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Home Improvements That Increase Resale Value

Home Improvements That Increase Resale Value

Conventional wisdom says that homeowners tend to live in their houses about 7 years before they sell and move. Whether you intend to stay in your own home a longer or shorter period than that, you may be considering how the improvements you make might affect the resale value of your home down the road. Not all home improvements will give you the same return on investment, so you need to choose wisely if you want to boost the value of your home without overspending.

Home Improvements That Increase Resale Value | Sea Pointe Construction Blog

Before you decide on any improvement to make, you should consider some general points about home improvement. First, improving your home way beyond what is typical for homes in your neighborhood, or adding a feature that is out of step with your home’s general architecture, is unlikely to pay off, and may even turn off future buyers. In a similar vein, design elements that are difficult to change easily, such as tile or countertops, are best done in neutral colors, to appeal to a wider variety of tastes. Finally, no addition or remodel is going to capture a buyer’s interest if the general maintenance of your house has been neglected. Make sure you maintain and upgrade your home’s basic systems as necessary.

According to a March 2014 U.S. News & World Report article, the top renovations with the greatest return on investment were entry door replacement (96.6%), adding a wooden deck (87.4%), converting an attic to a bedroom (84.3%), garage door replacement (83.7%), and minor kitchen remodel (82.7%). However, when considering a remodeling project, you should think about what your home in particular needs, rather than simply consulting a list of what, on average, brings the biggest bang for the buck. In thinking about resale value, you especially want to consider any features your home might lack relative to other homes in the neighborhood.

For example, if your home is smaller than the average home in your area, you may want to consider a remodeling project that adds extra square footage to your home to boost its value. If your house is the only one-bathroom on the block, a second bathroom could be your best bet for adding value. On the other hand, if your home is pretty typical for your area, then you may want to think about updating the areas of the home that get the most use—kitchen and bathrooms. Attractive, up-to-date kitchens and baths are often selling points for prospective buyers. And make sure you strike a balance between improving the interior and exterior of your home. Like a book’s cover, a home’s curb appeal can lead potential purchasers to make a snap judgment—and walk away if they don’t like what they see.

When you’re thinking about what future owners of your home might like, however, don’t forget the comfort and preferences of its current owner—you! Even if you only intend to stay in your home a few years after the completion of your remodeling project, make sure you put priority on what will make your home more enjoyable for you. Chances are, prospective buyers will see the value in the comforts you add and the improvements you make to your home, whatever they are, just as much as you do.

How To Keep Your Home Cozy for the Holidays

How To Keep Your Home Cozy for the Holidays

It’s that time of the year to retrieve the decorations from storage and adorn your décor with holiday cheer! Whether you’re preparing for a full house of entertaining, or a simple intimate gathering, adding elements of comfort and coziness into your home can make all the difference in both the appearance and experience of your holiday celebration.

So deck the hallways and trim your houseplants, as you consider these helpful hints to keeping your home cozy this winter:

Let in Light

Holiday lights don’t have to be exclusively for your roof. Bringing twinkling lights into your common areas can lighten up the space and the mood. String small lights for a sweet accent to your room’s décor, or add some flare with bold globes that are sure to make a statement. Always remember to turn off the indoor lighting before leaving the house, and never drape anything over the lights in your room to avoid creating a fire hazard.

Trim More than Your Trees

Garlands are an easy way to bring the warmth to your space. Dress up your home’s architecture by trimming windows, walls, staircase railings or fireplaces. Pair the greenery with boughs of holly for a look straight out of a storybook. Prefer a rustic holiday display? Consider adding pinecones or sugar-coated cranberries in a traditional arrangement. To achieve any of these looks with a low-maintenance trim, opt for artificial garland that can make a reoccurring appearance every holiday season.

A Dash of Cinnamon

“Sugar and spice and everything nice” is practically a requirement for any holiday celebration. Luckily, the scents of the season can be achieved through more than the aid of artificial air fresheners. Stock up on fragrant favorites like oranges, cinnamon sticks, cranberries and nutmeg to create a memorable potpourri. Gather the ingredients in a pot of water to simmer on the stovetop and let the mixture fill your home with a delightful aroma. For a longer-lasting addition, incorporate cinnamon spritzed pinecones or branches of fresh pine into the holiday displays.

