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Lake Forest laundry room remodel

With a little imagination, the right amount of planning, and an expert designer, the average laundry room can become a dream laundry room with all kinds of extras. What meets one homeowner’s wants and needs, however, could be totally different than the next person’s requirements or wishes.


Today, let’s take a look at 6 important design elements to consider so your dream laundry room becomes everything you want and need it to be.

6 Factors to Consider For Your Dream Laundry Room Design


1. Do you want a laundry sink?

While a washer and dryer are absolute necessities for a laundry area, don’t forget about the many benefits of a laundry sink. A separate sink such as this can be the perfect place to pretreat laundry stains or to pre-wash heavily soiled items. If you do decide to have one installed in your dream laundry room, it often fits the workflow best when situated near the room’s entrance.


2. How much countertop space do you want or need?


laundry room remodeling


Countertop measurements are an important piece of the laundry room layout puzzle. Think about any place in the room where you’d want to set something down and that’s where there should be a countertop. For example, consider where you’ll sort clothes before they go in the washer or where to fold clean clothes when they come out of the dryer.


3. Ironing out the details

Do you plan to do ironing in your dream laundry room? If so, you’ll need ample space to store the ironing board when not in use. You’ll also want an open area to stand while ironing and a place to hang finished garments.


4. Custom laundry room storage solutions

Cabinets and shelves are important for keeping any space neat and tidy but they’re especially critical in your laundry room as you’ll want and need countertop spaces to remain clear. Depending on whether or not your room has windows, you may be able to utilize both upper and lower cabinets. And, if you have a uniquely shaped space or require unusual sizes, custom cabinetry could be exactly what you need to make the room functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


5. Washer and dryer – stacked vs. side by side


laundry room with barn door and cabinet storage


How much space you have for cabinets and countertops in your dream laundry room is significantly affected by your choice of washer and dryer placement. Side by side appliances obviously take up more linear square footage but can often have a countertop installed above them. On the other hand, a stackable washer/dryer set takes up less floor space, can leave more room for full size cabinets, and may allow for longer countertop sections.


6. What other activities do you want to do in your dream laundry room?


Designated-dog-shower-remodel - laundry room remodel


While having ample space to do laundry is most likely the primary focus for your dream laundry room, it doesn’t have to be the only one. If the square footage of the space allows, a multipurpose laundry room can also include a custom pet washing station, be a mudroom, or even have a separate work area for doing crafts. The only limits are the size of your space and your imagination! If extra areas are to be included, however, it’s important to address this during the design phase so the layout can be properly designed and the square footage maximized.


Your Dream Laundry Room With the Orange County Remodeling Pros

At Sea Pointe Design & Remodel, we’ve been meeting the remodeling needs of Orange County residents for over 35 years. What has almost four decades of experience in the remodeling industry taught us? Quite frankly, we’ve learned a lot of things but one of the most important lessons is this … Every person and every remodeling project is different. That’s why our design-build team works hard to make sure your remodel follows industry best practices but also meets your specific needs and wants. That way, you’ll end up with a space that’s structurally sound but is also one you truly love.


To learn more about the quality of our work, feel free to browse through our online portfolio of completed projects. Or, to get inspiration for your own remodel, register for one of our upcoming remodeling webinars. You’ll learn helpful remodeling tips right from the pros and have the opportunity to ask some of your top remodeling questions.


Then, when you’re ready to start designing your own dream laundry room or other remodeling projects, give us a call at (949) 861-3400 or fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary design consultation.

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