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Did you know that interior design can impact your psyche and can change your mood? Each room should be designed for how you want that room to make you feel.  Consider your living room to be where you want to relax and feel welcoming to guests; you may want this to have a side of the “entertainment vibe” while you want your master bath to be a relaxing and calming spa oasis.  Each of these are approached with different colors and materials to elicit the feel you want in that room.

While this may not come natural to everyone, we must count our blessings that there are professional designers that can help us in a pinch – and even design blogs like this to help you make that critical decision you may be on the fence about.


How To Elevate Your Interior Design Vibe on a Budget

If you have not watched Marie Kondo yet, let us give you the short version; if it does not bring you joy, it’s time to say goodbye to this in your home.  Only keep pieces that bring you joy.  This may be more complicated when working with your spouse and require some negotiations.  Also keeping in mind items that are more affordable to replace than others.

You may want to start here with a list of items you want to keep because you love it and those that gotta go.  You now have a starting list for budgeting. We will note the affordability of replacement or addition on each interior design tip.


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1. Play With Materials and Textiles

In each room you can add texture and color which creates the ambiance you are looking for; this is done through using metals, fabrics, woods, and rugs to accomplish your setting.  Layering is in – consider using a jute rug with a lighter fabric rug angled in a different direction.  You may want to add a bold gold or black powder coated mirror.  Pillows and throws can change your whole look by adding neutral colors with your accent color.  There are no rules in mixing metals or colors; do what makes you happy.  These are all affordable changes to your existing home.

2. Reuse What You Already Own – Upcycle

You may have a dresser or bureau that is not your favorite but can be spruced up a la DIY to add a pop of color or refinish the item to the natural wood and stain it any color that suits your fancy. Change out the hardware to modern gold trim, rustic powder coating, or Hollywood regency style with crystal knobs.

Thinking outside the box, you can also reuse items in ways you have not considered. Make your old school watering can as a plant holder and paint it a bold color or stencil a pattern on it.  You can take an old stereo cabinet or chest of drawers and make it your new hallway bureau or TV stand with new flair. Take an old kitchen cabinet and repurpose it as word art – see below.  These are very affordable options for redesigning your space.

3. Use Paint for a Change of Color

Color is one of the most powerful tools we have that can impact your mood.  Adding a color painted wall to your room can drastically change the mood and keep your budget.  Going from a warm peach to a cool taupe can instantly provide for an attitude adjustment.

4. Add Wallpaper for Intrigue

Patterns are all the rave in design right now. Just like paint, you can instantly change a space with a wall that features a pattern you love. Geometric shapes are in right now and you can see that there are a myriad of design options to choose from with wallpaper.  Some wallpapers emulate natural stone, and some emulate textures, and some are modern and some retro, and some emulate nature. Check out some samples you may not have considered below.

5. Add Fake Square Footage

Using the same pattern all the way up your backsplash in your kitchen will make your space feel vast. The easiest place to do this is behind your stove and sink. You can run your countertop material or backsplash material all the way up the wall. This gives you the illusion there is more space.

Same option with your bathroom flooring. If you continue your bathroom flooring into your shower, this will make your shower bathroom appear larger. You of course will need a glass shower door to reveal this illusion.  Frameless shower doors also add the illusion of a larger space with less hardware to distract your eye from the continuous pattern.

6. Choose the Right Curtain Length

You want your curtains to billow on the floor to provide ample material to drape – this provides a luxurious feel you might not expect. You can have custom drapes made or purchase ready-made and get extra-long for your use.

7. Add Texture to Your Spaces

We mentioned textiles add texture earlier. Additional texture items are baskets that hold blankets and draping a soft and beautiful blanket over the edge of a basket will provide texture.  You may also consider plants in varying places with a beautiful pot that complements your room.

8. Change Your Kitchen Hardware Out

You can give yourself a new kitchen look with new hardware. So many options to choose from and you’ll find yourself in a new vibe.  Mixed metals are very on trend now and very affordable to implement in your kitchen.  Your sink plumbing fixtures, your lighting pendants, and cabinet hardware all can contribute to a complete makeover.

9. Change Your Kitchen Cabinet Color

Color has a large impact as previously mentioned; consider changing your cabinet color with a couple coats of paint.  While this will not change your cabinet style, it can hold you over until you’re ready for your big remodel. Two and three-toned cabinetry are on trend now.  The two-toned cabinetry typically has one color uppers and one-color lowers with the uppers being the lighter of the two.  Three-toned cabinetry typically is the same as two-toned with a kitchen island that has a different colored kitchen island.

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10. Change Out Your Kitchen Countertops

If you are still rocking the 4×4 white square kitchen tiles with grout, this may be a dream come true solution for you. One single flat surface that also gives you the illusion of a larger space. The materials are endless, and the patterns are stunning; you can use quartz, quartzite, porcelain slab, cement, glass, glass composite, wood, marble, slate, and soapstone.  Of course, you want to review which of these stones fit into your lifestyle as well.  Marble is a very sensitive stone and if you cook, it’s not for you.

11. Change Out Your Backsplash

This is one of the most affordable areas to be trendy and add that special pop of design you want as it’s affordable. Even if your taste in backsplash is fancy, you can create a focal point with the fancy tile and use something more subdued surrounding it.  Designers often reference this space as the place to have fun as you can change it out every 5-10 years and not bust your budget.

