just want a private place to unwind after a stressful day. Either way, that trend is continuing in 2024, but there’s one twist. Design experts predict an increased popularity in unique lighting options for bathroom remodels, including things like chandeliers or high-tech bathroom mirrors.


Explore Home Remodeling Trends For 2024 With the Orange County Remodeling Experts

Remember: these home remodeling trends for 2024 are just a starting point. What makes sense for YOUR home and family could be different. When you work with a design professional at Sea Pointe Design & Remodel, we’ll help you identify what you want and need from your home upgrade. Then, we can incorporate current design trends and best practices to create a space that looks great and functions well.


To learn more about our work, browse through our online portfolio of completed projects. You can also visit us in-person at our kitchen and bath showroom to get ideas and inspiration. Or, register for one of our upcoming design workshops to get helpful remodeling tips from the pros.


Then, when you’re ready to start planning your own remodeling project, simply give us a call at (949) 861-3400 or fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary design consultation.



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