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How to design a beautiful, but functional laundry room.

laundry room remodelingThe laundry room is often undervalued and underused, and we can re-imagine that space to provide you so much more than just an area to wash dirty clothes.

The laundry room’s storage capabilities are often overlooked. We recently installed gorgeous cherry wood cabinets over the washer and dryer to provide the storage our client needed.

Another client could not believe that we could take a very small space and make it a showpiece in their home. We stacked the washer and dryer, installed a small sink and created a spot for hand-washing clothes. To add pizazz, we specified a stained glass window. Here are other laundry room ideas that move your space from the mundane to the spectacular:

  1. Use cabinets to conceal laundry room clutter.
  2. Use paintings, pictures, photos, collages and sculpture to make a laundry room pop. Remember, artwork is not only for the living room.
  3. Install a dog washing station.
  4. Install a rod in a cabinet to hang clothes — this won’t take up floor space or eliminate cabinets.
  5. Place a countertop over front-loading washers and dryers to create a work area.
  6. Create a playroom inside of the laundry room for kids by installing a long counter for painting, drawing, reading or game playing.
  7. Hide your laundry detergent and other supplies in cabinets above the sink and use decorative baskets underneath for additional storage.
  8. Store front-loading washers and dryers inside of cabinets so when there not in use, they are not visible.
  9. Place large storage racks between the washer and dryer to help keep laundry supplies neatly organized.
  10. Use wall and floor coverings to make distinctive and head-turning design statements – your laundry room can be the envy of the neighborhood.
  11. Wall-to-wall cabinets adds considerable functionality to any laundry room space.
  12. Make a narrow space look larger by using bright colored wall coverings, cabinets or appliances.

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