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After many people spent last summer exclusively in their backyard, many are looking and wondering what improvements can be made for this upcoming summer. Spring in the air, and a backyard remodel might just be what you need to shake off the woes of 2020.  Create a relaxing, sophisticated space in your backyard that is perfect for entertaining.  Here are 20 backyard remodeling ideas to inspire your 2021 summer.

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1. Add an Outdoor TV


Being outdoors can be help you be one with nature.  But after a week straight of nature, that can be a little daunting.  Adding an outdoor tv can really enhance your entertaining space.  Or just get together for movie night under the stars.  You can add a flatscreen if it’s going to be covered for those rainy nights and if there is electrical close by. 

2. Hang a Cozy Hammock

Another way you can enhance your backyard is by simply hanging a hammock.  They are a relatively lower investment item that can reap big rewards.  Those two trees in your yard are a perfect spot to hook up a cozy hammock.  If you don’t have any trees, a hammock stand will also work wonders.  Take a good book and go swing in the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

3.  Build a Fireplace

outdoor living space with frieplace

One of the most popular backyard redesigns always includes a fireplace.  It’s just one of those features people are drawn too.  Whether it’s a cold winter night, or warmer summer evening, adding the crackling fire of a fireplace is always a good idea.  An in the ground firepit is the ultimate remodel, create your own firepit dimensions and add cascading steps around it for seating. Roast some marshmallows, make s’mores and enjoy your tranquil backyard escape.

4. Turn Your Fence into a Wall Garden

 When looking at your backyard space, if that peeling paint on your fence is not as appealing as it once was, and re-painting it is not on your agenda this summer, try creating a green garden wall.  You can mount different potted plants all over that ugly peeling fence.  You can hide all the blemishes, with brand new beautiful succulents, flowers and other greenery.  It will blend in better with your new natural oasis.

5. Create a Space for Yard Games

Open space for entertaining

Bocce ball anyone?  How about corn hole?  Backyard games have been a long-standing American tradition.  Pull those weeds out, throw down some new grass seed and in a few weeks experience the lawn of your dreams!  Perfect for any lawn games your competitive self is ready for, you could even add a mini golf putting green if you feel so inspired.

6. Stay Relaxed with a Jacuzzi

The ultimate addition to your backyard remodel is of course, the jacuzzi.  After a long hard day of yard work, who doesn’t want to relax with some bubbles and a nice glass of wine. 

7. Throw in Some Blankets and Pillows for Comfort


If there is a large portion of the yard that you are just unsure what to do with, an outdoor carpet, some comfy blankets, and oversized pillows will make a comfy corner.  You can add ambiance by adding pots of plants, tall candelabras and even a daybed!

8. Turn Your Greenhouse into a Living Room

If that shed out back is greener than ever, than clear a little space and add an outdoor couch and table.  You can create a new living room in your “green” space outdoors.  Go enjoy all your hard work with the beautiful foliage and take your living room outdoors to your greenhouse.

9. Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen with built-in barbecue

Adding an outdoor BBQ is a must have for a remodeled backyard.  If you want to be the ultimate backyard entertainer also adding a mini fridge, sink and all the essentials for an outdoor kitchen.  Living is Southern California where it is sunny pretty much year-round is a great investment to take meals and cooking, outdoors!

10. Freshen Up the Space with A Lot of Plant Life

The easiest way you can freshen up your backyard is just by adding more greenery.  A few potted plants here and there, a touch of color, and you will be amazed at the new and revived backyard of your dreams!

11. String Up Some Mood Lighting

Add some mood lighting with a string of lights.  They are very reasonable priced, and easy to install.  Or go solar and don’t even worry about finding an outlet to plug in your new light installations.

12. Add Hedges or Green Grass Strips

If you want to separate the BBQ area from the garden, add some hedges to add dimension to your outdoor space.  You can also add green grass strips in between your lounge chairs and your jacuzzi/pool area for a pop of color.

13. Set Up a Basketball Hoop

Add a basketball hoop and start working on those free throws! You can often add this around the corner to keep the loud fun and cozy fun separate, giving everyone the space they need to relax and play.

14. Add a Snack Bar

Add a snack bar to your new outdoor kitchen, you can get a rolling one that works for indoors too.

15. Add a Poolside Bar

Relaxing in the sun poolside, all your missing is a frosty beverage, but wait!  You decided to remodel your backyard and add that poolside bar, so steps away your frosty beverage is calling your name.

16. Hang a Sheet for an Outdoor Movie Night

Grab that projector, dust it off and hang an old sheet for movie night.  Add some extra pillows and blankets and your evening under the stars is complete.

17. Add an Outdoor Shower

The ultimate backyard remodel includes a decadent outdoor shower to wash away all your worries. If you have a pool, this is a great way to save your swimsuits a longer life and do your hair a favor; simply wash off in the clean water and keep the chlorine outdoors!

18. Add Large Patio Furniture

The best way you can remodel your backyard and set it up for entertaining is to just buy some large patio furniture that can accommodate all your future guests for the amazing outdoor parties you are going to be hosting.

19. Create a Nook for Reading and Chatting

If an elaborate outdoor furniture set is not in your budget, consider adding a small table and chairs.  You can have coffee in the morning or just grab a good book for a little nook all to yourself.

20. Add Some Kid-Friendly Fun

Whether it’s a basketball hoop, soccer net or tree house.  Make your backyard the ultimate destination for kids and get them away from their screens for a little outdoor fun!

No matter which upgrade or remodel is in your future summer plans, if you end up needing a little help you can always turn to the professionals at Sea Pointe Design & Remodel.  They will work with your budget, your vision and add their expertise and can offer 3D renderings of different ideas.  Sea Pointe Design & Remodel is just a phone call away, don’t let another summer go by without experiencing the backyard of your dreams!


Are you ready to upgrade your backyard for the best summer you’ve ever had? Get in touch with Sea Pointe Design & Remodel today — you won’t be disappointed!


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