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Bathroom Renovation Design Trends

Bathroom Renovation Design Trends

Design Guidance from Sea Pointe Construction’s Industry Experts

Bathroom Renovation

Design that allows for aging-in-place is more popular than ever. When we design baths to be more accessible, we look for opportunities to include a full bath on the first floor of a home, offer wider halls and doorways and specify non-slip flooring, shower seats and grab bars for the tub, water closet area and shower.

We often present our clients looking to remain in their home for the extended future with an option of a large walk-in shower without a threshold. For many remodels, a larger shower area can be achieved if the tub is eliminated. Double vanities are among the most requested feature when we are designing a new bath along with storage capabilities, stone or engineered stone (quartz) vanity tops and private water closet compartments.

Spa-Like Bathroom Renovation

Creating a spa-like retreat in a home is another dominate trend. System tubs that offer hydro therapy, aromatherapy and light therapy appear on a number of our clients wish lists. We can convert a bath into a wet room by offering steam and different therapies that promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

Freestanding tubs that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes continue to trend high. Many of our clients come to the design showroom wanting to incorporate bolder colors in their fixture finishes such as bronze and black. For whole home remodeling, our clients are attracted to consistency of imagery among baths that feature similar products and approaches in powder rooms and secondary baths that are used for the master suite.

In baths where space is a premium, we will suggest installing vanity mirrors that reach to the ceiling, specifying pendant lighting instead of the commonly used light bars, recommending wall-mounted vanities and toilets with lighting underneath and using the same tile on walls as the floor. All of these design elements help to make a bath, whether it is the master, powder room or secondary bath appear larger.

If you have bathrooms in your home that are in need of a makeover or if you would like to create a spa-like haven that promotes health and well-being, schedule an in-home first appointment with a member of the Sea Pointe Construction design team, today!  

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Your Master Bathroom Remodel ROI

Your Master Bathroom Remodel ROI

Bathroom RemodelThe Return on Investment You Can Expect

Most Orange County homeowners decide to renovate a master bathroom because their current bath no longer meets their needs, and life is too short not to live in a space that makes you smile every time you use it. If you are considering a remodel for a bath that is either functionally or aesthetically underwhelming, there are compelling reasons to make a change.

An updated bathroom increases the value of your home. The kitchen and master bath are the two most important rooms in your house, not only for enjoyment but also for creating value. A renovated bath not only improves your quality of life, but it will also increase the resale value of your home and make your home more attractive and easier to sell.

New technology, advances in product design, and showroom expertise exist to help you create the in-home spa of your dreams. Your personal retreat may include a steam shower with music and light and aromatherapies. Perhaps you’d like heated floors and towel warmers that help you and your family stay warm and toasty following a bath or shower. A free-standing tub is a sculptural work of art and could serve as a beautiful focal point of your space.

Bathroom Remodel Done Right

If done right, bath renovation can provide a high return on investment. Our showroom professionals know the fixtures that withstand the test of time for their appearance, performance, and functionality. It’s a win to you to redo a shower and install a high-efficiency showerhead with spray options ranging from a gentle mist to rain forest complemented by a thermostatic valve that allows you to specify the exact water temperature to wash away the stresses of the day, recharge your batteries and relax tired muscles. These improvements can hold their value for decades.

Increasingly, a large percentage of our clients are opting to stay in their homes longer and upgrade to allow themselves and their family members to age in place gracefully and with dignity. Bathroom renovations provide the perfect opportunity to install curbless showers, decorative grab bars, lower countertops and an overall footprint that improves the functionality and flow of the bath now and for the future.

Recent surveys from plumbing manufacturers find that Americans are spending more time in the bath. When you think about it, the bath is the place where you and your family start and end the day. How much more enjoyable would your mornings and evenings become if you had a vanity mirror that adjusted light levels to help ensure that you look your best regardless of the time of day? There are multiple reasons to remodel your bath. 

If your bathrooms no longer serve your functional, lifestyle or aesthetic needs, give the Sea Pointe Construction Design/Build professionals a call at (949) 861-3400 or visit our design showroom at 576 Wald, Irvine CA 92618.

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Seamless Smart Home Technology

Seamless Smart Home Technology

From lighting to total home automation, Sea Pointe Construction’s team of industry experts break down your options for smart home technology.

Heating and Lighting Smart Home Technolgy

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology can be intimidating but products like Nest thermostats and Phillipos Hue systems are reasonably priced, easy to set up and even easier to control. These products are allowing for customized lighting and climate settings for particular times of day, vacation modes and energy efficiencies that bring simplicity to your home. Moreover, various products offered by Abode Smart Systems incorporate geo-sensing technology, which lets the home automation system know if the homeowner is in the house or away. If the homeowner leaves and goes outside the “fenced” area, automatic adjustments are made to lighting, temperature and door locks.

Bathroom Amenities

Advancement in plumbing fixtures has enabled companies like Kohler to introduce the Moxie which integrates a Bluetooth speaker into the showerhead. Delta Faucets showcased its H2Okinetic showerhead at this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show featuring LED lights that automatically turn on when water is running and turn off when water flow stops. Kohler also showcased its mood settings, allowing homeowners to ask Alexa to create their “nighttime routine” triggering the bath to fill to the right height, the right temperature and the lights in the bathroom to dim.


Long known brand name, Jenn-Air, is making their presence known with the Control Wall Oven series. Utilizing Alexa’s technology, you can say “Alexa, set upper oven temperature to 350 degrees.” You can even download the Jenn-Air app and control your ovens from anywhere allowing you to turn the oven on while at the grocery store picking up groceries for tonight’s main course.


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