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Spa Tub

Creating your own spa bath

Create your own spa retreat in your next home remodel. To accomplish a spa-inspired feel, there are so many must-have elements that elevate your space. Include a freestanding tub and high-quality décor to take your bathroom design to the next level without leaving the comfort of your home.

Whether you are renovating or are freshening up your space, there are many tricks you can do. Swap out your shower head for a rainfall showerhead. Add a few plants to the mix for an inexpensive way to build your spa oasis.

Give yourself the tranquil master suite retreat you deserve. After all, a relaxing environment promotes good health and well-being while reducing stress. Here is the ultimate guide to creating a spa bath on your next remodel!

Bathroom Lighting


Create a relaxing space in your bathroom with the right lighting. A chandelier or pendant is a great option if you are looking to set a luxurious atmosphere. Recessed or canned lighting is good for providing ample amounts of bright and even lighting throughout the space. Also, dimmers are ideal to adjust lighting to set the mood. Bright light near the vanity is helpful for shaving and beauty regimes while darker lighting near the tub sets the perfect spa feel.

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A relaxing tub

A soaking freestanding tub is necessary in an at-home spa bathroom. Tubs can often be the focal point with a bold color or style. Among the different choices to choose from are a vintage clawfoot tub, single slipper, double ended, double slipper, or even a Japanese soaking tub. Choose a quality tub that you admire for the ultimate soaking experience.

Walk In shower

Rainfall showerhead

Upgrade your shower by swapping out your shower head for a rainfall showerhead. The relaxing flow of water that mimics water falling like rain adds the right touch to a spa-like bathroom. In addition, rainfall shower heads also have bigger coverage than a regular showerhead. This creates a classy aesthetic that also serves great function when on trying to be fancy on a budget.

Spa Bath

High-quality décor

Pamper yourself by designing your bathroom with high quality décor and design. One way to bring the spa bath atmosphere into your bathroom remodel is with materials. Splurge on beautiful and durable countertop and flooring materials such as marble, quartzite, or luxury vinyl plank flooring. By boosting the quality, you will boost the spa atmosphere in the space.

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Another tip is to treat yourself to that towel-warmer for a warm and cozy feel when you come out of the shower or bath. Towel-warmers are stylish and functional. It also prevents mildew free towels from quick drying. A fresh and clean feel add to the luxurious spa bathroom experience. Consider installing towel-warmers in your next master suite remodel.


Sea Pointe Design & Remodel has a passion for creating beautiful bathrooms. We are ready to partner with you for your next project. We have more than thirty years of experience in exceeding customer expectations. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Toilet seat upgrade

Upgrade your throne with a toilet seat that lives up to your level of comfort. The bidet is a popular option with a pressure control knob to adjust the self-cleaning spray to your liking. Another option we admire is a heated toilet seat. During those cold mornings or nights, adjust the temperature to your comfort level for a relaxing washroom.

jack and jill sinks

Effective storage

Every spa bathroom requires effective storage space. In your next spa bathroom remodel, consider built-in cabinetry and open shelving. This creates a spot to hide toiletries, cleaning supplies, and back stock of spa necessities. Moreover, display cozy towels or candles on shelves for easy access and soothing décor to set that relaxation mood.

remodeled bathroom

Calming colors

Also, select calming colors that will automatically put you in a safe space to unwind. Colors that mimic natural elements such as wood tones, greens, blues, and off-white are popular in spa baths. This puts us in tune with nature and when paired with a wood tub caddy, the whole design comes together beautifully.

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bathroom Sinks

Purifying plants

In addition to calming colors, bring in real elements of nature like plants. Houseplants are a must in spa bathrooms. Aloe Vera, pathos, orchids, and snake plants are gorgeous and act as air purifiers. Place plants around your tub, near the toilet, or inside your shower to achieve the spa touch.

bathroom faucet

Modern mirror

Make sure to swap out your mirror for a fashionable one with modern style. Rounded edges, arched, or circular mirrors are popular choices in bathroom remodels. Furthermore, these soft-edged shapes add to a serenading design and add a sense of calmness. Stay away from a mirror with sharp corners that can give the opposite feel.

bathroom tile

Soft textures

Further, soften up your bathroom remodel with finishing touches to give it that spa design and feel. Add soft towels, luxurious bathmats, comfy stools, a cozy bathrobe, and some fluffy house slippers to bring in soothing textures. A little goes a long way when creating your new spa bath oasis.


Stock up on pampering supplies

Lastly, among the list of must-haves to create your best spa bath is a tub caddy. A tub caddy makes soaking more enjoyable while providing a place to set a book, and your beverage of choice after a long day. Self-care supplies can also be stored on the counter or around the tub for easy access like body scrubs, bath salts, and sheet masks.

Keep these design tips in your back pocket for your next spa bath remodel. Creating an intimate space where you can rest and relax at home is not hard with these bits of sophistication. Even on a budget, these beautiful and functional spa elements will leave you soaking all your troubles away without leaving your home.

For more than thirty years, Sea Pointe Design & Remodel has been remodeling bathrooms from start to finish in the Orange County area. Our projects exceed expectations for providing the best value and quality work. When you are ready to remodel your spa bathroom, give us a call to schedule your complimentary design consultation at (949) 861-3400.

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