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Modern kitchen design for Laguna Niguel farmhouse kitchen remodel

When you are considering a kitchen remodel, one of the biggest choices you have to make is what type and color of kitchen cabinets to install. Kitchen cabinets are arguably the backbone of your entire kitchen remodeling project, so you want to make sure they set the right tone you want to evoke in your home. White continues to dominate the kitchen scene and for good reasons; white cabinets give a kitchen a bright, cheery look and never seem to go out of style.

But what if you want something that makes a statement, or blends better with your own home? That’s what we are dedicating today’s blog to – Non-white kitchens that are still timeless and stylish.


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Our Favorite Non-White Kitchen Color Ideas

From natural tones inspired by nature to bold and fun, colors on the spectrum other than white can add depth and interest to a space. If you are craving a different look, the easiest and most captivating way to accomplish this is by adding these trending but also timeless colors to your kitchen remodel.

You will notice these non-white color ideas we adore all are inspired by nature. The greens, blues, and dark wood tones are influenced by color of trees, plants, the ocean, sand, and much more that surrounds us. The true origin of these colors and the fact that we are surrounded by them in our everyday lives, makes them timeless.

Modern Green


A Modern Green is an amazing option for adding color to your kitchen if you are going for a fun but subtle change. This Modern Green color is best when paired with warm wood tones like this countertop. You’ll notice that the gold pulls also give it a nice modern design.

Pale Green


The soft hue of this Pale Green provides a cozy feel to this kitchen space. The brighter color adds a positive cheerful feeling and when paired with neutral colors, makes the room feel fun and classy at the same time. When using green, try to stay away from adding the contrasting color of red, to keep the simplicity.

Emerald Green


Kitchen cabinetry is the most popular way to add an abundant amount of color to your kitchen due to the amount of space it takes up. However, adding color to other places can be just as impactful. A deep color like Emerald Green is perfect for creating a cool rich tone and is great complemented with dark browns or wood tones.

Bold Blue


A non-white kitchen color that is timeless is the color of a bold blue. Bold blue in a kitchen, especially as cabinetry, just pops in a way that brightens up the room. Bold blue paired with two-toned white cabinetry or white countertops, make for a lovely contrast.

Coastal Blue


Why not bring in the outdoors into your kitchen design? A coastal blue kitchen is nothing short of boring and will wow your guests with its calm design. This is a charming example of a kitchen remodel we designed and built in Laguna Beach that also has a beautiful ocean view. Tying in this coastal blue backsplash made this kitchen not your typical white space.

Navy Blue

Kitchen remodel with Kemper maritime cabinets with small beverage center

Navy blue is a great non-white kitchen color that pairs well with other bold fun colors like tangerine, beige, and white. This navy blue cabinetry in this kitchen remodel brings this space a cool aesthetic and has the ability to play with the geometric flooring in a beige tone that does not make your eyes wonder too much. It’s what makes this kitchen charming!



If you are going for a kitchen that has a fun vibrant color that stimulates the appetite, then go with orange. Whether it is orange cabinetry or an orange backsplash, this color can really give a kitchen design life. Orange can also be paired with dark or bright tones and it will still make an exciting statement.

Butter Yellow


Butter Yellow cabinetry in your kitchen can really add a charming touch. Typically, the color butter yellow can be found in farmhouse kitchen designs, but when paired with white, can be used well in modern designs as well. These sleek modern cabinets in butter yellow, give this space a cheerful feel.

Wolf Grey


Looking for a darker tone to include in your kitchen remodel? Try adding Wolf Grey into the mix. This is a classy color and when used in patterned tile pieces, adds an elegant touch to the space. Wolf Grey goes best with black or gold accents. When next to the color white, the grey really pops.

Charcoal Grey


If you’re going for a cool neutral color that will add a bit of drama to your space, charcoal grey is the perfect choice. When used alongside white, the color makes an even more bold statement. This is a modern kitchen design with charcoal grey cabinetry on the island and around the custom hood. What a perfect sleek design.

Cool Grey


There is just something special about a Cool Grey kitchen design. Cool Grey can be very relaxing and neutral. This color can be used in your kitchen cabinetry, backsplash, or even as accents. Blue if often the go-to color for tranquility but think of Cool Grey as the new blue.

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Taupe colors are trending, and it is all about the warm colors with grey undertones. The perfect combination of this is the Greige cabinets. Greige cabinets go well with black, brass, or gold hardware accents. Silver accents with Greige cabinetry can also make for a modern look as well. This duo is as timeless as can be!

