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Ready for a bathroom refresh? Before speaking to a contractor about your bathroom remodel, consider the overall design you would like. One of the most fun parts of remodeling is picking the tile you want in your bathroom. From the shower to the flooring, to the vanity backsplash, there are many places to implement your bathroom tile ideas.

Along with designating where you want to place your bathroom tile, another thing to consider is how you use the tile. Same tiles can be used but in different shapes or patterns to switch things up and create a meaningful design. Our professional designers break down utilizing the same tiles in different ways to maximize the design in your new space.

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1. Same Tiles on Bathroom Floor and Shower Wall

beautiful bathroom tile with porcelain floor

Porcelain tile is one of the most popular when it comes to using the same tile design on bathroom flooring and shower walls. Porcelain is easier to clean than most other materials and is lower maintenance. Porcelain bathroom tile is also versatile and can be used in different places.

Using the same bathroom tile for your flooring and shower walls can create a very cohesive look. Popular ways to do this is by using monochromatic colors, the same tile pattern, or using complementary colors that go well with your vanity.

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2. Simplified Tile Palette

Create a clean look in your bathroom remodels by using a simplified tile palette of combining no more than 3 different kinds of tile patterns. In addition, for a cohesive and sleek design, make sure to use bathroom tiles that are similar in color and shape.

The most simplified design is to go with just one tile pattern on your shower wall. Accent niches can be very beautiful and act as statement pieces, but it does tend to draw attention. So, if you are more interested in creating a subtle polished appearance, then we suggest going with one tile pattern and color for your bathroom.

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3. Design Patterns with a Purpose

beautiful modern tub in bathroom

One of the huge benefits of working with a design and build remodeling firm is that you get a designer and a team of construction workers working all under one roof. This ultimately means that there is one point of responsibility and accountability for making sure your project runs as smoothly and enjoyable as possible.

Another huge benefit is that a design and builds firm designs with a purpose. For example, in this master bathroom remodel, the same tiles were used along the shower and tub wall but installed in a different pattern to achieve a look that was more fun instead of sticking with the traditional subway style pattern along the whole wall. The shower wall tile is in a subway pattern while the tub wall uses the same tile, but in a herringbone style.

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4. Contrasting Shapes

beautiful modern bathroom

If you are going for more fun and vibrant vibe in your bathroom renovation, choose a design that incorporates contrasting bathroom tile shapes. For example, this bathroom remodel uses large rectangular porcelain tiles in the shower and smaller tiles in a colder color behind the tub in a chevron design pattern. For the shower floor, you will also notice a mosaic design with many different colors in tiny rectangles for a textured look.

Your eye travels throughout this bathroom as there are many beautiful design elements in the choice of tiles. The colors compliment each other and do not take away from the design. The use of different shapes set this bathroom apart from others and give it a modern touch.

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5. Imitate Materials

beautiful blue bathtub

One of the most creative bathroom tile designs is using a material to mock the look of another. Marble is up there on the list of luxurious materials, but if you are on a budget, you may not be able to tile your whole bathroom with the beautiful stone.

Take, for instance, this master bathroom remodel in Dana Point. Behind the vanity is a gorgeous wall build with mosaic marble. Behind the tub is a wall built with porcelain tile that is made to mimic the design of natural marble stone. This is a solution that saves money while still incorporating a stunning bathroom design.

6. Add Movement to Your Tiles

modern bathroom with tile

Another way to make a statement in your bathroom with tiles is by using tiles in a way to give the illusion of movement. This trick can be done in a few different ways. One way to create movement with tiles is by using tiles with circular patterns on them. When each piece is laid out side by side, it creates the illusion of movement.

Creating movement with tiles can also be done by using bold colored tiles along with reflective pieces. The glare given off on these tiles will create the movement of light, making this a creative and bold statement piece.

7. Subway Tiles

bathroom with subway tiles

If you are aiming for a classic but timeless design, the subway tile is fitting for your bathroom aesthetic. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and can be played vertically, horizontally, or even in niche accents.

An example of a gorgeous bathroom shower design with subway tiles as a shampoo niche accent is this one above. The blue accent in this bright shower gives this space a nice bold contrast while staying classy at the same time. This is also one of the most popular style choices and trusts us, it will not be going out of style anytime soon!

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8. Large Tiles

bathroom with large tiles

Large-format tiles have several functionality benefits while keeping a fresh design. Large bathroom tiles tend to be easier to clean because there are less grout lines. The use of large tiles also give off the appearance of a large space, so this is perfect for a bathroom with smaller square footage.

Large tiles in a bathroom also give an elegant touch. This is a beautiful example of a bathroom shower design that uses large-format tiles in an intimate shower space. The large pieces make the space feel larger than it is and provide a refreshing design.

Change the Way You View Your Bathroom

Overall, there are many different bathroom tiling ideas and ways to utilize tiles with different patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes. Just because you have a small or large space, it does not limit your design possibilities.

Therefore, we recommend contacting a design and build specialist to ensure you are maximizing the design and craftsmanship quality of your next remodel.

When you are ready to renovate your bathroom, contact us at (949) 861-3400 for a complimentary design consultation.

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