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Pamper Your Pup With A Dog Wash RoomIf you’re a dog lover, you may firmly believe in the old saying that claims a dog is man’s best friend. But, do you have a place in your home where that best friend can get fresh and clean? Most homeowners don’t, but why not? A custom-built dog wash room can be convenient, luxurious, and practical all at the same time.


Before you jump right in and start planning your remodeling project, however, there are some important factors to consider. Of course, you’ll need to find a professional remodeling company in your area that is willing to do custom work. Beyond that, here’s what you need to think about before your dog washing station can come to fruition …


8 Factors to Consider For Your Custom-Built Dog Wash Room


1.  Location

Before your custom-built dog wash room can be designed and installed, it’s important to think about where and when you anticipate using this space.


For example, if you live in a densely populated neighborhood and the most outdoor activity your dog gets is a daily walk around the block, your pet isn’t likely to get very dirty. The wash room will probably be used for keeping your dog fresh and clean between visits to your favorite groomer. As such, the location of the room inside your home could be wherever you find it to be most convenient.


On the other hand, if you live in an area where your dog is free to roam outside and off a leash, there’s no end to what he or she might get into. In this case, you’ll want your custom-built dog wash room to be located near an outside entrance for easy access when your dog comes home soiled and smelly.


2.  Lighting

You’ll want to have adequate lighting so you can see well enough to know that your dog is getting completely clean during his or her bath. However, it’s also important to note that dogs shake when wet. So, whatever lighting you choose should be easy to clean and ideally, out of the shake zone! In this custom-built dog wash room we created as part of a whole home remodel in Laguna Hills, the clients opted for ceiling-mounted fixtures to light the entire room. Then, recessed can lights above the wash area itself were used to provide additional task lighting.


Designated-dog-shower-remodel - Dog Wash Room


3.  Exhaust

Even if you’re the most avid dog fan, you’ll probably admit that the smell of dirty, wet dogs is usually unpleasant. A high-quality exhaust fan in the wash room is a great way to keep moisture from building up in the space while also keeping unpleasant odors out of the rest of your home.


4.  Materials

Whether it’s used every week or just a few times per month, your custom-built dog wash room will be exposed to plenty of dirt and moisture. Make sure that the materials you choose in and around the washing space can handle that and also be easily cleaned. In addition, remember that dogs have toenails and bathing is not always their favorite activity!


In our Laguna Hills dog wash room, the shower area is lined with Bedrosians porcelain tiles while the adjacent countertop is Caesarstone polished quartz. These materials will stand up well to the test of time, moisture, debris, and toenails!


Dog-shower-remodel-in-Laguna-Hills - Dog Wash Room


5.  Accessibility

At the very least, your dog wash station will need a curb-like wall to keep water from easily flowing outside of the bathing area. This is tall enough to effectively retain water but low enough that your dog can easily get over the top of it to get inside. Depending on your pet’s size, temperament, and your own physical abilities or limitations, however, you could consider a raised wash area to help save some strain on your back or knees.


6.  Size

The beauty of a custom-built dog wash room is exactly that … It’s custom built. That means it can be any size you want it to be. However, you need to think about what size will meet your needs both now and in the future. If you have a tiny poodle now but anticipate getting a golden retriever in the near future, for example, it’s important that the space could accommodate either breed’s size.


7.  Storage

Unless your dog is exceptionally obedient, he or she is not likely to want to sit patiently while you go fetch the cleaning supplies when it’s bath time. When you plan ahead and have ample storage space, however, everything you need for your doggie spa can be easy to find and right at your fingertips when you need it.


Our clients in Laguna Hills opted for both upper and lower maple Kemper cabinets with adjustable shelves to keep everything neat, tidy, and readily accessible. Custom cabinets can also be a great solution if your custom-built space doesn’t conform to typical manufacturer cabinet sizes.


Dog-wash-room-with-porcelain-tile-in-remodel - Dog Wash Room


8.  Cost

As with any home renovation project, it’s good to have a remodeling budget for your custom-built dog wash room. Ultimately, the final cost will depend on many factors, including:


  • The square footage of the space
  • The type of materials used
  • Whether or not plumbing and/or electrical utilities need to be moved
  • If there are any structural changes required to make the space work with the rest of your home


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