The secret to a brighter bathroom is good lighting from many sources. A single light in the center of the bathroom ceiling just does not cut it anymore. Try these illuminating ideas :

Lighting in the shower stall should be bright enough to help avoid spills while making shaving & shampooing easier. Be sure to choose lighting fixtures designed specifically for use in wet areas.

Tubs, like showers, need good general light, which can be provided by a recessed fixture. Flexible mood lighting can also create a more luxurious bath experience.

Windows provide natural light to supplement or replace the electric options, particularly during the day. Maximize use of windows, & consider positioning mirrors to capture & reflect back natural light.

Create a night light by illuminating the floor in the toe-space below vanities & cabinets with a linear lighting system.

Indirect or cove lighting, with its hidden light source, can add aesthetic appeal, giving the bathroom a soft, warm glow that bespeaks restful serenity.

A halogen light above the vanity provides cross illumination when used In conjunction with wall sconces.

Table lamps add a soft, human touch to bathrooms. Display them away from water sources on tables, vanities, or for an extra high-end look, display them on multi-purpose bathroom islands.

A decorative light fixture suspended from the ceiling provides an elegant touch while adding an extra source of light. A focused flood over the commode will provide light for water closet reading.

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