Bundle Up

Nothing compares to the comfort of wrapping yourself up in a blanket during a cool winter night. Incorporating blankets into your room’s décor can make any space feel more personal and intimate. Whether it’s a simple throw to rest on an armchair, or a fluffy fleece folded on the couch cushion, the accessibility to warmth and cuddling brings unmatched coziness to you and your guests while also acting as decoration for your furniture.

As you look to enhance the festivity in your space, consider the rooms you want to entertain in the most. Adding to the holiday displays in the entryways is a great idea to immediately introduce holiday spirit among all arriving guests.

Make quality time with loved ones even more enjoyable as you celebrate in your cozy home this holiday season. Sea Pointe wishes you a warm holiday and happy new year!

How To Find Your Room’s Focal Point

How To Find Your Room’s Focal Point

Often when we enter a room our eyes are instantly drawn to a particular spot of interest. This area beckoning the attention, from you and your guests, is called the focal point. These eye-catching features and statement pieces are responsible for tying together décor, adding intrigue to the space and breathing life into the room. Without a highlighted focal point, your room can end up feeling lackluster or unexciting.

Many of us have rooms that already exhibit natural areas of interest through the layout and architectural features in our home, but they might be concealed by large furniture pieces, dramatic drapery or distracting décor. Another common problem people face is when the focal points created through design and themes fall victim to overbearing and competing accents.

To solve these issues and hone in on a focal point in your space, here are a few guidelines that can help highlight its best features:

How to find your room's focal point- Sea Pointe Construction
The Architecture

The architecture and design of your home can be the most unique quality your room possesses. Take a moment to envision your room empty, and note any architectural features that stand out to find your focal point. Emphasize your focal point with décor, paint, or furniture organized around it. You can even illuminate the feature with custom lighting to accentuate it any time of the day.

The View

Sometimes your best asset indoors is a peek into the outdoors. Oversized windows and skylights leave a room feeling open and connected. Ridding the area of overcrowded pieces can keep the attention on a beautiful view. For an added bonus, French doors are a great way to marry architecture and design with a glimpse into the yard.

The Color

Color can be the easiest addition to your room, as it’s a focal point fully in your control. A striking piece of artwork or a large colorful armchair has the power to brighten up a neutral room. Balancing a bright color scheme with softer tones will help specific pieces stand out. Throwing in some patterned pillows and printed rugs can accent the featured piece without stealing the spotlight.

When selecting your focal point, it’s important to keep in mind that the other assets in your room should help highlight the chosen area. Typically, most designers rule that the largest piece of furniture should almost always face the focal point. However, rearranging furniture to section off the room can allow more space to add an extra featured area.

Don’t hesitate to change it up and show off your new favorite part of the room. Consider room necessities like how much foot traffic it draws, or what you want the main function of your space to be. The best part of your focal point is the ability to choose how and when you want to highlight décor.

Five Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

Five Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

The brightness of a room has the power to affect both the emotional and aesthetic appeal of your home. Opening up your space to light can be inviting to guests, while still maintaining the coziness of your space. Your home can experience the enticing benefits of natural light unmatched by artificial alternatives with just a few isolated changes to your space.
Take control of the brightness of your room with five techniques that can make better use of your darker space:

Five Ways to Brighten Up Your Home | Sea Pointe Construction

1. Add a Skylight

Introducing a peak into the outdoors not only creates a room with a view, but offers a destination for natural light. Differing in size, material, and shape, the customizable options for your desired room are innumerable. Fixed skylights are great for living rooms to invite sunlight, while ventilating skylights can be utilized in bathrooms and kitchens for air flow and moisture reduction. UV deflection and elimination of direct sunlight are just a few of the advantages of adding a skylight to your home.

2. Insert Floor to Ceiling Windows

Want to set a relaxing tone and brighten your room simultaneously? Floor to ceiling windows are a valuable choice to offer additional light to your room. Cut energy costs by connecting the interior to the exterior and replacing artificial lighting. This addition can be a focal point or accent to any room.

