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Choose a Theme for Your Kids’ Bathroom

First thing you will need to think about when you are remodeling your kids’ bathroom is to pick a theme.  A theme that will last through the years to come or you might be looking at another re-model in the not-too-distant future.  If they are into dinosaurs and unicorns now, they may not be in 2-3 years.  Pick a theme that will last in your kids’ bathroom remodel.


Automatic Fixtures

Automatic fixtures are key when remodeling your child’s bathroom.  Having a faucet that automatically turns on when you put your hands beneath it will make cleanliness a fun project for your child.   When washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds is key to having properly washed hands, you can add a fun feature, whether it’s an amazon echo that will sing a 20 second song every time you need to wash your hands or another device that will play an entertaining tune for the 20 seconds needed of proper hand washing and that way your kids will know when time is up.

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Bold Countertop

Feel free to pick a bold color for your countertops.  A splash of color in your kids newly remodeled bathroom will be just the trick that’s needed to make the remodel stand out.  Get some bathmats and towels to match the countertops and really make your bathroom pop with bold colors!  You can also replace your fixtures with colorful ones, the shower handle and faucet can match your colorful remodeled bathroom. Don’t be afraid of patterns either, since it’s a kids bathroom patterns on patterns will bring a fresh and feel-good approach with all the vibrant colors and patterns.

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Incorporate Plenty of Towel Hooks

Towel hooks are gaining in popularity, especially in the kids’ bathrooms.  Hooks are much easier to incorporate into your remodel and kids are more likely to hang them on the hooks that are hung lower for them, instead of leaving wet towels all over the floor.  Hang plenty of them all over the bathroom and when the kids are done using their towels, they are bound to find one of your hooks.  If there are multiple kids sharing a bathroom, they can each have their own hook with their name above it.  Another great way to utilize space is to add a mini towel rack to the sink.  That way the hand towel is right there for the kids to dry their hands off.

towels in a variety of colors

Kids’ Bathroom Fun Lighting

Another great idea when remodeling your kids’ bathroom is to incorporate creative lighting.  You can get fun with back lit mirrors or wall sconces that can add soft night lights or bright lights that can be on a dimmer.  Neon lights that go with your theme can be fun and brighten up the space, whether it’s dinosaurs or the beach you can incorporate some fun lighting to also act as a nightlight.

Add a Pull-Out Step

kids' bathroom with pull out step

An essential addition to your kids’ bathroom remodel is to add a pull-out step that’s attached to the vanity.  It can be a hidden drawer that is easily opened.  Your hidden “drawer” can easily be pushed back into the vanity to utilize space or you can use a folding step stool that hangs on one of your hooks.  Or you can always build a lower vanity for them where no step stool is needed.

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Things To Consider

Another thing to consider is adding baskets for extra towels, toys and miscellaneous bathroom items, you can store the baskets under the sink or in the corner.

A rotating mirror is beyond helpful when the kids are trying to see what’s going on.  If they have a lowered sink and they don’t need the step stool you can rotate the mirror to adjust to their specific height and needs.

Consult With Your Kids!

Remember the best way to remodel your kids’ bathroom is to consult with them first.  See what colors they would like to incorporate; do they want a bigger tub or are they ready for a walk-in shower?  After all, they are going to be the ones using it day in and day out.  Asking their opinions on what features they would like best will also be a nice bonding moment for you.  If they are too young to give you their opinion you can always make options multiple choice.  If they refuse to throw away their old baseball cards or favorite jersey, incorporate it into the art and frame it.  That way your kids will feel involved in the process of remodeling their bathroom and they get to hold onto their favorite mementos.

Use a Low Threshold Tub

Using a low threshold tub will make it easier for your kids to get in and out of the tub, since they won’t be full grown adults for several years, you can save on that oversized soaking tub, for now.  You can also add a built-in cubby that is lowered shelf for their toys, shampoos, bubble bath and other bathroom essentials.

Toilet Seat Concerns

Soft close toilet seats are highly recommended in all bathroom remodels.  It will help with potty training to remember to close the lid and since you just need to nudge it down, it will become second nature.  Whatever toilet you go with, built in kids’ seat or an attachable one, make sure you have floors that are easy to clean and won’t be ruined by the spills (literally) of potty training.

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Make sure you have fun with your kids’ bathroom remodel.  Whether it’s bonding with them over the colors and theme or making sure the shelves and hooks are at their level, it should be a fun makeover project and not a daunting one.  Get a professional’s view on what features to use and what not to use (marble on the flooring).

Now that you have some ideas for your children’s bathroom, it might be time to remodel other rooms in your home. If you need a professional touch to those spaces, make sure to schedule a consultation with Sea Pointe Design & Remodel!

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