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While we tend to focus much of our energy on remodeling indoors, we shouldn’t let that be the reason our backyard faces neglect. Countless landscape and remodeling options may seem intimidating at first, but passing up on your space’s potential is forgoing an investment in relaxation. Even thinking about your dream backyard can serve as a jumping off point to creating your ideal outdoor space.

Keeping in mind a few tips and focus areas in your backyard can make all the difference in the appeal of your space. Whether you are aiming for an extension of the wilderness or a resort-like retreat, your backyard is customizable to achieving that perfect escape from four walls.


Exercise your Green Thumb

Plants have the ability to enhance the nature your home already has. Trees can cater to the lush, natural space of your yard while providing shade to a home vulnerable to direct sunlight. This energy efficient alternative has the benefit of a natural filtering process, as trees release moisture in the air. Get some color with year-round plants like Hibiscus flowers, which add a tropical feel with a constant bloom. Low-maintenance options like Daylilies thrive in a variety of climates and won’t leave plant deposits in your pool. Larger plants add natural fencing that garner privacy from neighbors and hide unsightly fencing that borders the lawn.

Introduce an Outdoor Kitchen

Make the most of your new oasis by sharing the fun! Bring all of the entertaining outside with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. This extended living space is ideal for social gatherings on warm nights and keeps the cooking odors outdoors. Utilizing the proper materials for your space will ensure cabinets are durable, waterproof, heat-resistant, and sealed to keep out pests. Make your space functional with a layout that accommodates meal preparation, cooking, and socializing, so you’ll never miss a beat when hosting. With built-in appliances and storage, this space will connect style and convenience, both increasing the value of your home.

Bring the Heat with a Fire Pit

Warmth, light and ambience are just a few of the attractive features heightened through the addition of a fire pit. Used as either a focal point or accent to your outdoor design, fire pits offer customizable options to fit any space. Gas fire pits bring a natural option that is easily lit with a key or switch, while propane eliminates the use of a gas line. Fire bowls present a middle-ground between portable and built-in pits that lends itself to personalization of color, size and shape. Fire tables can be lined with stone and counter space for a design that functions to entertain. Regardless of your fire pit preference, extra seating invites everyone to grab a marshmallow for toasting on those warm summer nights.

The design and aesthetics of your outdoor space has the power to transform any home exterior into your dream location. Creating your outdoor oasis can be feasible and unique with the selection of materials and architecture. Utilizing functional and decorative additions provides both the ideal place to host a social gathering or escape for a moment of relaxation.

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