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Reasons to Have a Home Bar

In today’s quarantine day and age, at home bars are increasing in popularity.  With the shutdown of 2020, people were sipping their dirty martinis from the comforts of their own home and that trend has stuck around now in 2021.  We also don’t anticipate this going away anytime soon.  Join us as we share the best home bar design secrets.

Uniquely Crafted Cocktails

Craft cocktails made in your home bar

Having your own at home bar has its perk.  Have you always wanted to mix a 20-year-old whiskey with an anjeo tequila?  Well, now you can!  You can come up with crazy and unique cocktails and make a fun night of it with friends, the best cocktail wins a prize, or more cocktails!

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Home bar design


Adding a home bar can be done quite simply with a small budget; however if you have the space and are looking to impress, you could design an exquisite indoor home bar that gives you the feel of a professional restaurant bar.  This is in your hands and your designer can help you based on your budget.  From nook to private entrance – we can provide beautiful home bar design secrets to make your space fun.

The Selection

You don’t have to stick to the basics when it come to building your at home bar.  If your new obsession is sake, then stock up on some interesting sakes, if it’s all the new celebrity tequilas, then give each one a try.  There is no limit and no wrong way to build your bar selection, it’s your bar so whatever you want in it, will be there!  This could start your new travel hobby to bring home a bottle from places you visit to add to your home bar collection for as long as it lasts.


Home bar renovation

Best part about having your own bar?  You will always have your favorite drink in stock!  Blueberry vodka for that special martini, why yes, we have that!  Also, there’s no last call since you are the bartender and the manager of your own at home bar.  If your glass is dirty, you can complain, to yourself.

Stock Your Favorites

Since you know that you love an dirty martini at 5pm every Friday, you can invest in a few bottles of your favorite liquor, if it’s Grey Goose or Chopin, have a few bottles on hand so that you never run low.  Also, make sure your blue cheese stuffed olives and fun cocktail napkins are always in stock.  That way your perfect night in has all the essentials!

No Weirdos Allowed (Unless They’re Relatives)

Couldn’t get reservations at that fancy new hot spot?  Fine, have friends and family back to your bar!  Your fully stocked and have been experimenting with cocktails, so why not?

Last Call is Your Call

Best part of having your own bar in your own home is that there is never a last call!  The bar is always open and no one here is going to judge you!  Need a little “hair of the dog” after last nights adventures?  Bars open for that perfectly spicy bloody mary!

A Cigar with that Drink?

At home bars don’t have to just have alcohol, add some fancy cigars to the mix and really spice up your evenings at home.

Decorative Glassware

Pick out glassware that will stand out against your new at home bar or look good on the shelves as a decorative piece.  The nicer your glasses the more you will want to relax at home with a nice glass of ____ whatever you choose!

Are you looking for an expert to help you realize your dream home bar? Check out Sea Pointe Design & Remodel to find out more today!

bar area in kitchen with builtin mini fridge winerack and hutch storage

Home Bar Renovation Ideas

If you have a shelf with some bottles of rum from 5 years ago and a few nice bottles of wine you received as a birthday gift, then it’s time to remodel your at home bar.  Here are some exciting ideas on how to renovate your at home bar.

Floating Bottle Storage

The new modern take on a wine rack is the floating bottle storage look. You can do this with metal or wooden pieces, but they hang from the ceiling and create a wall barrier and a creative accent piece for your at home bar.

Under The Stairs

Utilize the space under the stairs, install some shelves, a mini fridge, and some storage cabinets and there you have a beautiful, space saving bar.

Chic Nook

Home bar design for a nook

All you really need is a little nook, install a cabinet, a wine rack and a drawer and maybe add a fancy vase with a tray of cocktail glasses and an ice bucket.  Your at home bar doesn’t have to be big, just accessible.

Marbled Opulence

If bigger is better in your book, consider building out your own island bar made of marble.  You can also install marble shelves to display some high-end bottles or fancy glassware.  It will be light and bright, and you can accessorize the bar with some crystal chandeliers and chrome barstools to compliment the grey in your marble.

Tuscan Cellar

Is your basement not being used at all right now?  Get some wood slabs and turn it into your own Tuscan retreat.   You can even decorate the space with a few wine barrels that have been converted into mini bars or have storage shelves inside.  Buy some comfy lounge pieces and hang up some paintings of Italy and sit back and sip your Amarone in your new Tuscan Cellar.

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Tuscany at home

Rustic Industrial

Or you can always go with the rustic look, and have exposed cement floors, brick walls and add in some vintage lighting and antique bar stools for a darker, rustic at home bar.

Ice Bucket Attached

The new trend in home bar renovations is to install your own ice bucket.  Preferably next to the ice machine.  You can build it into the countertops and fill it with ice for your next party.  That way if you’re backed up making a some unique cocktails, your guests are able to just grab themselves a beer straight from the built in ice bucket.

Light ‘Em Up

Lighting will be a huge element when creating that perfect bar feeling.  Make sure you have backlighting to brighten up the space and showcase the bottles and/or fancy glassware.

Garden Bar

Install a wine cooler out in your garden, with a shelf for preparing the drinks and glassware you can enjoy all your favorite drinks with the lovely views of your green garden.

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Enjoy Your Home Bar

Whatever look and feel you choose, just remember there is no wrong answer.  Pick a theme that will make you want to stay in and kick your feet up, because in your bar, you can!

Is a new home bar your next renovation project? Check out Sea Pointe Design & Remodel to find out how they can help!



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