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The beauty of living in Southern California is that we get to enjoy the lovely warm weather throughout the year. Therefore, creating an indoor/outdoor living space in your home is a no brainer when it comes to remodeling.

There are countless options to choose from when creating this new outdoor living space of yours. From an entertainment area to an outdoor kitchen, to a relaxation oasis, it is important to determine what your intent is for using this outdoor area. Here are 5 tips for creating indoor/outdoor living spaces!


1. Define the Intention of the Space

First, you should define the intention of the space. Think about the main purpose of this area and how it will be used so you can plan accordingly. If you host many dinner parties, then an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area may be more fitting than a lounge area with a big movie screen.

If you have any pets, you may also want to consider setting up a designated area for the furry friends. No matter what your main use is, make sure to make the most of the views your home has to offer. Consider the sunrise and sunset as well as any mountain views you may want to take advantage of.


Entertainment Area

Big on entertaining guests? Consider creating an indoor/outdoor living space that incorporates a wet bar with seating! Connect your main kitchen inside the house with a sliding door that leads to the outside bar area for extra space to entertain guests.

Another great option for an entertainment area is to create a movie and game night outdoor space. Mount a TV on the feature wall over a fireplace along with ceiling heaters and set up a comfortable couch for a cozy family area. We are fans of a space that brings family and guests together while having a fun time!

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Outdoor Kitchen

Adding to the list of entertainment area options include remodeling an outdoor kitchen. Choose cabinetry and countertops that match your current aesthetic for a cohesive design throughout your home. Build a BBQ area and include plenty of countertop space for food prepping and equipment storage zones.

Also plan to include a separate dining table or if you are working with a smaller space, go with a two-tiered kitchen island that includes bar seating.


2. Use Nature For Your Inspiration

Using nature as your design inspiration can be beneficial in bringing that cohesive feel to your outdoor living space. Build a California Room near the pool surrounded by plants and an open layout for that airy feel.

Use natural materials and colors inspired by nature to create a Zen atmosphere that immediate takes you to a calming place when you step outside for a swim.

The position of the sun also may play a factor in your remodel. If you plan to have a TV screen up, you may want to consider mounting it to a wall where the sun does not shine on it. The wind is also another natural element to think about. Speaking with a professional designer and builder can guide you in the right direction.


Plant Selection

It is no doubt that adding greenery to your indoor/outdoor living space can instantly make you feel calmer. Choose plants that are low maintenance if you are not capable of taking care of them as often. Or if you are an avid gardener, the more to choose from!

Green walls on vertical surfaces are ideal for privacy, while leaving overhead space open to still see the blue skies. It is also important to note that you may not want to put flowers near your dining area as they can attract bees and insects.


The sun can really affect your comfortability in enjoying a space. If your home receives a lot of early evening sunlight, you will want to provide an outdoor area with plenty of shade. Also, add an umbrella to your dining table, so you do not have to worry about the time of day while going out for a cup of coffee.

Wind Patterns

Before remodeling your outdoor living space, do your research and notice the wind direction and the time of day. Certain areas may be calm in the afternoon but then they may pick up in the evening. The last thing you want is a fire pit with seating that is downwind. A breezy dinner area is also not ideal.

San Clemente Hillside Deck Addition

3. Choose Your Furniture

Create your perfect outdoor living space by picking stylish furniture pieces that are sturdy and are weather-resistant. Garden chairs are a great option that are not bulky and will not look out of place. Place them around an outdoor rug or around a table for that cozy sociable set-up.

Other popular outdoor furniture pieces are benches, sofas, bistro sets, side tables, garden furniture, lounge chairs, armchairs, seats with an ottoman, rocking chairs, hammocks, or even a day bed. If you have an outdoor bar area, go for bar stools.

For larger patio areas, sectionals and love seats are appropriate to create a lounging atmosphere. Before purchasing any patio furniture, make sure to try it out and see if it fits your comfort needs and fits in your new space.


4. Cover Your Outdoor Area

When remodeling your home to build an indoor/outdoor living space, our design experts suggest covering your patio. This is because it will make your space feel like an extension of the interior rooms. At least with a partial covering, the two areas will flow together seamlessly.

A few options for outdoor coverings include a solid roof, pergola, beams, or shade sails. You and your guests should enjoy the area without having to worry about the sun beaming on you or the rain ruining your outdoor gathering.


5. Connect Your Space with Doors

Another way to maintain a cohesive design with your indoor/outdoor living space is to connect the two with doors. This will give your guests the option of stepping inside or outside if they please. And the bigger the door, the better for a more spacious feel.

A few popular door options are a folding window wall, over-sized pocket doors, bi-fold glass doors, or large sliding doors. The only downside to sliding doors is that only half of the door opens. This may make you feel like there is a large window or barrier still there.


Making your outdoor space stylish and comfortable does not have to be complicated or expensive. With so many design options to choose from, our design experts will guide you through your remodel while keeping your budget and visual goals in mind.

Connecting your indoor and outdoor living space will elevate your lifestyle and maximize the square footage you already have. After doing your research and figuring out what your purpose is for using this new space, make sure to know what your budget is. This will help you with choosing tile, cabinetry, countertops, and furniture. Designing your new patio is fun especially when working with an expert to help you along the way!

When you are ready to remodel your outdoor living space, contact us for a complimentary design consultation at (949) 861-3400.

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