Keeping clutter to a minimum is not as easy as it should be. Wouldn’t you feel relaxed without having stuff all over the place? Even if you have it all neatly stacked in littlepiles and you very well may know how to find that certain piece of paper when you need it. But really, just looking at the to-do pile(s) gives you grief and makes your finest procrastination skills come to the fore.

With the ancient Chinese art of feng shui (pronounced fung-shway) it’s taught that all things carry a life force, chi. Chi is energy and the placement of things in your environment can either help or hinder your potential in life. Wise words have been written about feng shui and speaking to an expert in the field would be beneficial when embarking on that home remodeling project that you have in mind. It would be ideal to work with a contractor who specializes in residential contracting and who has a team of designers with extensive experience in working along with the concepts inherent in feng shui.

When speaking specifically about clutter in your home, feng shui speaks to the necessity to rid your home environment of it and not to just hide it away. Clutter is bad. Period. It’s best to go through your items at least once per year and give some things away that you aren’t using in order for others to benefit.A win-win if ever there was one. You get a tax-deductible donation receipt reducing your income taxes and a worthwhile charity gets usable items that go towards helping others who actually could use or sell the items. You feel good because you’re acting generously by giving material items away to enrich others’ lives. You’re being kind by helping others but another plus is that you’re going to feel better just by not having so much stuff laying around your home. You’ll just keep what you need.

And as for the items left in plain sight? How about installing some new closets to that bare wall in your garage or your spare room? Some nicely designed custom cabinetry would make your things so much easier to get to and to use. With more storage space, which is easily designed and installed by a remodeling contractor, your house would be a nicer place to come home to.

This brings us back to the feng shui part: your family’s life force will be strengthened by reducing clutter in your home. The chi will be allowed to flow easily through your home which gives you more freedom and allows more positive vibrations within your being. Don’t take my word for it. Try it. Attack those closets and those corners where things are stacking up. Aesthetically speaking, you’ll end up smiling because what you see will be empty corners in your lovely home¦not stacks of boxes highlighting what you need to do. You’ll have more counter space and more room in your cupboards. Your closets and floors will be cleaner and you’ll breathe easier knowing that you have less stuff hanging around that actively saps your energy.

Consider this: you’d be in better control of your life if you could somehow reduce the amount of things you have laying around and, in the process, make more room for storage of your needed items. Additions to your home to organize your stored items are absolutely needed. With more closet spaces to tuck your valuable things away you’d clearly feel relieved, which means you’d be more productive. Your energy would be heightened and life would be better. What’s the cost of adding more storage spaces to your home? A few bucks? And then feeling serene? Priceless.

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