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san-clemente-kitchen-renovation - kitchen design features

From cabinet colors and flooring options to tile designs and appliance selections, there are so many kitchen design features to consider when planning a remodel of this important room. Many of the features you choose will make your kitchen stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Others will make the space functional and easy to use.


But out of all the options available, which kitchen design features are absolutely essential? Today, we’re going to look at four things that are part of any successful kitchen design. Of course, there are more kitchen design features you can include, but these are the most important ones to focus on. Get these right and you’ll be setting the stage for a beautiful, functional room that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


Must-Have Kitchen Design Features to Include In Your Kitchen Renovation


1. Plenty of Storage


Custom cabinets with pullouts in open concept kitchen remodel - kitchen design features


Take a quick look at any kitchen and you’ll notice that cabinets and drawers play a prominent role throughout the room. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t need floor-to-ceiling cabinets in order to get the storage space required for all your kitchen supplies and gadgets.


What’s more important than quantity is quality. For some homes, custom cabinetry provides the right storage in unique spaces that don’t conform to standard manufacturer cabinet sizes. For other kitchens, it simply means using the right configuration of cabinets, drawers, shelves, and pull-outs to maximize space while enhancing the overall design.


When you work with a professional kitchen designer, they’ll be able to take a closer look at what you currently have in your kitchen. Then, they’ll combine that with how you want your remodeled kitchen to look and function to create storage options that are both practical and eye-pleasing.


2. Appropriate Lighting For Different Kitchen Spaces


Natural-woods-kitchen-design-in-remodel - kitchen design features


Lighting is perhaps one of the most important kitchen design features to consider. That’s because most kitchens have a variety of functions. This room is often used for meal preparation, dining, conversing or entertaining, and sometimes even work or homework. With each function comes a different lighting requirement.


Recessed ceiling lights can provide the necessary lighting for simple conversations or entertaining guests. Other tasks, such as meal preparation, may require more focused lighting to illuminate the work area. And don’t forget about natural light – a room bathed in sunshine often looks more open, spacious, and cheerful. The best kitchen designs include layered lighting that enables the exact amount and quality of light needed for every part of the room and its primary function.


3. A Kitchen Island


San-Clemente-kitchen-remodel-with-new-cabinets-countertop-backsplash-lighting - kitchen design features


Countertops and cabinets play a significant role in giving you the work and storage space you need inside your kitchen. But don’t forget about including an island. Depending on its design and where it’s located, it can serve a variety of vital functions.


Some kitchen islands are very sizable, large enough to house appliances, provide bar seating, and even offer additional cabinets or drawers for storage. Others may be smaller in size but are an essential piece of the kitchen work triangle. Still, others function as a visual border between adjacent rooms in an open concept design.


From food prep and meal cooking to dining, entertaining, and more, the many functions an island can have makes it one of the most important kitchen design features to think about. An expert kitchen designer can help determine exactly how the island should look and function in order to get the most use out of the space it takes up.


4. A Stylish Range Hood


custom-black-hood-vent-fountain-valley - kitchen design features


When you think about kitchen design features, the vent hood above your cooktop may not be the first thing to come to mind. Yet, it’s integral to your kitchen’s design and function.


First, a quality range hood is essential for providing adequate ventilation and removing odors, steam, and grease, so they don’t permeate the room or the rest of your home. Then, you can take a look at the style. When done right, a custom range hood can be the design element that adds the finishing touch to the kitchen’s overall design. Providing both function and beauty, it can blend seamlessly with adjacent fixtures like wall cabinets or become the room’s focal point and be a design statement all its own.


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