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wine cellar design

Wine Cellar Design

If you know a thing or two about wine, you already know how important wine storage solutions are; you need to ensure your favorite maritage blend has the perfect temperature and humidity with little light to keep the vintage flavor as in tended. .  Wine cellars protect your wines from the elements as well as serve as a beautiful display case to show off your collection of vino.  Let’s take a look at the options available in wine cellars today so we can protect your vintage.

wine fridgeClimate Control is Key to Protecting Your Wine

Wine is sensitive to heat, light, and humidity – and with the prices you pay, you want to be sure to protect your collection.  You’ll often find basements in the Midwest and East coast used to host a vast and bountiful wine cellar; this is because it’s a cool space without light to penetrate the glass bottles.  Here in the west coast, we need to ensure you find a space that can be protected from heat, light, and humidity.  You want to be sure there are not heavy fluctuations in temperature either.  You should aim to have the room ideally at 55 degrees.

Types of Wine Cellars

With modern design taking nothing off the table, you can be sure that there are no limits to what qualifies as a design cellar or the features you can embellish your wine cellar with.  This may be in your she shed, your private salon, or under your stairs. It’s up to your personal style and flair to determine the type of wine cellar you’ll select for your home.


Humidity is just as important as light and temperature when storing your wines. The optimal humidity for your wine cellar is 60-80%; the major risk with humidity is drying out the cork. If your cork shrinks up, this lets oxygen in – and you want to consume your wine once it’s been exposed to oxygen as if it sits too long with oxygen, it turns to vinegar.

Wine Aging Cellar

This type of wine cellar enables you to have a larger collection that lets your vintages age as they are stored and displayed. The ant-vibration technology preserves the wine in the best conditions. A thermostatic sensor is also used to regulate the temperature.

Cellars for Displaying Wine

Display cases for wine cellars may fit in may places for your home – just be sure it outfit it with the temperature and humidity system necessary to keep your wine its best until serving. Also note to test your humidity system with glass as this could cause fog situations that prevent flawless display opportunities.

Cellars for Tasting Wine

If you’re looking for a storage solution for your wine that also can hosts guests for tasting, then now we’re speaking about more space dedicated to your wine collection. This means you will want a bar area with bar stools, your wine storage, and most likely a sink and refrigerator.

8 Cellar Types to Choose for Your Home

Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar

The glass enclosed wine storage solution may fit in any location in your home and speaks to a modern design style. This also gives you flexibility in the number of walls that are glass; you may do 4 walls in the middle of a room as a statement piece or in a corner with only 2 glass walls.  Remember you do want to minimize the amount light, so you may need a shade solution in addition to your glass enclosure.

Tuscany at Home

Tuscany at home

Your Tuscan wine rack will be heavy handed on wood with ornate detail associated with traditional design styles. With crown molding and etched details, your Tuscan wine cellars will elicit old world traits associated with the Italian countryside.

Wine Racks for Small Spaces

countertop wine rack

You can also find quaint ways to display your wine on countertops with small wine racks with temperature control. There are countertop wine racks that hold 8 bottles and keep your wine just the right temperature and light.

1920s Prohibition Style

wine storage in a butlers pantry

Prohibition style wine cellars are typically created out of expanded butler’s pantries where it looks as though you’re disappearing to a small space yet behind the door is a secret speak easy where your wine and spirits are stored. More homes these days are paying tribute to this with secret drinking spaces out of the eye of guests.

Cable Wine System

Wine cellar using cable system

This method of storage gives the designer a lot of flexibility in displaying the wine.  Your bottles appear to be floating in mid air with space between each bottle and potential angles and design elements may adorn the cables.

Home Wine Cellar Room

This is where a complete room in the home is dedicated to a vast collection of wine. You may design this as it fits your home design from modern to classic pending your design style.  You may make this look like a Parisian wine bar with all the trimmings; open air bar facing your backyard and storage away from the light.

Curved Wine Rack

Creating a storage solution where your wine can be stored in a curved rack provides for interesting design elements as well as leaves some extra breathing space in the racks. Be sure you have your cooling system set for this style as you will want to circulate the air to prevent overheating.

Wall of Wine

wine cellar design and storage

You may choose to display your wine ornately in your formal dining room on the wall. You can present each wine label out like the artwork it was intended to be.  Behind your wine, you can have stacked rock, painted art, marble, tile, or greenery.  Depending on the temperature and light in this room, you may need to add a glass enclosure to keep the temperature right for your wine collection.

Final Thoughts on Custom Wine Cellar Design

Regardless of the level of wine lover you are, it’s always fun to have a beautiful way to display your collection.  Check out the different solutions we have provided to determine which is the best solution for your home.


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