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kitchen remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting home improvement project. It can also be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Unlike some other remodeled rooms, kitchen remodeling includes everything from new countertops, cabinets, and tile backsplashes to flooring, lighting choices, and paint colors. With so much to consider, how do you know what to pick out when?


Fortunately, working with a professional remodeling company can make the entire process easier. A designer will work closely with you to find and select the best materials that complement each other and match your personal style. Even though you will have help from start to finish, let’s take a look at the process and break down when you should pick out various kitchen fixtures and finishes.


Kitchen appliances, lights, and sinks


If you’ve done your homework, you probably have a collection of kitchen design ideas gathered from magazines, websites, or Pinterest. Now it’s time to start narrowing things down and make some firm decisions.


Early on in the design phase, you’ll need to pick out what appliances, lights, and sinks you want in your dream kitchen. Why does this need to be done at the beginning? Quite simply, it’s because these features significantly affect your overall kitchen design, plumbing, and electrical. Additionally, the size and configuration of appliances and sinks affect cabinet choices.


When it comes to lighting, you don’t necessarily have to pick out the exact lights just yet. But, you do need to decide on the style of them and how many there will be. The last thing you want to do is change your mind after the electrician has finished running all the electrical and closed up the drywall!


Cabinet, countertop, and tile choices


With a few big decisions already out of the way, it’s time to move on to the next big things. The size, shape, and arrangement of your cabinets may be simple to determine based on your existing floorplan and the placement of appliances and sinks. Now it’s time to decide whether you need custom cabinets to meet your needs or if stock options will do the trick. Will you choose timeless kitchen cabinets or something more bold and trendy?


Countertop and tile choices are also significant as they can be expensive to change once installed. During this phase of the design process, it’s important to work closely with a designer to pair up different colors and textures. And, it’s good to get samples of the actual materials that will be used. Place them next to each other and in your kitchen so you can get a feel for what they will look like once installed.


Flooring options


Next comes the important decision of what type of flooring to install. With the kitchen being one of the most highly trafficked rooms in the house, it’s critical to pick flooring that will not only look nice but also withstand everyday use. Considering how often people remodel their kitchens (once every 10-15 years), you’ll want to pick high quality flooring that will stand the test of time.


Wall and trim colors


Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty details, but they’re important just the same. The color of your kitchen walls and trim are critical for tying all the pieces of the room together. Here’s a pro tip: don’t just pick out your paint colors based on what you see at the store. Bring samples home with you and put them up against your actual kitchen walls. Seeing the paint color next to other fixtures and in the proper lighting will help you get a better feel for the finished look.


Decorative features and accessories


With all the big decisions done, choosing the final design details can be fun and stress free! While these choices may seem small, they can make a huge difference in the overall character and personality of the room. Enjoy making this space personal!


Now that you know when you should pick kitchen fixtures and finishes, it’s time to put your dreams to work. Give us a call at (949) 861-3400 and let us help you make your dream kitchen a reality!

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