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The age-old question, shower, or tub?  Why not both?  Ever since the pandemic of 2020, more and more people are stuck at home.  While being quarantined, people are realizing their home or bathrooms, to be specific, could do with a refresh.  The free-standing tub next to shower is the new trend. Here we will review the new and modern renovations for your bathroom with tubs next to showers, the designs, the add-ons and the options for you:

The Layout

updated glass shower renovation

Your new bathroom renovation layout will all depend on the size of your bathroom.  If you really want to add a whirlpool tub and expand your walk-in shower, look at the floor plan first.  If there isn’t enough square footage in your bathroom currently to expand to the bathroom of your dreams, then look beyond your walls.  Is there a spare bedroom that shares a wall with your bathroom that is currently collecting dust?  Knock it down and use the extra square feet to create the bathroom of your dreams!  Or is there a closet space that can be knocked down to create extra room for that oversized soaking tub you have been dreaming about for decades? You also need to keep in mind when envisioning your bathroom renovation how your vanity & shower doors open so you have ample space when needed.  One of the many reasons we highly recommend you speak with a professional design consultant who will make sure all the odds and ends are handled.  They can also give ample advice on which tub would go best with your current bathroom and space and the best layout for your shower

Shower door placement

Shower door placement is key when redesigning your bathroom.  First, you will want to make sure your new shower door will open all the way.  You don’t want it interfering with the toilet or another feature in your newly renovated bathroom. If you want to get rid of your shower door all together, consider replacing your shower door with a foggy glass wall, so it’s an open-air walk-in shower or add some modern curtains so that you don’t have to ever pick up that wiper to wipe down your glass door after every shower.  Another option for your bathroom remodel is a glass wall to separate your joint tub/shower space, far enough away from the “splash” zone.

Are you looking for some inspiration for your bathroom remodel? Let the experienced team at Sea Pointe Design & Remodel find the best options for your home!

Don’t forget the accessories

a bold freestanding tub in a remodeled bathroom

Even a simple wooden stool, with a lovely, scented candle, and bath salts in a tall glass cylinder can add ambiance to your bathroom remodel.  You can also upgrade your faucets, make them touchless and automatic. Heat your marble floors and add a towel heating rack.  Have his and her shower heads with his and her vanities and as some prefer his and her toilets.  Consider adding not just an oversized tub, but a whirlpool jet tub and add a new rain showerhead with 10 different settings, both are must haves when thinking about remodeling your bathroom.  An oversized chandelier with sparkling crystals to glimmer in the sunlight is another modern approach and luxurious touch for your remodel.  How about adding a luxurious bidet?  You will never have to worry about the world running out of toilet paper, also most bidets come with a heated toilet seat.  Now that’s luxury at its finest!

Plumbing challenges

Check with a professional plumber before embarking on any new construction project, they be able to tell you where all the drains/pipes go before you want to change things up.  In order for it not too be a too costly project you will need to stay within the plumbing systems range, or it will end up being a completely new bathroom, not just a remodel.

Modern ideas for Tub Next to Shower

a walk-in shower with a tub

A free-standing tub or tub inside shower enclosure is a very modern approach for your remodeled bathroom with an enclosed shower space right next to your tub.   Even brass finishes, when done correctly can have a very modern look and feel to your bathroom remodel.  Don’t be afraid to put your new modern tub in the shower space, if you made the shower spacious enough, it’s a very modern approach to design the shower/tub combo.  Just remember a freestanding tub is the best bet for a tub in a shower space option, for one they take up less space and if the tub happens to overflow, as tubs tend to do, the water will go right down the shower drain.  No extra mess or clean-up for you.  There is also the added convenience of being able to rinse off all your bath time bubbles in the shower that happens to be right next to your tub.

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Geometric Wall Tiles

a renovated shower with black and white tiles

Adding a little geometry to the mix with geometric wall tiles to accentuate different colors in the space is a great option to modernize your bathroom.  You can create an entire accent wall or just add sections to spice up the look.

Black and white

You can also incorporate black steel into the frame of the shower or surrounding the bathroom mirror, compliment the look with black and white flooring.  That pop of color is a very popular trend, but don’t be afraid of how a traditional black and white look with the right modern materials can switch up your bathroom remodel.


Even brass finishes, when done correctly can have a very modern look and feel to your bathroom remodel.  Have a professional show you some options.


Adding a stone shower backdrop is a modern, yet elegant approach to spice up your remodel.  It will add texture and ambiance to the space.  You will want to make sure it’s a specific stone that won’t be affected by the moisture in the air and will be able to withstand years of cleaning and humidity.

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If you are able, don’t forget to add a window or a skylight.  Fresh air is the best way to vent a bathroom, and to have the sun shining bright on your face first thing in the morning while you shower and get ready for your day can make the bathroom remodel all the worthwhile.

Need help with your next remodeling project in your home? From bathrooms to kitchens, Sea Pointe Design & Remodel is ready to help you create the spaces of your dreams.

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