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While the world is sheltering in place and reducing the spread of the newfound virus threat, we want to have some fun.  You heard us, some actual fun designing your home remodel.  We work with bright colors, different textures, products, and appliances every day – the things you daydream about shopping for in your newly designed space.

matte black backsplash with white countertop in kitchen    Stunning backsplash tile in kitchen remodel.

This time we’ve been given to work from home is providing you the reminders of why you wanted to remodel in the first place.  You’re probably noticing you don’t have the space you want for your laptop.  You may even be frustrated sharing spaces that are not laid out to your functional needs.  Some of these remodeling needs are simpler than you may think with the proper space planning expert.  

This is the perfect time to start having some fun and designing your space together.  The design process can be done in 1 of 3 ways pending your comfort level.

  1. Design Showroom Take Over: Schedule a private meeting with one of our talented designers
  2. Schedule a virtual consultation via video chat – don’t worry, we’ll handle technology!
  3. Set an in-home appointment with on of our designers.

Once you schedule your design appointment, the fun begins!  You’ll start to put together your inspiration binder.  We recommend you look at portfolios on our site, pull out magazines and grab the imagery that strikes you and keep these all in one binder.  This will start to show a pattern of the design style, colors, and features you like.

During your design appointment, your designer will ask you how you use this space now and how would you like to use this space.  In each major home space, there are functional challenges and our designers are experts at redefining spaces to meet your needs. We’ve redesigned thousands of spaces and have just about seen every dysfunctional space imaginable.

During this same meeting, you will share your design inspirations, floor plan (whether blueprint or sketch – no need to be an artist, rough lines with eraser marks are fine), and any functional must-haves.  You may have a pot filler as a must-have or an island or a free-standing tub in your master suite.  The designer gathers all this information so they may price it out for you and get you on the right path to measure twice, cut once budget management.  Sea Pointe prides ourselves on not going over budget, so managing your dreams up front to your wallet is a priority for us.

Once your designer has collected all the information necessary, they will move on to your design agreement showing all of your requested items and your basic floor plan. This is when you will meet next and start planning your materials selection. Again, the same 3 meeting options may be done.  Our goal is to select all the materials you want so we may create a 3D rending of your complete bathroom.  This enables you to change tile, placements, etc. while everything is still on paper and no money has been spent on your design selections.  Talk about a smart way to design.  Have you ever had half a wall painted and thought, oh $%#@!  We remove the “Oh $%#@!” moments from remodeling.

Kitchen Design Rendering

Remodeling 3D Rendering

Kitchen Design Built Out to Spec

Kitchen design and build remodeling

We think as we’re all spending so much time in our home that we should also have fun while we’re noting things we wish were different.  If you’ve been considering a remodel and not sure if the time is right, we can start the design process with no obligation and start construction when you are ready.  Call for your design consultation now: (949) 861-3400.

Note:  We are taking extra safety precautions and respect individual requests.  Hand sanitizer and social distancing will be used for in-person consultations.




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