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Stuck on what colors to choose for your home remodel? Room color psychology is a thing and whether you know it or not, it can play a huge role in your everyday way of thinking. The color of the paint on the wall, the color of your tiles, floors, and even pillows can affect your daily mood. Color can also give the illusion of a larger or smaller space. Here are how colors can impact your home and even your family!

Color Psychology

Color can be a psychological experience just as much as a visual one. Studies have demonstrated that certain colors can affect our mood. This is exactly why when you are remodeling or giving your home a refresh, it is important to take paint colors seriously.

When it comes to designing your home interior, you want to go for colors that tend to be more welcoming and create a safe inviting atmosphere for your family and guests. But of course, depending on the intention of the room, you may want to display certain colors to enhance that energy.


Colors for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place of comfort, and this should be a total reflection of your personality. Color really does have the potential of altering how the shape and size of a space appears. Color trends have its moments, but the real color hack is making sure the colors blend well together to tie the space in a cohesive manner.

When first deciding on a bedroom color, ask yourself what mood would you like to create? If this is a creative space, then orange might be your choice for a pop of color that induces creativity.

The colors pink, green, and blue all correlate with a feeling of calmness. These are also typically popular choices for bedroom colors other than your usual white or beige. Blue is a popular choice and is known to even lower blood pressure since it is so soothing to look at. A green colored bedroom is known to relieve stress and even can improve fertility!


Colors for Your Livingroom

Your Livingroom is where you host most of your family gatherings along with having guests over. This means that you may want to go for a more energizing mood compared to your bedroom where you sleep.

Popular bedroom colors other than white and beige are red, green, and blue. Red is a color that promotes excitement and romance. Green is very restful for our eyes and can promote growth and calmness, especially with plants in the room. Blue encourages relaxation and is a common one used in Livingroom interior design.

A color to avoid in your living room is orange. Orange may be too energetic for this space of relaxation. The Livingroom is a place where great conversations happen along with plenty of fun movie nights, game nights, lounging, and more. The colors you choose should complement this feeling.


Kid’s Rooms – Colors & Behavior

Aside from setting the mood for a space, color can inspire, heal, and soothe as well. Children are more sensitive to the impact of color than adults. This means picking out the right color is just as important.

Red is known to energize our bodies and excite the mind while increasing heart and breathing rates. Although too much exposure to red can promote agitation and aggression. If red is your little one’s favorite color, consider it used as an accent, instead of in a prominent space.

Orange is great for promoting a warm and friendly environment while encouraging confidence and creativity. Yellow is another wildly used color in kid’s rooms since it is associated with happiness and aids in concentration. Purple is linked to passion and wisdom. Before settling on a color, be sure to investigate what mood you are trying to create for your child’s intimate space.


Colors for Your Bathroom

Bathroom interior colors that are common are yellow, blue, and purple. Yellow is known to be a cheerful color that brings bright energy into a room. Blue is great for encouraging relaxation, especially in the bathtub after a long day of work. Purple in softer shades adds serenity.

Colors that should be avoided in a bathroom are red and orange. It can be overstimulating for this space that should be for relaxation.

If you are going for a specific design theme such as coastal, then you may want to use blue tones to mimic the ocean feel. If you are looking for an earthy aesthetic, then different shades of green and nudes will be great for achieving this design. Choosing tile patterns are fun, but just remember that color plays a huge role as well!

Blue and White Two Toned Kitchen Renovation With Open Concept Layout

Colors for Your Kitchen

The kitchen space is another highly impacted place where people gather. Because it is seen as a gathering place, it is not unusual to see colors that promote happiness. Colors to use in your kitchen are yellow, green, warm blues, and purple. Some colors to avoid are black and brown as it can be a bit dramatic when not used as just an accent.

Remember that you can still use your favorite colors in your space, however, if it is a color that promotes a strong mood, you may want to consider using it as an accent behind your range, or as your hood, versus your entire cabinetry and countertops.


Colors for Your Dining Room

When choosing a color for your dining room, keep in mind that there are certain colors that promote an appetite as well! Some colors are even proven to make you less hungry, so you may want to avoid those.

Red in a dining room can stimulate conversation. Yellow promotes positive energy and can increase hunger.

The Last Word on Colors and Their Impact

The color choices you decide on for each space in your home matters. From the home office, Livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, and kid’s room, choosing the right colors can affect your daily mood and behavior. This is why it is vital to focus on the tone you are trying to create before sticking with a color palette just because it may be trending.

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