12. Change Out Your Stair Railing

While stairs seem functional and not something you always consider when thinking of design, the stair railing has a huge design impact. Consider going from the 80s wood spindles to a matte powder coat modern design. Your look will instantly change for less than you may consider.

13. Reface Your Fireplace

Your fireplace is often a focal point. This is another place where you can take your fireplace material all the way to the ceiling to create a larger space feel.  Whether it be marble slab, marble tile, porcelain slab, porcelain tile, or cement – all of these materials are beautiful and will provide for a stunning look. Floating mantels are in and will give your whole room a new vibe at an affordable remodel price.

14. Manage Your Design Height

Adding different layers at different levels also adds design intrigue.  You will want to be sure you are not overwhelming any height with too much clutter and leaving an abyss at other heights.  You want greenery that is tall as well as greenery that is in potted plants.  You can vary your lighting with lamps on end tables, pendants, chandeliers, and recessed lighting.  You can use stools, tables, and furniture to style your design from floor to ceiling.

15. Matchy Matchy Is Out

Designers are noting that there are no longer boundaries in how we design. We used to buy bedroom sets – and now you will find upscale designs using different pieces to design your complete bedroom space.  You may have a black powder coat 4 poster bed frame and mix it with two separate end tables to add texture, color, and design interest.

16. Mix Your Metals

Your pulls, knobs, switches, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, coffee tables, chairs, and picture frames all have options for metal use; from matte to shiny, you can have an iron work of metals in your home. The trend formerly was to have these all matching and now we know that layering materials, including metals adds texture and intrigue to your design.  Now more than ever you will find yourself walking into friends’ homes with a multitude of metal finishes – in the same room!  You’ll find yourself noting how this provides an elevated vibe.

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17. Your Ceiling Design Can Change Your Room

Ceiling paint, wallpaper, and structure can impact the vibe your room has.  Pending the room, you can leverage this space to provide a different vibe. You can see below how the coffered traditional ceiling makes this room feel luxurious.  A more affordable option that provides a similar feel is metal ceiling tiles.  Thinking outside of the box with all the materials we discuss can provide a unique design just your style.

18. Light Switches Matter

Just like your knobs, pulls, and plumbing fixtures, your light switches and light switch plates are visible and can serve as a design feature rather than an eye sore.  Light switches and plates come in all types of materials with different design features serving the traditional, modern, and transitional design styles.

19. Shower Door Design Matters

Out with the shower curtain and in with the shower door!  Your shower door design can provide such a drastic impact on your overall bathroom space. There are a myriad of shower door design options beyond what you may consider.  Frameless shower doors have stormed the market and provide for a cleaner look to show off your shower tile. There are also powder coated black framed doors that have the farmhouse feel or a frosted door for privacy.  You also have the option of a sliding shower door versus the swinging door; this often depends on the space available unless you are doing a full remodel.

20. Bathroom Fixtures Matter

Just like with kitchen knobs, pulls, and faucets – these make a big impact in your bathroom. Going from old school rustic to gold will overhaul your bathroom in under $200.  You may need some paint updates to cover the large fixtures you previously had anchored to your wall.  Though you will see an instant change and can improve your mood instantly; as well as imagine waking up to your new bathroom.

21. Bathroom Mirror Design

There once was a time where you placed a large mirror above the vanity that covered the wall from one end to the other affixed by crystal mirror clips – these days are LONG gone.  The current trend is to toss the mirror (have a professional do this for safety purposes) and place one large circular or rectangular mirror or place two of these side-by-side to provide invisible workstations at a double sink vanity.  Again, as design evolves, so do products and your selection is vast.  There are backlit mirrors with dimming features to mimic natural light by time of day as well as you can use designer sconces to add flair to the space.

22. Outdoor Living Design

Whether you have a balcony or large outdoor space, there are some basics to dress this space up and make it feel entertaining worthy.  The secret is outdoor rugs – these come in many colors and designs now that technology has improved in printing on textures.  You may consider layering these as well. And you need a minimum of two chairs, an end table and a couple chairs.  Let’s not forget pillows on chairs!  Add a couple plants and an elephant ear plant and you’re starting to liven the space. You can do outdoor hanging lanterns, bistro lighting, and sconce lighting to make this area feel cozy.   During the colder months in southern California, you may want to have an outdoor blanket basket and heater.  Use fun colors to really make this feel like a space to entertain.

23. Define Your Style With Artwork

We dress our homes up with items that make us feel good.  In an effort to bring a few elevated interior design ideas, you may want to consider buying art pieces that reflect your personality.  Whether it be a painting with your favorite place or abstract art your best friend made for you (that you love), or a sculpture or light feature – be sure it suits you and makes you smile.  Now add lighting to feature this element in the evening and make it really pop.

24. Know Your Deal Breakers

We have all gone home shopping to find that statement piece you love.  Certain things bring us joy and it’s worth the expense to have that joy in your home.  You will find that when folks save for that piece, they love that it stays in their home forever.  Don’t negotiate on your style if you love it – this is where you find peace, comfort, and joy, in your home.

Decorating your interior can change your mood as design causes us to be emotional.  Design for your pleasure and you’ll find you’re happier in your home. Our clients have told us they feel “more complete” after redesigning a space.

When you’re ready to reimagine your space with a remodel, give us a shout – we’re here to help.


Are you looking for a professional touch for an elevated interior design remodel? Our team at Sea Pointe Design & Remodel can take your ideas and turn them into a reality!

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