What is good design? It’s more than making rooms look good or translating someone’s idea of style. Good design enhances the quality of your life. It uses a range of design details line and balance, color and texture, lighting and architectural elements to please your sense of touch and space while transforming rooms into special places. Good design must satisfy three criteria:

1) It functions well, serving the needs of it’s users:
The size and shape of the space are well suited to its purpose
Placement and choice of furniture and fixtures support its use
Space circulations are well planned and convenient
It has good and appropriate lighting

2)It is made of quality appropriate materials:
Materials used support functional performance
They offer adequate durability and ease of maintenance
Workmanship is of good quality
Cost of construction is appropriate for the project
Consideration of safety and environmental conditions

3)It is visually expressive and aesthetically pleasing:
Character and atmosphere are appropriate for use
Expresses the specific time and place of design
Character and quality of materials and construction are evident
Design intentions are clear and approachable

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