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an outdoor california room design

A design trend on the rise in sunny Southern California is the indoor-outdoor living space also known as the California Room. California Room remodeling has become more popular during the Covid-19 pandemic as many homeowners are spending most of their time inside. Many are eager to spend some time outdoors in the comfort of their own homes and even do some remote working from a nice outdoor space set-up.

Here are 13 ideas for your next California Room design.

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What is a California Room?

A California Room is an elevated indoor-outdoor living space that incorporates an open room with an abundant amount of fresh air and when done right, beautiful, and functional design features. With our perfect weather and many working from home these days, now is the most opportune time to start your California Room remodel.

The California Room is also used as a space to get out of the house, but not too far away to unwind or get some fresh air. Some spaces even include features meant for entertaining family and guests such as a firepit, TV, wet bar, or beverage center.

If you’re considering adding rooms to your home, explore our room additions and remodeling services to help you get started.

More Than the Sunroom

We are familiar with the outdoor space of a sunroom; however, California Rooms are much more than that. Sunrooms allow in a vast amount of daylight into the space and often a wonderful view of the outdoors through large windows of glass. This space serves a different style and function than a California Room.

The difference is that a California Room can be seen as an addition that expands the feeling and space of the original home. There are more design possibilities since the space is used for more than just sunlight. Work with your designer and get creative about what to include in your new space.

From adding herringbone flooring, an electric firepit, a wet bar, motorized sunshades, comfy furniture, to even a full outdoor kitchen to entertain near the pool, the options are endless.

The Luxurious Outdoors

Just because it is an outdoor space, it doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious! The beautiful architecture of these spaces that date back to the traditional European design and even the Hawaiian lanai, offer stunning design features that elevate the look.

If you are going for a more upscale design, our designers suggest adding a ceiling fan, pendant lighting, patterned flooring, mist sprayers for the hot summer days, and even sleek cabinetry for outdoor entertainment storage.

Most importantly, you want to make sure this space entails comfortable high-quality furniture such as a couch, chairs, or coffee table.

13 Ideas for California Room Design

Some things to consider before remodeling your California Room are the location, size, shape, function, and budget. There are many different design styles to choose from when designing your California Room, but here are 13 diverse California Room ideas to get you inspired!

Moroccan villa style california room remodel

1. Moroccan Villa Style

If you are looking to design your California Room with various colors that pop along with Moroccan-style lanterns, and a comfy couch, this Moroccan Villa Style is right for you. This Mediterranean aesthetic will add a touch of fun and elegance to your new relaxing outdoor space.

Mountain rock style california room design

2. Mountain Rock Style

If you enjoy the outdoors, try incorporating nature’s elements into your California Room design. A design with stone and plants can really add to the outdoorsy atmosphere and when paired with a sleek countertop can have a modern twist. It also doesn’t hurt to include a BBQ area or full kitchen to entertain guests on a nice sunny day.

 Horizontal Emphasis California Room

3. Horizontal Emphasis

Low furniture and a flat patio roof speak sleek and modern. Horizontal features in a California Room help make the space appear airier and wider. This is a great style if you are not working with a large square footage for your remodel. The patio is a must especially with our strong SoCal sun!

 Primary Room Escape remodel

4. Primary Bedroom Escape

The master bedroom is often seen as the haven of the home, but it doesn’t hurt to expand that intimate space even further to the outdoors. Create your own relaxation sanctuary by adding a California Room to incorporate indoor-outdoor living.

Make it your sweet escape from your master suite and include a cozy couch area and cohesive design that blends seamlessly from space to space. Build an entertainment wall to bring your family nights outside!

Roofless california room

5. Go Roofless

Some of us like the direct sunshine more than others and if this sounds like you, then we suggest going with an addition that is roofless. Include a nice welcoming BBQ area and dining seating with a patio cover that flows into a roofless space to enjoy some sunlight. If you are looking to go large with the design, we suggest even adding a waterfall or pond to really create that serene atmosphere.

big outdoor family room

6. Big Outdoor Family Room

If you have a large family and are looking to create a space to entertain and have those fun family nights, we suggest building a big outdoor family California Room. Although we are very lucky with the warm year-round weather, it is not a bad idea to add a fireplace to this space for the slightly chillier nights. Include spacious floor room for fun activities and a seating area for the adults to enjoy!

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Eclectic escape california room

7. Eclectic Escape

Add your own personal touch with an eclectic California Room style. This is where your choices in materials and finishes will be super fun to choose! You can mix and match to incorporate traditional and modern styles for a space that suites your needs. Combine modern furniture with traditional cabinetry and add your favorite plants as decoration. Welcome to your eclectic escape!

BrickC alifornia Room

8. Brick Beauty

Brick is a great material to use for the outdoors when remodeling a California Room because of its durability and natural textured appearance. Bricks also tend to create a cozy atmosphere and are perfect for creating a welcoming space for guests to enjoy. Bricks don’t just have to be used on fireplaces, but they can be used as the foundation for your countertop!

Tuscan courtyard california room

9. Tuscan Courtyard

Many times we are drawn from inspiration. Many other states have beautiful design styles like Arizona, for example. Inspired by the Tuscan theme with wood and iron furnishings and large arches, this design will be great for a space with large square footage and minimal details.

Carman Bay Cottage Style

10. Carman Bay Cottage

Near the beach? A Carman Bay Cottage style may be just right for your new space. This type of space includes an open seating area near a fire pit. This space is great for needing an escape area with a chill vibe.

If you have more questions on how to design your next California room, explore our guide to help you through the process.

Spanish oaks california room style

11. Spanish Oaks

Get inspiration from a Spanish Oaks California Room design. You don’t need to have an ocean view to show off a gorgeous coastal design. This is perfect for the minimalistic home with an open floor plan. Cool colors and geometric forms stand out in this design.

The California Room is the ultimate room for an indoor-outdoor living space. The secret to a great design is bringing the design of your interior and letting it flow to the exterior so you can enjoy more of your square footage at your leisure. There are so many different styles to choose from when designing your California Room, but the more inspiration you pull, the better!

When you are ready to remodel your California Room, contact us at (949) 861-3400 and we will schedule your complimentary design consultation.

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