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We all want to give our little ones the world, but how about their own world? A child’s bedroom can become so many different places when left to their imagination—a faraway kingdom, a concert stadium, a pirate ship! Wouldn’t it be amazing if your kid’s room resembled their creativity and fun loving nature? Here are some ideas we have come across that will help you accomplish turning your child’s room into a place of excitement, while also catering to their basic bedroom needs.

Kids bedroom
1. Bunk or Loft Bed
If you’re tight on space, bunk and loft beds are the perfect way to maximize the room while adding visual interest. Plus, kids love climbing, don’t they? If you have more than one kid in the same room, stylish bunk beds can provide a fun place to drift away to dreamland. You have an only child? No problem! A loft bed with a desk underneath is a fantastic way to save space while creating a cool little nook for your little one to work on projects and browse the web.

2. Embedded Beds
Another great way to save space is embedding the bed into a storage unit. High shelves and cabinets that also encase a bed will free up a lot of floor area, and give your kid a place to store their belongings. Consider even further installing a trundle under the child’s bed frame with an extra mattress for sleepovers!

3. Display Shelves
Shelves are a great way to not only get organized but display toys, photos, books and trinkets. It is always a good idea to keep the shelves low in height, so your child can reach them and even help choose what they want to display. Some examples we’ve seen are shelves displaying the child’s favorite books, or figurines. Having a set place for such things will also help keep them off the floor.

4. Color Carpets
One of the easiest ways to add a bit of flare to a kid’s room is to lay down some bright carpeting. Choose a stain-resistant material for easy clean ups. Bright greens, blues or purples instantly add character and fun. Or, for ultimate convenience, lay down wood and add some colorful rugs.

Blue child bedroom

5. Add a Theme
The best way to create the ultimate kid’s room is to create a theme. Whether your child is obsessed with princesses, race cars, nature, or music, a continuous theme throughout the room can add a lot of character and “cool factor.” One of our favorite examples: let your child have adventures at sea from their own bedroom by adding a sailing theme. Some ideas would be to add portholes on the wall with a nautical color theme, and beachy rugs.  Your little sailor will have the coolest room throughout the seven seas!

The possibilities are endless in creating a fun, functional and creative room for your child that suits them perfectly.


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