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    Blue and White Kitchen Remodel in San Juan Capistrano

    This San Juan Capistrano blue and white kitchen remodel with design and build by Sea Pointe Construction, features a bold transitional design. The gorgeous wood flooring immediately greets you with its seamless design. This wood flooring replaces tile flooring, elevating this kitchen renovation. The bold Amalfi Blue long kitchen island is the statement piece of this kitchen. The long kitchen island and perimeter counters are topped with Vadara quartz countertops in Sereno Gold. Under the island are Amalfi cabinets allowing for great storage space to hold pots, pans, and everyday cooking essentials. In the middle of the kitchen island lives a stove top, freeing counterspace on the perimeter of the kitchen. This placement of the stove top is placed strategically to allow for more inclusive cooking and meal prepping while entertaining guests or having family sitting at the opposite side of the counter on the bar area.

    There are many different features in this kitchen remodel that showcase a great example of how thoughtful design and quality construction make a beautiful outcome. This open-concept kitchen is built with white maple cabinets in Renner style around the perimeter for ample storage space and with a bold touch of Amalfi blue on the kitchen island and under the kitchen sink. The touch of blue in this primarily white kitchen renovation adds the perfect touch to this two-tone kitchen design. Color is always a great idea to add a little flair and personality to your kitchen.

    The upper cabinets in the bar area of the kitchen include glass cabinet doors and glass shelves, offering a place to show off decoration for a more elegant design. This San Juan Capistrano kitchen design also includes two different backsplashes that are just stunning. The perimeter of the kitchen the backsplash has design with elegant marble stone and above the bar area is a mosaic stone and glass accent splash. And one of the coolest features in this brand new kitchen is the smart technology element. The large farmhouse styled windows have smart technology window shades with a control feature for convenient function. The dim lighting feature in this kitchen renovation is also great for controlling the exact brightness of the space. This blue and white kitchen remodel showcases how design and function can be met!

    When you are ready to remodel your dream home, give us a call at (949) 861-3400 to schedule your complimentary design consultation! To gather more inspiration, give us a follow on social media and view our completed projects here!



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