We know, it’s like a broken record … Open floor plan, open floor plan, open floor plan! For those who aren’t totally convinced, let us help you see what mustering up the courage to knock down walls actually gets you.

Coziness vs Airiness

Most clients want to keep their walls because it makes the room feel “cozy” or “homey”, but what they may not realize is that having all those enclosed spaces is actually what can make your home feel cluttered and unorganized. Oftentimes small spaces get overstuffed with bulky furniture, interrupting the natural flow of the room. Knocking down the wall between two rooms and reworking the furniture will make the room not only more entertainment friendly, but it will seem larger without actually adding any square footage to your home!

An “Everything” Space

What purpose does having three different rooms for three different uses really serve? Combining those three rooms into one makes for more family time! It’s a space where your spouse can watch the game while the children play and you’re whipping up an old family recipe! If having everyone together and enjoying family time is something that you value, then an open floor plan is for you!


Turning 3 small living areas into one, makes for a luxurious relaxing experience. Opening up an area of your home that was once closed in, will breathe new life into the space! No matter how small or large your home looks from the outside, if your interior is open, flowing and lively, the luxury is sure to follow.


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