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Center kitchen island with bar seating in San Juan Capistrano kitchen remodel


As we wrap up the final days of 2021, we’re excited to look ahead to what the new year will bring. In the remodeling world, that means it’s time to look at what to expect in terms of kitchen design trends for 2022, both here in Orange County and around the U.S.


Innovative Kitchen Design Trends You’ll See in 2022


Tile Backsplashes with a Glazed Finish


There’s nothing new about a tile backsplash – it’s been around for a long time and used quite effectively for creating visual interest in both kitchen and bathroom remodels. In 2022, however, look for more backsplashes with a shiny glazed finish. The glossy look will reflect light more than a traditional matte finish, adding to the brightness of the room. Plus, the smooth, shiny surface will be easy to clean, a definite plus in the kitchen.


Porcelain mosaic tile backsplash in San Juan Capistrano kitchen remodel


Including Antiques in the Kitchen Decor


Some homeowners still like the look of a showroom-style kitchen, with everything neat and tidy and appearing fresh and new. Kitchen design trends for 2022 are heading in a different direction, though. Expect to see more vintage and antique furniture mixed in, perhaps a farmhouse table or a rustic pantry cupboard. The idea is that with the kitchen being the heart of the home, it should look lived in and feel comfortable and inviting.


Glass Partitions and Broken-Plan Design


Open plan living has been a popular trend in recent years, with many homeowners wanting walls removed in favor of large, open living spaces. A new trend is emerging, however, that may be partially due to the pandemic. With more people working and schooling from home than ever before, families with open living spaces began yearning for the old walls that gave some sense of privacy and separation.


Now, with broken-plan kitchen designs, those same open spaces can be separated into different areas with different functions. For example, glass partitions, screens, or even furniture placement can provide distinct boundaries for cooking, eating, entertaining, and relaxing areas while still promoting a feeling of togetherness.


Layered Kitchen Lighting


Lighting has always been a topic of interest in any kitchen remodel. That’s because there are many different areas in the room to consider – cooking, meal prep, dining, and entertaining – each with its own unique lighting requirements. Kitchen design trends for 2022 focus on layered lighting. Each functional area gets the type of lighting that meets that specific area’s needs but fits perfectly into the overall room design.


Natural is Nurturing


In the coming year, expect to see an increase in the use of natural elements to create a beautiful, down-to-earth kitchen design. Kitchen cabinet trends for 2022 are leaning more toward a natural wood look, not only because of their beauty, but also in an effort to create a healthier home (less chemically treated items).


Bold Colors and Mixed Materials


From tile accents and bold wall colors, to appliances and flooring choices, the kitchens of 2022 will be ripe with color. Rather than the more muted, neutral tones of yesteryear, expect to see exciting color contrasts and pops of color that add cheerfulness, character, and personality to the room. You’ll also notice a mixture of materials – wood, marble, metal, and even gold finishes – used in creative and stylish ways.


Marvelous Marble


Marble has often been a popular material for kitchen countertops, and it promises to play a solid role in 2022 kitchen designs. Of particular interest will be marble pieces with heavy veining. Whether used in a sink, countertop, flooring, or tile backsplash, marble is unmistakably luxurious and its sustainability and durability make it a smart material choice.




Multiple Kitchen Islands

Double islands

With the increasing size of today’s kitchens, it’s no wonder that one of the kitchen design trends for 2022 is the installation of a double island. When floor space is not an issue, multiple kitchen islands can provide a host of benefits, including additional workspace, bar seating for casual dining, and exceptional cabinet storage.


Using 2022 Kitchen Design Trends in YOUR Kitchen Remodel


Now is the perfect time to start planning your own 2022 kitchen remodel. And, Sea Pointe Design & Remodel is the perfect Orange County remodeling company to help you throughout the entire process.

Our award-winning design team will help design your ideal kitchen, expertly combining current trends with your own style preferences and personality. Then, our professional engineers and master craftsmen make that plan become a reality.


If you’re ready to discuss your future kitchen remodel, simply call us today at (949) 861-3400 to schedule your complimentary design consultation.



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