CabinetsFinish often dictates the look, feel and performance of kitchen cabinets. Paint and stain are the two types of finishes applied to almost every cabinet. They are substantially different and offer unique bites of the apple. Which is better? There is no better per se. Selecting paint versus stain is a matter of personal preference.

Advantages of Painted Cabinets

The majority of Sea Pointe Construction clients favor a transitional design style, preferring cabinet door styles with clean lines and a smooth painted surface. Another advantage of paint is that it offers a much broader range of color options. There are not a lot, if any, stains that can provide the same look as blue, gray, yellow, red, teal or other colored paints. A significant difference in paint and stain is how it reacts to a wood surface. Paint covers the wood, whereas stain soaks into a wood surface, and this makes paint more flexible and more customizable.

Paint is also more resistant to water and shows less dust but more dirt than stained counterparts. Painted cabinets tend to cover the natural grain of a cabinet and in doing so can also hide imperfections and knots in the wood. Another consideration when selecting paint is that it can be, at times more difficult to touch up if nicked.

Advantages of Stain

If your style is more traditional, you’ll likely be drawn to stain because it does allow for the natural character and grain of the wood to shine through. That also makes it easier to touch up if scratched or nicked. On the other side of the spectrum, stain also shows imperfections and knots in the wood.

Which finish would work best in your dream kitchen? Visit our design showroom to start exploring your door style and finish options!


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