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Anaheim Hills master bathroom remodel - spa-like bathroomHave you ever envisioned having a spa-like bathroom right in your own home? A luxurious place where you can feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the world again? If so, you’re not alone!


Creating an at-home oasis is a popular home renovation project for many homeowners today, and it’s easy to see why. Everyday life can be hectic enough without having to make time to go to a spa for relaxation and rejuvenation. With a spa-like bathroom at home, it’s easier than ever to have a functional but luxurious space that meets your everyday needs while reducing stress.


Let’s take a look at some of the design features to include in your bathroom remodel in order to create that at-home sanctuary you’re looking for.


10 Design Ideas For Your Spa-Like Bathroom


1.  Open Walk-In Showers

From doorless showers and steam systems to glass walls and stepless entries, modern showers have come a long way in comparison to their traditional counterparts. Today’s homeowners are looking for a multifunctional space that meets their needs, feels spacious and luxurious, but doesn’t take up too much room. These features can create the illusion of more space while simultaneously meeting the need of older adults wanting a design that makes aging in place possible.


2.  Elegant Tile Designs

One of the hottest bathroom design trends right now is using tile to create accent walls or add visual intrigue to the space. When done expertly and with an artistic eye, creative tile designs in the shower can elevate the entire design while adding to the feeling of luxury.




3.  Built-In Shower Benches and Shampoo Niches

Now, let’s take the shower in your spa-like bathroom one step further by adding in a custom-built bench and shampoo niche. The bench provides a convenient place to set bathing necessities while also making the space more accessible. Similarly, the wall niche can neatly hold soap, shampoo, and other items while being another area where accent tile can be added for a stunning design.


Dual shampoo niche with chevron tile accent in bathroom remodel - spa-like bathroom


4.  Freestanding Tubs

While showers may be the preferred venue for preparing for the day ahead, there’s nothing quite like the relaxation of a warm bath at the day’s end. Today’s freestanding tub models look sleek and luxurious, adding character to your bathroom and contributing to the spa-like atmosphere. Some are even fitted with air jets that give you a massage as you soak away your troubles.


Freestanding-tub-splash-accent-wall-in-Santa-Ana-remodel - spa-like bathroom


5.  Custom Storage Options

Have you ever been to a spa that felt cramped and cluttered? Not likely. Your spa-like bathroom shouldn’t feel like that either, and that’s where custom storage solutions can save the day. From built-in closets and floating shelves to custom vanities and other options, the right storage is essential for keeping clutter at bay. Do you have a small bathroom? No problem. Custom cabinets can make even the smallest of spaces neat and tidy.


6.  Enhanced Lighting

Since the function of today’s bathroom has evolved, so has its lighting. If you want to create a relaxing, spa-like bathroom, consider the type of lighting that best matches each area within it. Dimmable lighting near the tub can contribute to a feeling of serenity, for example, while under-vanity lights are useful for tasks such as shaving or applying makeup.


7.  Touchless Fixtures For Improved Hygiene

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, personal hygiene and overall cleanliness has risen to a new level. Innovative features such as touchless light switches and faucets along with self-cleaning toilet seats can be an effective way to keep germs at bay in your spa-like bathroom. Although these fixtures are more pricey than their traditional counterparts, they can be significant timesavers while simultaneously adding to the feeling of luxurious living in your at-home spa.


8.  Heated Bathroom Floors

This is an essential element of a spa-like bathroom. There’s nothing quite like stepping out of the shower or tub onto a warm floor. Add in towel warmers and it’s even easier to create a spa-like atmosphere right in your own home.


9.  Dual Vanities and/or Dual Shower Heads

In contrast to families of bygone eras, today’s households often have two working spouses or partners. Whether they work from home or physically go into an office, it’s not uncommon for them to be preparing for the day at the same time.


Dual vanities make everyday activities like shaving or applying makeup a breeze, even if there are multiple people in the bathroom at once. Similarly, dual shower heads inside a spacious shower provide the opportunity for efficient showering without being cramped for space or feeling rushed.


Primary-bathroom-remodel-in-Laguna-Hills - spa-like bathroom


10.  Wireless or Wired Music

Want to make your spa-like bathroom the ultimate spa-like experience? The addition of music to this private space creates a feeling of calm and relaxation. Turn on the massaging jets of your freestanding tub and the worries of the day simply melt away while you soak your tired body and listen to your favorite tunes. Wired or wireless systems provide discreet access to the music that best fits your mood while adding a touch of luxury.


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