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Brighten up your newly remodeled space by making upgrades to your lighting fixtures. Just like cabinetry colors and backsplash designs, lighting also has its latest trends and technology features. By upgrading the lighting in your home, you can also save money on your electricity bills and conserve energy.

Lighting choices can really affect a room’s design and tone. When choosing lighting for your new space, go with updated fixtures, bulbs, and switches. From going green, adding dimmers, or using smart bulbs, there are so many options to consider. This will give your home an exciting new look!

Utilize Layers

 pendant lighting kitchen remodel

The first lighting upgrade tip we recommend is to install layered lighting. Most rooms in your home probably have a single ceiling fixture accompanied by a table or floor lamp to light up the space. This concept is known as layered lighting.

Layered lighting allows you to highlight certain points of the room while providing enough ambient light. The main three types of layered lighting are ambient, accent, and task. Ambient lighting is used to give the room general coverage. Most popular types of ambient lighting fixtures are chandeliers and recessed can lighting.

Accent lighting is used to show off architectural details or decorations. Track lights and undercabinet lighting are most popular for this. And lastly, task lighting is used to help consolidate the light on a specific task area. Table lamps and vanity lighting is most used for this type of lighting.

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Go Green!

kitchen remodel with pendant lights

Incandescent light bulbs are the standard light bulb that was seen in every household until Light Emitting Diodes or LED for short became the new go-to. Compact Fluorescent Lamps are also known as CFL is another popular energy-saving light bulb.

These two bulbs rate higher in efficiency, lifespan, and color rendering. However, LED bulbs require less wattage than a CFL or incandescent bulb, making them more energy-efficient and able to last longer. They are also more cost-effective. An LED bulb will cost you only around $18 to operate versus using an Incandescent which will cost you about $90 over a 10-year span.

LEDs use about 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs and are a great green choice when considering lighting for your remodel.

Add Dimmers

Undercabinet Lighting Highliting Backsplash

Another amazing lighting upgrade we recommend when remodeling your home is to install dimmer lighting switches. This is a life changer! Dimmer lighting switches allow you to control the lighting brightness level. By reducing the light output, can also make the bulb last even longer.

Dimmer lighting switches can help save on your electric bill and minimize the cost to replace the bulbs. And these days as technology continues to advance, remote controls are even available so you can dim the light from the couch or bed by the touch of a button.

Dimmer lighting is great for setting the mood of a space. If you are looking to take a spa-like bath from the comfort of your own home, use the dimmer lighting option to set the peaceful mood by dimming the lighting to a lower brightness. In the kitchen, dimmer lighting can be used on the canned lights, undercabinet lighting, or pendants. The best part is that it is in your control!

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Try Smart Bulbs

Master bathroom remodel with modern design elements

If you are a tech enthusiast, you will want to invest in smart bulbs for your home remodel. Using smart bulbs is a great way to upgrade your lighting because you will be sure to wow your guests with its cool features. Smart bulbs work by connecting to your home Wi-Fi and can be controlled from your smartphone or even a voice-activated speaker.

Smart bulbs are also easy to install. Simply just screw the bulb in and connect the bulb through your Wi-Fi and corresponding app. We recommend smart bulbs if you are into trying out the latest of technology. Some of the neat functions smart bulbs offer include dim lighting, can be controlled from anywhere in your home, can change colors, play music, and can help you sleep better.

Some smart bulbs emit color temperatures that are designed to regulate natural melatonin production in our bodies, which helps to adjust sleep. This one is worth trying!

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Update Your Ceiling Fan

open layout in outdoor living

Has it been a while since you update your ceiling fan? When remodeling your home and you are upgrading your lighting, this is also the perfect time to update that ceiling fan. By updating your fan, you can save energy and refrain from hearing any loud sounds.

Newer ceiling fans are made with fan motors that use much less energy and can operate cooler than older motors. They are also made to be much quieter.

If you are altering the design of your space, you may also want to consider replacing your ceiling fan with one that complements the overall design and color scheme. Ceiling fans should operate well, but they should also match the rest of your space to elevate your home.

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Swap Out Your Lampshades


Moving down the list of lighting upgrade ideas are swapping out your lampshades. Believe it or not, lampshades have plenty of design power when it comes to the ambiance of your space. The lighter the shade, the more diffused light in a wider circle will emit. A darker shade tends to concentrate the light, making the space feel much darker.

If you are also deciding between different styles for your remodeling design, sometimes starting with a small element can help push you in the right direction. Swapping out your lampshade allows you to try out different colors and styles before redoing a whole space.

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Think Outside the Box


Lastly, when upgrading your lighting during your home remodel, think outside the box! Get creative with your space and think about features that will maximize its function while giving you want. If you are looking for an elegant design in your bathroom remodel, install a chandelier to elevate the space. There is nothing like feeling like royalty in your own home!

Another lighting upgrade is to incorporate accent lighting to highlight gorgeous features in your new space. A popular accent lighting option is undercabinet lighting in your kitchen to show off the gorgeous backsplash you picked out. Accent lighting along stairs is also a popular lighting feature. These tend to go well with a more modern design.

If you are looking to incorporate more natural light into your new space, you may want to add skylights or large windows to your space. The more natural light that pours into the room, the brighter and larger the space appears!

Overall, lighting may be the last item on your to-do list when remodeling your home but trust us when we say that it is something to consider. Lighting can be so important in creating a certain mood or tone of the room. It is a necessary element in design.

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