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reflective-small-bathroom-vanity-inspo - supply chain issuesThere are three words that can wreak havoc on plans for your next remodel – supply chain issues. While it’s unclear exactly how long the current situation will last, it’s obvious that the supply chain challenges that are evident in today’s marketplace will at least be around for a little while longer.


Rather than being frustrated about something you have little control over, let’s take a look at where the problems started and what you DO have control over so that you can still complete that remodeling project you have planned for 2022!


Where Did Supply Chain Issues Start?


Just like a lot of other things going on around us, the roots of today’s supply chain issues can be traced back to the beginning days of the pandemic. With the shutdown of some manufacturing and production facilities, it wasn’t long before there was a shortage of remodeling materials – everything from faucets and fixtures to appliances, lumber, and more.


As the shortage of materials continued, retail establishments had fewer things to sell. So, those individuals who were brave enough to venture out shopping during the pandemic had fewer supplies from which to choose. But the trickle-down effect didn’t stop there.


With the arrival of COVID-19 vaccinations, Americans started to feel more comfortable outside the home, now having an excuse to go shopping! High demand for goods but a lingering low supply created an even more desperate situation. Add that to a labor shortage and a multitude of full container ships sitting out at sea and you have the recipe for today’s supply chain issues.


How to Remodel Despite Supply Chain Issues


Even with challenges related to material shortages, it is still possible to complete your remodel in a timely and efficient manner. A little more planning may be required, however, and of course, some extra patience doesn’t hurt either!


Here are some factors to consider as you go about planning your kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, or other remodeling projects:


  1. Flexibility – Whenever possible, having a flexible timeline can make your remodeling project as close to stress-free as possible. If you can have flexibility with your chosen materials (for example, a couple of tile options that work well with your kitchen cabinets), that’s even better. Expect from the start that you may encounter some delays and challenges along the way and you’ll be better equipped to deal with them when they do come along.
  2. Timing – If you do have a specific deadline for the completion of your remodeling project, it’s important to plan accordingly. If specific materials require a longer lead time and you know that up front, the project timeline can be scheduled with that in mind.
  3. Phases – Does your remodel need to be done all at once? Or, could it be done in stages? When you tackle your remodel one step at a time, you may be able to have more completed items rather than several that are only partially finished.
  4. Contingency Budget – In addition to supply chain issues, it’s not uncommon to see significant fluctuation in material pricing these days. If you experience multiple delays during the course of your project, you may find that materials end up costing more before your project is finished. With any remodeling project, it’s helpful to have a remodeling budget that is more than what your anticipated expenses will be. That way, any unexpected price increases or changes that happen during the course of the project don’t halt progress in its tracks. Now, it’s especially important to have some extra funds set aside to make sure you’re fully covered.
  5. Professional Designer – When you work with an expert designer and professional remodeling company, they will better understand what materials are readily available vs. which ones require a longer lead time. They’ll also be able to give you multiple options to help improve flexibility. And, they know the ins and outs of today’s remodeling challenges so can help you plan in advance and know what to expect along the way.


Orange County Remodeling Made Easy


At Sea Pointe Design & Remodel, our designers and project planners do everything in their power to make your remodel as smooth and seamless as possible. From in-depth early planning to accurate and realistic budgets, we minimize the effect that supply chain issues can have on your renovation.


We are honest and transparent about budget ranges, material availability, work timelines, and any potential delays – our ultimate goal is to complete your project in a timely manner and within budget, so you can get to enjoying your new space as soon as possible!


If you’re ready to start planning your next Orange County remodel, simply give us a call at (949) 861-3400 or fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary design consultation.

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