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Master Bathroom Remodel With Herringbone Pattern Wall Tile

Whether you’re planning a simple powder room or a luxurious master bath, a bathroom renovation can update your home and provide additional convenience features. But, now comes the big question … should you tackle the job yourself, or should you hire a professional bathroom remodeling contractor?

With the popularity of today’s DIY home improvement shows, you may be thinking the process will be fun because it looks that way on TV. Or, you might believe that it will be simple to tear out the old fixtures and install new ones. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to make a bathroom remodeling project go awry. 

Rather than doing the job yourself, here are 6 reasons why hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor could be in your best interest:

Someone else handles the remodeling permits

Most communities require homeowners to obtain remodeling permits when doing a project of this nature. When you choose a professional remodeling company to do the work for you, they will also get the required permits.

A bathroom remodeling contractor will keep your house structurally sound

If you’re a fan of the DIY home improvement shows, you’ve likely seen one or two instances of a remodeling project having some ‘surprises’. Perhaps a pipe in the wall where no one knew it existed. Or, finding out that a particular wall is actually load bearing and can’t be moved. The average homeowner is not likely to scout out all of these things before the project begins. In contrast, the professionals know exactly what to look for and how to make sure the project you’re doing keeps your home structurally intact.

You can save time and finish the project sooner

If you’re thinking that you’ll fit a bathroom renovation into your spare time, you may want to reconsider. While you may have extra time during the day, you’ll be surprised at how quickly that fills up when doing a home renovation project. Plus, only working here and there when you have time drags the project out over weeks and months. On the other hand, a bathroom remodeling contractor is doing this as a career. That means time will be dedicated specifically to your project and it can be completed much quicker than you doing it on your own.

Save money on materials

Remodeling companies often have special agreements with material vendors since they purchase large quantities for multiple projects throughout the year. These savings may be passed along to you, keeping you from paying the full retail value you might see at the store. In addition, an expert bathroom remodeling contractor has experience with various materials and can help you make the best choices before they are installed. This saves you the headache, time, and money of installing something and then finding out it wasn’t what you truly wanted.

Expert craftsmanship vs. the DIY look

Maybe you’ve done your own minor remodeling projects before. Have you ever looked at it afterward and thought, “I wish it looked better!” When you choose the professionals to do the job for you, you get years of experience and exquisite craftsmanship. Combine that with top-of-the-line materials and you’re left with a bathroom that not only looks beautiful, but will also last for years to come.

Reduce stress and worry

You’re already busy enough with family, a career, and other daily obligations. Why add in the stress of trying to complete a remodeling project on top of all that? Plus, not everyone is skilled in the area of plumbing … When you do it all yourself, you could end up with the worry of leaking pipes, fixtures not working properly, and your house being a mess for weeks on end. Let the pros do the job and you can go about your daily life as usual.

Looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor in Orange County?

Sea Pointe Design & Remodel has been meeting the remodeling needs of Orange County residents since 1986. With decades of experience and an award-winning design-build team, we make bathroom remodeling easy from start to finish!

If you’ve been envisioning a bathroom renovation at your home, let’s get started and make that a reality. Simply give us a call at (949) 861-3400 to schedule your complimentary design consultation today.

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