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Natural Woods


If you are a fan of the modern farmhouse kitchen design, then consider going with natural woods for your remodel. Whether used as cabinets or as accents like in this farmhouse kitchen above, natural wood brings us back in touch with nature. It adds a neutral calm effect to your space and can instantly add a modern touch with a quartz or natural stone countertop.

Grey With Wood Elements


Another neutral color scheme that is trending in kitchen design is using grey with wood elements. This wood kitchen island surrounded by a grey-toned stone backsplash brings a serenading feel to this space. The black accents in this non-white kitchen also make a modern impression.



Crimson is a color you should go with for your kitchen design if you are looking for a fun and energizing hue. Add a vibrant shade of red and contrasting it with a cool color like gray to keep it from feeling overwhelming. If you are unsure about incorporating such a bold color, start with easier spaces to transform such as painting your wall backsplash to test out how you like it before committing.



Create a feeling of luxury with the color black. Dark finishes add a sense of depth to a space while giving off an aesthetic of sophistication. This kitchen remodel incorporates two-tined cabinetry with the perimeter cabinets in white and the island in black for a playful look. The custom hood is also in black for a cohesive appearance.

Black & Gold


A black kitchen with gold accents or fixtures makes for a contemporary design with a modern touch of elegance. This modern farmhouse kitchen remodel includes a black island with a gold sink fixture and gold pulls and knobs. The touch of gold complements the black and brings a welcoming glow throughout the space.

6 Stylish Kitchen Cabinet Colors That AREN’T White

Floor to ceiling wood finish kitchen cabinetry

If you’re looking for a refreshing change, take a look at these color options:

Warm kitchen brown cabinetry Beautiful Brown Finish

Kitchen cabinets with a warm and rich brown finish can tie room effects together – like wooden beams and trim – and offer a unique look and feel.  Combining your natural tones with fun paint colors and countertops can also pop your plain whites into some interest and dimension.

This kitchen with Omega cabinetry combines the warm and rich cabinetry with true brick and mortar walls making this kitchen feel rustic, warm, and welcoming.  Note multiple brown finishes are used here to add dimension and interest to the kitchen design.

Bold Blue

Blue kitchen Cabinets are on Trend

If you’re tired of white cabinets and dark walls, switch things up a little with rich, blue cabinets complemented by light-colored features such as white marble countertops or light grey walls. A palette of calming colors like these makes brass or chrome fixtures pop, while creating a cozy feel.

Graceful GrayGray Omega Kitchen Cabinetry

Gray is a tone that can complement both warm and cool tones when used in the right kitchen remodeling design. Do you have a stunning view outside your kitchen window? Gray cabinets provide the perfect backdrop to nature without attracting all the attention to themselves.

Pair your gray cabinetry with a different color lowers and you have that much more design opportunity.  You can accessorize your kitchen design with bright hand towels, island seating, center piece and more.  Gray brings peace and tranquility.


This is a great kitchen cabinet color when you want a clean, elegant design that adds interest to the room but doesn’t steal the show. Like greige, olive-tan complements natural surroundings very nicely – the perfect choice for a country home.

Blue kitchen cabinetDistressed Blue

Just like a worn pair of blue jeans is comfortable and relaxing, distressed blue kitchen cabinets can create a rustic, down-home feel – perfect for family relaxation or making your dinner guests feel at home.  You can mix and match your cabinetry just like you’d pair a cool boho blouse with your worn jeans.

This kitchen mixes and matches the distressed denim look with wood finished cabinets as well as white cabinetry and white hood with brown accent trim.  The open shelving takes advantage of the natural wood exposure to again complement the white, blue, and gray.

The countertop is a beautiful white quartz with graish blue veining, bringing in more of the denim blue feel to this kitchen.


Blushing Rose

Soft pink kitchen cabinets may not be for everyone, but a pastel hue like this adds a feeling of freshness and whimsy. Add in natural lighting plus open shelving and even a tiny kitchen will feel expansive and dreamy.

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Beyond the Cabinet Color

Of course, planning your dream kitchen doesn’t only involve kitchen cabinet colors. However, your color and style choice will go a long way toward making your kitchen enjoyable to be in and making it feel like it fits well in your home.

Other important factors to consider are custom cabinet storage, cabinet inserts, flooring, fixtures, and countertops. Our team of design-build experts will help guide you through the entire process of designing and creating your ideal kitchen. Give us a call at (949) 861-3400 to get started!

Are you ready to transform your kitchen? We can show you how to turn it into your dream kitchen. Visit Sea Pointe Design & Remodel for more information.

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