3. Utilize Natural Light You Already Have

While full renovation can be costly, simple adjustments can offer refuge to a dark room. Remembering to keep blinds and drapes open for constant sun contact in peak hours will instantly brighten the appearance of any space. Replacing window coverings with wooden shutters can also present a manageable and cost-effective solution to your home. Full light control and an easy to clean surfaces are just a few of the benefits. Hanging mirrors around the room can reflect sunlight in dimly lit corners when placed opposite of windows.

4. Opt for Neutral Paint

Adding a light paint color can brighten and enlarge the appearance of any room. Unlike darker palettes, white paint does not absorb light and even offers a surface for sunlight to bounce wall to wall. Keeping neutral colors on the room’s perimeter adds the freedom to experiment with colorful interior design, while still keeping the openness of a fully lit room.

5. Remove a Separating Wall

Eliminating excessive barriers between rooms can be visually and emotionally appealing. An open floor plan has the added advantage of space for homes of less square footage, while also creating a connection between rooms that feels inviting and comfortable. Replacing wooden dividers with glass, such as integrating French doors into the set up, can also offer a transparent alternative that bridges light from one room to another.

Whether you choose to brighten your room through remodel or redesign, the space and appeal of your home can be maximized with a few alterations. Inviting light into your space can be the transformation that your room needs.

Interested in integrating any of these techniques into your home? Contact the expert team at Sea Pointe Construction for more information today.

5 Benefits of a Home Addition

5 Benefits of a Home Addition

With low interest rates and climbing home prices in Orange County, home additions have become popular once again. And, homeowners are more creative than ever about how they want to use the extra space. From home offices and extended gourmet kitchens to spa-like bathrooms, man caves, and home theaters, the options for additions are limitless.

A home addition is a fantastic way to add square footage, increase your home’s value, and even make it more functional. Let’s take a closer look at five valuable benefits of home additions.

5 Benefits of a Home Addition
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When finally embarking on the house remodel you’ve been putting off for a while, you can’t help but focus on details¦lots of costly details. Whether you’re thinking about how to increase the square footage in your home, or just some bathroom updates, those particulars of home renovation and design are all you can think about. To get some ideas you read home design magazines and browse through remodeling books, watch all the HGTV shows, and talk to friendly experts. You list what you want and then go from there¦you find yourself comparing the length of your to-do list with the width of your wallet. So just how are you supposed to make the best choices to get the biggest bang for your buck?

Ionian Bay_23792_01
Naturally we all consider the day-to-day needs of our families first. Addressing those priorities by putting them at the top of your list is a no-brainer. Aging-in-your-home modifications come to mind when thinking about inevitable renovations to your house that are obvious needs. You can count on the premise that these improvements, when constructed with well-considered design and style, will increase your property’s resale value when it’s time to sell your home. An experienced and reliable home remodeling contractor located nearby in Orange County will help you come to terms with those necessary improvements to your house.

Some home renovations may appear as wants on your list but will actually be smart additions that add value. For example, those energy efficiency windows you were pondering can save money on your electricity bill while also updating your home. New styles of windows, with better insulation characteristics, can be placed to your advantage on your walls to use the wind currents outside decreasing the need to turn on your a/c. In addition, energy efficient windows will keep the cooler air inside during the summer months while in the winter allow the heat to stay inside when it is cooler outside. In the long run, whether swapping out your windows or replacing appliances, energy efficiency is key to reduce your utility costs since your family’s use of electricity isn’t going to decrease until you get creative.

Ionian Bay_23792_32Another example of wantsthat bring value-added goodness when renovating your home would be some kitchen cabinetry upgrades that bring your old kitchen up to the 21st century in valuable style. We know that a custom kitchen brings a huge increase to the resale value of your house. Potential buyers respond well to a dream kitchen. When you can transform that kitchen (that’s seen too many years) into an amazing area that draws attention and admiration from everyone who steps into it, then you’ve accomplished yet another goal.

Perhaps items you just wantare instead innovative ways that serve to accomplish your long term goals. Differentiating between what you need and what you want isn’t such an easy task but it is vital when considering your budget. Just remember that home renovations can work out for both your short-term and your long-term goals and are well worth the effort involved to give them proper consideration.