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bathroom plubing guide

The Ultimate Bath Plumbing Guide

Did you realize that pre-pandemic, October 2019, a study preformed by NAR indicated about 70% of homeowners that remodeled their bathrooms genuinely enjoyed staying in more often than venturing outside? One can only imagine what an impact the pandemic has created to obtain your own safe and secure bathroom for your family. Before jumping into this major remodel, run a few questions through your significant other and yourself before tackling this endeavor. When it comes to plumbing, choosing the right design/ build firm will save you overall!

Plumbing Tips

Plumbing is no place to play amateur hour.  All plumbing must be done by a licensed and insured plumber to ensure the work is done safely and effectively.  You also need to pull permits for any plumbing or electric related work.  And this does mean changiing out a faucet needs a permit; this is for your safety so that the city inspects the work for quality and safety of work performed by your plumber.

Best Plumbing Material

It’s believed that copper, which has been the industry standard forever, is always the best choice for your plumbing needs. With technology, along came PEX and PVC, which are plastic. The debate over the longevity of the materials has now been evaluated for decades, since the utilization of PVC & PEX began. While copper may last 70 years, it does tend to need more maintenance than its plastic counterparts. Corrosion has always been the nemesis of copper…While PEX may last 20 years less at 50, it has now become the “go-to” material in many cases due to its low cost, easy adaptability, and non-corrosive qualities.

Schedule Your Renovation

When you do seek to qualify and contact a new plumber, stipulate that this is not an emergency situation. Upon finding that special plumber, ensure they list water system and sanitation contracting or plumbing restoration and renovation along with the list of emergency repairs that they do perform. Choosing the right plumber is vital for years of safe, secure sewage and drainage!  Should you decide to use the design build remodeling method, you won’t have to worry about qualifying and hiring a plumber as this is part of the design build model with all of your construction professionals under one rood.

Don’t change the layout!

Make every effort to maintain your bathtub, basin, and latrine in the same location for your bathroom remodel. Shifting about sewer and drainage pipes, particularly larger objects like exhaust portals, will surely raise the expenses. You can change the aesthetics above but changing the pipes below can become quite costly.  Should it make your life function better and you’re ready to invest, go for it; convenience in flow is often worth the price.  And often times clients do not understand that changing from a tub to a shower will in fact make you change yoru plumbing layout due to how the drain needs to be situated in a shower.

Plumbing Problems and Solutions

Discovering unresolved issues and problems later in the job will cause the cost of the job to change, obviously upward… This is particularly accurate when it comes to bathroom alterations, where a large amount of the job is concealed at the back of walls and beneath floors. To prevent complications, during the primary visit to your home, trust that your plumber or design/build team inspects for all the ordinary challenges that normally afflict lavatory renovations. Investigating existing piping and fixtures, as well as all surrounding beams, supports, and vents is paramount for a job well done at the cost stated originally.

Pipe Problems

The days of the cast-iron drain systems here in California aren’t much of a concern in 2021. But, galvanized, copper, and plastic (PEX or PVC) pipes are still all commonly found here in this great state of ours. Swapping the complete pipe run, since old, laced galvanized pipe seams are normally frozen stiff from weathering and can’t be taken apart without shattering. Copper plumbing pipes can also deceive you. In some areas of the USA, ore sediments from hard water will trigger copper pipes to disintegrate from the interior, out. Plastics, like Polybutylene pipe have been banned. Again, entrust in your plumber for guidance. PEX is fine and should be easily replaced if needed.

Sink Removal

Eliminating current basins, or sinks, is usually simple. You might have difficulties with pipeline dimensions, or rusted connectors that need attention. One can also find that the necessary vent (air admittance valve) is absent, or the new sink might not fit into an existing cabinet. This occurs when the sink is purchased from a home improvement center or even a specialty shop when not measured correctly. In this case, the solution would be a special sink or a brand new vanity. Hiring the right design/build team will guarantee these issues are addressed, and bill accordingly at the beginning of the work.

Bathtub Replacement

If a bathtub is to be swapped out, the main problems will be the connection to the sewer and supply lines. Bear in mind, a cast-iron bathtub is extremely heavy. Destroying it up may well be the only way to get it out of your bathroom. Fiberglass and steel bathtubs can be eliminated in one piece, except if they have been customized, and will not fit through all doors.

If saving the tub is vital, ensure the tub can be relocated in one piece. Then make certain it will fit through the front entrance and down the hall and even stairs. Occasionally tubs are raised into place with a crane along with upper-story framing materials. Be really sure about that decision since it will be extremely costly.

Shower Rebuild

Seeping shower faucets and slates can trigger immense harm to the internal construction. Until you remove the shower itself, this assessment will be difficult to make. If the shower is getting rebuilt, selecting the surface material for the shower floor and walls needs to be chosen first. This is exceptionally imperative with tile, due to differences in texture will impact the rough openings and faucet placements.

Bathroom Upgrades

This is a section all of its own! Whether you select a curtain for your shower/ bath combo since bathing your child is a daily duty. Or maybe all the kids are out of the nest, and you would love no doors or tub? Going doorless is all the hot, latest look! Natural stone is for some, while tile is nicest for others. Wallpaper, even for the bathroom, has made a huge comeback! How about floating shelves, or a refrigerated drawer for makeup and meds?! The options are endless and exciting!


The conclusion to remodeling your bathroom should end with a “YES”! Please, never let the aspects of plumbing scare you off a new bathroom remodel. When keeping all your pipes in place, pricing will be more palatable and pleasing to your pocketbook than you could ever imagine. Try and make every decision to save cash before the plumber arrives is vital to your success as well. And, as always, hiring the correct Design/Build Firm will allow you to relax, rest, and be assured that your bathroom will be remodeled beautifully and correctly. Giving you piece of mind that you, your family, guests, and the value of your home is all in the positive now!

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