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Walk-in shower with modern design

Adding a walk-in shower to your bathroom remodel can be a smart decision for several reasons. Since walk-in showers are easy to access, they play an important role in a practical and functional bathroom design. There are so many features that can make your shower an integral part of the room’s aesthetic appeal as well. 


Today, we’ll take you through 6 walk-in shower design ideas that can elevate your bathroom design and help you create a space that’s both beautiful and functional.


6 Ideas to Inspire Your Walk-in Shower Remodel


1. Curb-less shower entry for universal design

If you consider your home to be your ‘forever home’, or someplace you’ll spend your golden years, it’s wise to think about the future of your bathroom design. As you age and mobility declines, will you still be able to easily use your walk-in shower?


Simply choosing a walk-in shower instead of a tub-shower model is a great start to designing your bathroom with the idea of aging in place. There’s another step you can take, however, to make your shower even more accessible … Remove the step! A curb-less shower entry is a great feature if you want to improve safety and accessibility down the road but still want a beautiful design now.


2. Custom wall niches and seating areas

In keeping with the universal design theme to make aging in place easier, how about a built-in shower bench? A seating area adorned with luxurious tile elevates your bathroom design far more than a traditional shower bench you might otherwise use to improve accessibility. 


Take this design idea one step further and add a custom built-in shampoo niche to the wall of your walk-in shower. From a design perspective, it’s the perfect place to add accent tiles that add depth and visual intrigue to the space. And from a functional viewpoint, a built-in niche can easily hold shampoo, soap, and other bathing accessories so they’re neat and tidy but also exactly where you need them.

Walk-in shower with custom niches and seating area

3. Walk-in shower enclosed by glass

Some homeowners may steer away from a glass-enclosed shower simply for privacy reasons. Others, however, appreciate how a walk-in shower with glass walls and entry can make a small bathroom appear brighter and more spacious. The use of glass can also contribute to creating the feeling of a fancy spa, a popular bathroom remodeling goal of homeowners looking to have a relaxing spa-like bathroom right at home.

Walk-in shower with glass walls

4. Tile accents and unique tile designs

Tile has long been a favorite adornment for kitchen and bath backsplashes as well as bathroom flooring. Using tile inside your walk-in shower, however, can take your bathroom’s design to a whole new level. From intricate mosaics and simple geometric designs to accent walls and niches, tile designs can complement the overall theme of the room or be a statement all their own.

Walk-in shower with unique tile design

5. Multiple showerheads and space for two

Older homes are known for having a tub-shower unit or simply a small walk-in shower that tucks neatly in a corner. While tiny showers can certainly have their place in small spaces like a guest bath, larger, more spacious walk-in showers can be the central element for a master bathroom.


Since many of today’s spouses and partners work outside the home, a simple morning routine can become complicated if more than one person is vying for the same space. A spacious walk-in shower solves that problem with plenty of room for two, along with multiple showerheads for the ultimate bathing experience.

Walk-in shower with space for two

6. Walk-in shower windows and skylights

There’s nothing quite like natural light streaming in from above to illuminate a shower and make the entire bathroom bright and beautiful. Wall windows inside the walk-in shower serve the same purpose. They bathe the area with sunshine and create the illusion of more space, even if the total square footage is actually quite small.


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If you’re looking for design inspiration for your own bathroom remodel, we recommend browsing through our online portfolio of completed bathroom projects. You’ll gain a greater understanding of the quality of our work and you may just find some ideas to add to YOUR next remodeling project!


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