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2022 Bathroom Design Trends


From the purely functional bathrooms of decades gone by, to the modern masterpieces we see today, master bathroom remodeling in Orange County has seen a variety of changes over the years. And now, as a new year approaches, we look ahead to 2022 master bathroom design trends. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect to see in master baths in 2022 and beyond.


Exciting Bathroom Design Trends to Watch for in 2022


1.  Shower/Bath Combo- Tub/shower units enclosed by a shower curtain or sliding door have been around for ages. However, new master bathroom design trends take this idea a step further. Now, homeowners can enjoy a full shower positioned next to a tub, all tucked inside a roomy glass enclosure.


San Clemente master bathroom design


2.  Spa-like Serenity – While other household bathrooms may be designed significantly for function, 2022 master bathroom design trends point toward this room being used for relaxation. From its overall design to its color, fixtures, and materials, the modern master bathroom will have a calming, spa-like atmosphere … the perfect place to relax and unwind after a busy day.


Spa Like Bathtub Remodel with Stone Accent Wall


3.  Dual Showerheads – Master bath dual vanities have been important fixtures in years past. But, 2022 master bathroom design trends encourage another feature built for two: the shower. A large shower space equipped with twin showerheads makes it easy for partners to shower simultaneously. In addition to function, the dual fixtures add stylish symmetry.



4.  Glass Wall Partitions – Master bedroom suites are known for their expansive space and generous living area. In 2022, expect to see a slight variation on this space with the use of glass wall partitions between the master bath and bedroom. The feeling of open space is retained while a glass partition effectively designates the boundaries of separate spaces.


5.  Tantalizing Tiles – From wood-look tiles to vertical tiles or intricate geometric designs, tiled walls, backsplashes, and flooring will be a critical component of 2022 master bathroom designs. Used in a variety of different ways, bathroom tiles can make the room look bigger, be utilized to contrast other materials and textures, or fit a range of styles.


bathroom mirror design


6.  Bathtub in the Bedroom – This year, sleek tubs with clean lines and a minimalist design become popular in their new home … the master bedroom. A bathtub in the bedroom may seem like a strange combination at first. But, it’s gaining in popularity as homeowners seek a refreshing, spa-like atmosphere in which they can be rejuvenated at the end of the day.


Expert Master Bathroom Design and Remodeling in Orange County


Whether your bathroom remodeling goals include a simple powder room or a spa-like master bath, we make the entire process fun and engaging from start to finish. Our award-winning design team helps you design the perfect bathroom that meets your needs but also matches your unique style and personality. Then, our engineers and master craftsmen work together to make that design a reality, built with top-quality materials that are durable and meant to last.


Check out our bathroom remodeling portfolio for ideas and inspiration – you’ll see why many of our customers call us the best remodeling company in Orange County! Then, when you’re ready to begin your own bathroom remodel, give us a call at (949) 861-3400 to schedule your complimentary design consultation.




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