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The trend to fewer wall cabinets and more furniture pieces in the kitchen has led to an increase in walk-in pantries with extensive storage features such as pull-outs, baskets and wine racks.

Consumers want better quality in their storage systems, with wood and chrome the predominant materials of choice for a mid- to high-end kitchen.

Pull-out twin waste baskets for recycling are increasingly a staple in today’s modem kitchen.

Base cabinets are increasingly replaced by large drawers for storing pots and pans as well as dishes, with drawer organization accomplished by large dowels, or with a two-tiered system that allows separate spaces for pots and lids-

Even kitchen staples such as the lazy susan have gotten an upgrade with such innovations as a segmented lazy susan whose segments maybe pulled out individually.

Computer stations are increasingly a kitchen staple, and designers are adding monitor lifts and keyboard trays as part of cabinet organization.

Kitchen and bath designers are increasingly getting involved in designing master bedroom suites, creating large, luxury closets with custom- finished cabinets in premium wood grains such as cherry and maple.

Some master bedroom closets become little rooms in themselves, with a chaise for reading, and a mini-breakfast bar that might include a coffeemaker and a mini-refrigerator for juice.

Laundry rooms also feature new innovations such as drying cabinets and fold-down ironing boards for greater convenience.

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