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The brightness of a room has the power to affect both the emotional and aesthetic appeal of your home. Opening up your space to light can be inviting to guests, while still maintaining the coziness of your space. Your home can experience the enticing benefits of natural light unmatched by artificial alternatives with just a few isolated changes to your space.
Take control of the brightness of your room with five techniques that can make better use of your darker space:

Five Ways to Brighten Up Your Home | Sea Pointe Construction

1. Add a Skylight

Introducing a peak into the outdoors not only creates a room with a view, but offers a destination for natural light. Differing in size, material, and shape, the customizable options for your desired room are innumerable. Fixed skylights are great for living rooms to invite sunlight, while ventilating skylights can be utilized in bathrooms and kitchens for air flow and moisture reduction. UV deflection and elimination of direct sunlight are just a few of the advantages of adding a skylight to your home.

2. Insert Floor to Ceiling Windows

Want to set a relaxing tone and brighten your room simultaneously? Floor to ceiling windows are a valuable choice to offer additional light to your room. Cut energy costs by connecting the interior to the exterior and replacing artificial lighting. This addition can be a focal point or accent to any room.

3. Utilize Natural Light You Already Have

While full renovation can be costly, simple adjustments can offer refuge to a dark room. Remembering to keep blinds and drapes open for constant sun contact in peak hours will instantly brighten the appearance of any space. Replacing window coverings with wooden shutters can also present a manageable and cost-effective solution to your home. Full light control and an easy to clean surfaces are just a few of the benefits. Hanging mirrors around the room can reflect sunlight in dimly lit corners when placed opposite of windows.

4. Opt for Neutral Paint

Adding a light paint color can brighten and enlarge the appearance of any room. Unlike darker palettes, white paint does not absorb light and even offers a surface for sunlight to bounce wall to wall. Keeping neutral colors on the room’s perimeter adds the freedom to experiment with colorful interior design, while still keeping the openness of a fully lit room.

5. Remove a Separating Wall

Eliminating excessive barriers between rooms can be visually and emotionally appealing. An open floor plan has the added advantage of space for homes of less square footage, while also creating a connection between rooms that feels inviting and comfortable. Replacing wooden dividers with glass, such as integrating French doors into the set up, can also offer a transparent alternative that bridges light from one room to another.

Whether you choose to brighten your room through remodel or redesign, the space and appeal of your home can be maximized with a few alterations. Inviting light into your space can be the transformation that your room needs.

Interested in integrating any of these techniques into your home? Contact the expert team at Sea Pointe Construction for more information today.

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